Mouth-watering low FODMAP Lamb Stew recipe

Lamb Stew

If you’ve suffered with IBS, you will probably know what FODMAP stands for.

If not, it’s a catchy acronym – fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols – more commonly known as carbohydrates!

It’s not uncommon for people struggling with IBS to visit their GP anywhere from four to ten times in an attempt to get some help for their symptoms.  Some GPs will often recommend the FODMAP diet, where certain carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet in an attempt to control symptoms.  Carbohydrates can produce lots of uncomfortable, bloaty gas in the digestive system, so eliminating them for a while can give the gut a good rest.  However, they should not be eliminated for long periods of time, as can very often happen.  Once the gut has healed, it’s important to try and incorporate carbohydrates back into the diet.  I often recommend anyone who is re-introducing carbohydrates into their diet to take one of our natural Digestive Enzymes tablets before eating to begin with, to support the stomach and gut in the proper breakdown and digesting of the carbohydrates.  For more information about one of our bestsellers, click here.

Our delicious FODMAP-friendly Lamb Stew recipe was put together by Sophia Hill, the Just For Tummies nutritional therapist. The stew contains bone broth to help heal the gut, as well as sweet potato that contains vitamin A, an excellent vitamin to help maintain gut health. This recipe is perfect for your slow cooker, where all the ingredients can infuse into each other.  Better still, heat it up the following day.  It will taste even more delicious.

Lamb Stew

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We hope you enjoy this delicious stew and any of the other tummy-friendly recipes that you decide to try out.  If you have any questions about food choices to suit your digestive needs or any of our products, please do get in touch.