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You will find my free fact sheets, health recipes, my blog and lots of other free information on this page to help you have good health whatever your age.

I truly believe that you can lead an active, fulfilled and happy life into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond, providing that you know how to stay healthy. This involves taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My mission, for the past 30 years, has been to help people achieve this.

All my newsletters and fact sheets are completely free to download. My Tummy Times newsletters are full of helpful advice on how you can achieve important digestive, gut, vaginal, bladder and immune health that will ultimately help increase your energy, improve your mood, maintain a healthier weight, give you great skin, hair and nails, not to mention offer many other anti-ageing benefits.

My newsletters also include new delicious healthy recipes that my Just For Tummies nutritional therapist and I have put together, plus cutting edge scientific research on healthy ageing, health tips, treatments that work, supplements that can help reduce symptoms, competitions and special offers. Just click on the relevant box.

If you have any queries, please contact a member of my Tummy Team at: tummyteam@justfortummies.co.uk

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