About Linda

In my clinic I see first hand what happens when the digestive system and gut isn’t working as it should. I developed the Just For Tummies range so my patients can live life fully, without “tummy troubles”.

Linda Booth runs one of the UK’s most successful natural digestive and gut disorders clinics, having carried out over 50,000 consultations and treatments.  She is also one of a few Mayr ‘cure’ trained therapists based in the UK.*

Alongside her own work as a therapist, she taught colon hydrotherapists how to treat IBS using her protocols, and lectured in advanced colon hydrotherapy (sometimes known as colonic irrigation) techniques. A regular contributor to the natural health press on the topic of digestive health, Linda is also a published author. A former Vice Chair of the Association of Colon Hydrotherapists, and ex-Advisory Board member of the IBS Network – the UK’s dedicated charity for IBS sufferers.

Inspired by the story of how her grandfather, a master herbalist, restored his health with homemade tinctures after being shot in the First World War, Linda entered the world of naturopathic health in 1992, gaining qualifications in a number of natural health disciplines. Following her recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, achieved by addressing her own poor gut health with the help of a colon hydrotherapist, she went on to specialise in IBS and functional bowel disorders, and established her digestive health and gut disorders clinic in 2005. During almost 25 years as a complementary therapist, Linda has combined her years of study and experience into developing her own protocols for successfully treating functional digestive and bowel disorders.

“It’s my belief that everyone struggling with IBS, constipation, digestive health issues and gut related disorders can be helped.  It’s just accessing the treatments, protocols and supplements that work.” Linda 

Linda is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of good digestive health for a strong immune system and overall health and wellbeing, and strives to promote colon hydrotherapy as a mainstream treatment for functional digestive and bowel disorders, including IBS.

What Linda’s patients say

“Linda is outstanding in her field – for her techniques, her in-depth knowledge of the digestive system, her care for her patients, and her professionalism.” Louise

“Linda has a wealth of knowledge and experience which enables me to trust that I am in capable hands. I know I’m being treated by a complete professional as well as a wonderfully warm, kind and caring person – which is so important to people who may have been suffering for years.” Kim

“Linda, you have given me my life back! I can’t believe how well I feel! My stomach is flat, my bowels are settled, all the pain, colic and bloating has gone. The most amazing thing is I have so much more energy – I can’t thank you enough.” Valerie

“I never want to go back to how I was feeling before I first saw you. You would be the only colon hydrotherapist I would ever recommend. A massive thank you for all your help.” Nicola

A new approach to IBS

A new approach to IBS

“I’ve treated thousands of IBS patients, and I haven’t met a single one that didn’t need to take live bacteria (probiotics) to help re-establish adequate levels of beneficial bacteria in their digestive system.” 

Linda has successfully treated hundreds of people who had been told that they had ‘incurable’ IBS. Her approach involves the use of colon hydrotherapy, including the implanting of herbal tinctures into the bowel during the colonic treatment, together with live bacteria and natural plant-based digestive enzyme supplements.

“My protocol for successfully treating IBS is one or two colon hydrotherapy treatments, changes to diet and lifestyle, and targeted supplements including Live Bacteria and plant-based Digestive Enzymes. Other supplements may be needed depending upon individual symptoms.”

Encouraged by her success in the clinic, Linda developed her vision for the UK’s first dedicated digestive health range: Just For Tummies. Over several years she experimented with different strains of live bacteria and different types of plant-based digestive enzymes, before settling on the ones she found worked best.

“With an appointment diary overflowing with bookings up to six months ahead, I knew I had to find a way to reach out and help not only the people who were waiting to see me, but the many others with poor digestive health who didn’t know where to turn. And so Just For Tummies was born.” 

Feel good from the inside, out

“Rebooting your digestive system with a colon cleanse, followed by supplementation to replenish good bacteria, can achieve a flatter stomach and substantial weight loss, as well as increased energy and clearer skin.” 

Linda has trained extensively at the Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria, a state-of-the-art naturopathic clinic, loved by celebrities and run by one of the top five digestive health doctors in the world, Dr. Harald Stossier. The famous “Viva Mayr Cure” for weight loss is based on four principles that Linda employs in her clinic: resting the digestive system, cleansing, relearning eating habits and strengthening the digestive tract with supplements.

As well as the foundation products Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes, Linda has developed the Just For Tummies range with specific women’s products for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and thrush, and products to address the associated, and noticeable, symptoms of a poorly-functioning digestive system, such as skin problems and bloating.

Not JUST for tummies!

“When I try to explain the importance of our digestive system in relation to our general health and wellbeing, I use the analogy of a tree and its root system. We have our very own root system – our digestive system – which processes the food and water we take in, to feed every living cell. If the root system is in poor condition, the tree withers and dies – likewise if our digestive system isn’t functioning optimally, our health can be compromised due to poor nutrient absorption and inability to excrete toxic waste.”

The health of the digestive system is critical to how we feel on a daily basis. Diverse, and seemingly unrelated, conditions such as depression, allergies, headaches, fatigue, menstrual problems and skin conditions are now being linked to a poorly functioning gut. It’s time we all took a look at our digestive system and asked – could this be the root cause of our nagging health issues?

“The evidence for supplementation with multi strain ‘friendly’ live bacteria in supporting not only digestive health, but also brain health, weight management and the immune system, is overwhelming.” 

 Our products

“Consumers are looking for high quality food supplements manufactured by companies they can trust.” 

All Just For Tummies products are made in the UK to the highest quality standards, and contain no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives. In a market that can sometimes be confusing, Linda’s aim is that her customers can understand the benefits of each product and tailor a digestive health plan from the information and support she provides.

“Many people find the whole area of digestive health embarrassing and confusing. My range is dedicated to digestion, and my aim is to provide a range that people can understand, and access.” 

Let Linda look after you

With exciting plans to develop innovative products and tailored kits, Linda still practices in her clinic, allowing her to stay close to patients and try new product ideas before introducing them more broadly.

“I hope that if you are one of the millions of people suffering IBS, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux or embarrassing excess gas, thrush or urinary tract infections, you’ll find some answers in our site, and some relief by using our products.” 

*Health the Mayr way, through inner body cleansing. This involves three therapeutic principles, respite (relaxation and taking time out to rest the body), cleansing (detoxification with sauna, steam, Kneipp therapies, colon hydrotherapy, taking alkalising substances and epsom salts) and training (regaining fitness through food, exercise, massages etc). Dr. F.X Mayr, a medical doctor in Austria was born in 1875 and dedicated his life to developing a ‘cure’ that would bring the body back into health and vitality.*

For more information about attending The Viva Mayr Clinic of Modern Medicine in Austria, please visit their website: www.viva-mayr.com Alternatively, contact Linda for information: linda@justfortummies.co.uk