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Developed by Linda to help women of all ages

  • To help support bladder, vaginal and digestive health
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • Made in the UK

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I developed this supplement whilst in clinical practice to help women who want to improve their bladder, vaginal, digestive and gut health.

Now, more than ever, you need to support your gut health due to its intrinsic link to your immune system. You can't have a resilient immune system, able to fight infections, 'bugs' and viruses if you don't have a healthy gut.

To learn more about the link between probiotics, immunity, good gut health, good urinary health and good vaginal health, check out my free fact sheets here.

Linda (founder Just For Tummies)

60 capsules

"Prompt speedy delivery, free postage and a discount. What more could I ask for? Oh yes an absolutely brilliant product for anyone with any urinary /woman’s issues! I will never be without this invaluable product which has proved a life saver. I can’t thank Linda Booth enough and I can’t recommend this highly enough. If I could give it 100 stars I would🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟."- Customer Review from Sally Barr

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In stock

Purchase this product now and earn 26 Tummy Tokens! Registered customers only.


Don’t suffer the burning inferno of a urinary tract infection, cystitis, the intense itching from thrush or the unpleasant and embarrassing smell from bacterial vaginosis. Specialist live bacteria formulated for women, containing 3 billion live bacteria in each capsule. Live Bacteria For Women capsules contain female-specific species of bacteria, but Linda also added two extra strains of friendly bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus rhamnosus to help support digestive, gut and immune health.

Linda developed this species-specific bacteria supplement after a woman came to her for a consultation on her issues with constipation.  As they were chatting, she informed Linda that she was antibiotic resistant, due to decades of antibiotics for constant UTIs.  Linda decided there and then that when she developed her own range of supplements, she would develop one specifically to help the thousands of women that suffer with UTIs, and so her For Women probiotic capsules were born.

Made in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines, so you are safeguarded by the highest standards.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and contains absolutely no artificial fillers, binders or bulking agents.

Just For Tummies Live Bacteria For Women also contains Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Contains no added yeasts, sugars, fillers or binders, and is gluten-free and lactose-free – ideal for any woman wanting to maintain urinary health and following an anti-candida diet.

Live Bacteria For Women may help to support many intimate conditions, including thrush, discharge / itching, cystitis, and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Women who would particularly benefit from taking Live Bacteria For Women may include:

Women who suffer urinary tract infections (UTIs): UTIs cause discomfort and distress, with a burning sensation when going to the loo, and frequent urination. Antibiotics are given to treat the infection – which can have side effects, including causing thrush, leading to a vicious circle of women’s health issues. Probiotics For Women can help prevent the harmful bacteria which cause the infection (which in 80% of cases is E-coli) from sticking to the bladder wall, and so taking these capsules daily can help prevent recurring UTIs in susceptible women. Recent studies have shown that the live bacteria contained within Live Bacteria For Women, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri, are a safe and effective treatment for recurrent UTIs.

Women who suffer thrush/yeast infections: Thrush can make women’s lives a misery. The constant itching and thick white discharge mean many women never feel clean.  This multi-strain, live, ‘friendly’ bacteria helps to replenish gut flora and helps fight the candida yeasts which cause thrush. Both Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri have been shown to be able to reach those intimate areas alive.

Women who suffer Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): BV is the most common infection, affecting one in three women – but many have never heard of it, or may be infected yet have no symptoms. The primary cause of infection is candida, and this condition is characterized by a thin white discharge and a strong, “fishy” odour. The live bacteria contained in For Women have been shown to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment of this infection, or act alone to re-colonise the intimate area and protect against infection.


  • Contains: Lactobacilli Guaranteed 3 Billion Bacteria per Capsule. Contains specialist strains proven to reach the vagina alive. Contains Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
  • Ingredients: carrier (maltodextrin), lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), lactobacillus reuteri.
  • Contains no added salt, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.
  •  Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.
  • Made in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines.

Each capsule typically provides:

CFU*           NRV**

Lactobacillus acidophilus


1.0 billion

Lactobacillus rhamnosus


1.0 billion

Vitamin C



Lactobacillus reuteri


1.0 billion


3 billion

*colony forming units

**Nutrient Reference Value

75 reviews for For Women Capsules

  1. Misss Diane Bollington

    For Women are so beneficial for cystitis or any female problems down below

  2. Pat Howard

    These ‘just for women’ tablets are amazing and I take them every day. I recently was prescribed antibiotics which always causes me to get thrush, by taking these tablets I managed to keep clear of it. I recommend them highly to anyone else that is prone to thrush. Thank you Linda and your team for all the advice you give us.

