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Manage your Diverticular Disease better – and reduce the risk of debilitating flare-ups known as Diverticulitis

I am frequently contacted by people who suffer from Diverticular Disease and Diverticulitis; they feel isolated and confused because they are getting very little advice and support about how to manage symptoms and reduce flare-ups of their condition. The good news is that Diverticular Disease can be managed very well when you know what to do. I’ve put all my training, knowledge and expertise into helping people manage and heal their digestive and gut problems.

Once you have developed diverticular ‘pocketing’, nothing can be done to resolve this but, with correct dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice, those pockets can be kept clean and inflammation and infection-free. This, in turn, will increase your energy levels and improve your mood, enabling you to get on with your life.

My name is Linda, and I have been a natural health therapist for over 30 years, specialising in women’s health – I run a busy natural health clinic in Nottingham, and I’m the founder of Just For Tummies, the UK’s only supplement range dedicated to helping people who have digestive, gut and bladder problems.

Download my free Diverticular Disease Fact Sheet and learn more about the risk factors and causes, and what you can do with your diet and lifestyle to free yourself from flare-ups of this painful, debilitating condition.

There is so much that can be done to improve and, in some cases, completely resolve the symptoms of Diverticular Disease/Diverticulitis once you have the knowledge, and I want to help you achieve this.

“I have been taking Live Bacteria capsules alongside the Digestive Enzyme tablets for just over two weeks. I’ve spent the past six years back and forth between the doctors and various other treatment methods with no luck. I had been diagnosed with a few stomach issues and intolerances. Considering how little time I have been taking these supplements, it’s such a blessing to say I’ve not experienced any stomach pain at all. For me, never have I ever been so appreciative of accidentally stumbling across Just For Tummies.” Lauren

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