  3. Lynn Burks

    These JFT for women tablets are amazing. I have been taking them for at least two years and have had no UTI’s during this time. My tummy is settled and not bloated too. These little tablets are worth their weight in gold.

  4. janette

    I have been using these probiotics along with garlic and also omega 3 for a few years now and no more uti’s since i started taking them.

  5. michelle knapp

    wow cant go without them now

  6. Diana

    These probiotics are excellent. After have ongoing UTIs for almost a year with many, many rounds of antibiotics it is these supplements that have finally settled everything down. I have tried many brands of probiotics, many of which made no difference at all. But the Just for Tummies range I feel outdo them all. I could even feel the symptoms starting to ease within a few days of taking them. Linda’s customer service and advice is excellent. You don’t get a generic response, it is tailor-made to your individual problem. Thankyou!

  7. Gemma

    I have been taking these supplements for over three years to manage peri-menopausal symptoms and they are just the best. I was struggling with repeated UTIs and an overactive bladder as well as dryness. These supplements definitely help me manage all those issues and the subscription service makes it easy to take them regularly.

  8. kathy

    just started taking.seems to be easing my symptons.very good service and communication.thank you

  9. Amy

    Brilliant probiotics. Was getting UTI symptoms every two weeks since starting pill. Now I haven’t had any symptoms for 8 weeks since taking these. Also seems to have helped my digestive system. Would recommend

  10. Jackie Edwards

    Having suffered from continual UTI’s over the last few years I am delighted to say I haven’t had one since taking For Women capsules. I am delighted to have found Just for Tummies. Thanks.

  11. Linsey

    Diviculitus sufferer & these have been amazing I can tell when I’ve missed a dose
    Keeps my bowels regular & happy

  12. Abby

    I started taking the for women capsules in October 2022 after trying many different brands of probiotics to try to help with thrush which I have always been very prone to. Between July-December 2022 after coming off the contraceptive pill my thrush symptoms got worse and I was getting it more regularly which I thought perhaps was my body adjusting to not taking the pill after about 14 years. I’ve been taking these capsules regularly and since January 2023 I’ve not had thrush once which is the longest I’ve gone in years without it, even when I had a course of antibiotics I didn’t get it which is amazing. Everything down there just feels so much better and it’s definitely because of these capsules. Would 100% recommend best probiotics I’ve tried I will be taking these every day for the foreseeable.

  13. Caroline

    Love Linda’s supplements and the great customer service. Excellent product, makes such a difference and keeps me comfortable

  14. Hayley

    Have had reoccurring cystitis symptoms for 6 months
    Heard about just for tummies women probiotics to help bladder which not about before so thought nothing to loose give them a try!
    Now I can’t be without them it soothes away any starting pain of uti so it’s been a saviour

  15. Lynsey

    I started taking these when Thrush ruled my life. I was prescribed medication and taking them regularly. I tried these and have never had thrush since. These have changed my life for the better.

  16. Elaine

    When I met you at the Thrive event, you also advised these for my itching, soreness etc down below! I am diabetic and also have to take strong antibiotics for my recurring foot ulcers (usually a one weeks course). Nothing I had tried previously had worked , so you suggested 1 For Women capsule a day at night (Live Bacteria 1 a day in the morning for my bowel problems) and also to use a For Women Capsule mixed into Organic Coconut Milk as a topical cream – I have done this daily since we talked and despite having to have the strong antibiotics for 2 weeks I have been totally symptom free down below! What an angel you are! Thank you so much for your help and assistance!

  17. Carol

    I purchased the UTI probiotics last month, and I’m so very pleased with the results – after about 10 years of ongoing problems, (I’m 80 this summer) I can finally go right through the night without having to make visits to the toilet. It took about two and a half weeks before this started happening, but within a few days I found the ‘urgency’ to get to the loo has decreased significantly. I feel so much more comfortable and relaxed now, thank you Linda…

  18. Linda

    I’m so pleased I found Just for Tummies after taking two courses of antibiotics for a UTI and then a kidney infection. I was suffering with painful wind and decided to try the Live Bacteria capsules. After 3 weeks I’m feeling much better. Linda has answered my many questions and always comes back to me the same day. It’s great to be able to have someone to turn to. Thank you Linda and your team.

  19. Debbie newton

    My mum was suffering with water infections and feeling bloated and generally off it. She started taking these and a few days later saud she felt so different, no more getting up in the night for a wee, her stomach feels less bloated and generally much better in herself, great product.

  20. Natalie Jarram

    Wow – I am SO glad I was introduced to these tablets. I’ve suffered with UTI’s for so many years – years of pain, worry, anxiety and being ignored by doctors. I’ve been taking these tablets for 6 weeks and have noticed such a difference. I haven’t incurred any water infections and my bloating has really decreased. They really have changed my life for the better. I really wish I’d known about them sooner!! I’m also taking the digestive tablets with are also amazing – my gut has never felt so good. Thank you SO much Just for Tummies – you really are the best

  21. Abby

    So far I am loving these capsules. On my first box. I usually take probiotics every day as I am very prone to thrush and so far these seem to be doing their job. Although it is a bit early to say so will review again in around 6 months time. I’m hoping that this brand will be the best for me.

  22. Laura

    5* I have suffered from reoccurring UTIs for years. Since taking these I have not had 1. Would not be without them now there amazing thank you so much.

  23. Elaine

    A friend recommended these capsules to me after I’d been prescribed antibiotics for a UTI. I have never looked back! I now take them every day and can honestly say that they have made a huge improvement to my life. I no longer suffer with UTIs, bloating, constipation, wind, etc and feel much better in myself. Thank you so much to all of the Just For Tummies Team.

  24. Stephanie Daer

    I cannot believe how much my health has improved since I started taking these probiotics – together with the garlic and Omega, I feel my immune system is working much more effectively

  25. Alison Turner

    I’m 68 and just recently started having problems with UTI’s although I’ve never had any problems before. I found out that bladder problems are due to vaginal atrophy which I never knew I had this either! I started taking Just for Women capsules and haven’t looked back since. I’ve had no more UTIs and my bladder feels extremely comfortable. I really feel that JFW capsules are so healing and I will take them for ever! I can’t recommend JFW highly enough and I’d like to say that Linda’s information and customer service is superb. Thank you.

  26. Trudi Raven

    I’ve been using women probiotics for about a year now & I’ve found they have really helped to keep my UTI’s at bay

  27. Julie Harvey

    Excellent product and very efficient service. Have suffered with UTI ‘s for the last 5 or so years but since taking these have never had to have antibiotics for ages! Definitely would recommend this product

  28. Marion Flynn

    Been using these for several months after having a urine infection, has helped my tummy and had no more infections since

  29. Mihaela

    This is a product i keep in my cabinet and return to it everytime i get thrush or uti.i want to try the garlic next and see if together are even more efficient. Lovely product.

  30. Elisabeth Shotbolt

    Couldn’t recommend Linda expertise and the probiotic capsules for women highly enough. My digestive system has settled down and I am now much more ‘regular’. No more cystitis – fingers crossed – keep taking the capsules!

  31. Elaine

    A friend recommended these capsules after I’d been treated for a UTI by my GP with a course of antibiotics. I’d told her that although my UTI symptoms had cleared up, I still felt ‘out-of-sorts’ and thought it might be the side effects of the antibiotics. So, I looked online and ordered the Womens Health Duo pack as it seemed to tick a lot of boxes. After only a few days on the course I realised that I was starting to feel much better and by the time I’d finished the course I was feeling really well, for the first time in ages. So, I’ve purchased more of the For Women Capsules and will continue to take them every day! Another benefit of taking these capsules was that a few days after starting my one month course I realised that my sugar cravings had gone and I can only assume that this was because the capsules were ‘rebalancing’ my gut. Now, after finishing the one month course and continuing to take the capsules, I’m still free of the sugar cravings and have not had another UTI or Thrush attack, which is a huge relief. Just one side effect to report … because I’m not raiding the biscuit tin between meals and in the evening, I’ve lost 3lb without even trying. So, I’m very happy and would like to say thank you to Linda and her team. I highly recommend these capsules to anyone who struggles with UTIs, Vaginal Thrush and sugar cravings!

  32. Elaine

    I was advised to try these capsules by a friend, following antibiotic treatment for a UTI. I purchased the Women’s Duo, which includes these capsules. I’ve been taking the one-month course for 3 weeks now. I am absolutely amazed by how effective they have been! I’ve not had any more UTI or tummy problems and the other side effect, which I was not expecting, is that I’m no longer experiencing sugar cravings! I can only assume that the live bacteria in these capsules has sorted out my digestive system. The freedom from these cravings has been quite an amazing feeling. I highly recommend them. A huge thank you x x x x

  33. Mandy

    been on these for a few months now and feeling very positive about my gut health. In particular i have had no UTI’s since starting them, something I’ve suffered with all my adult life.

  34. Mrs J Stewart

    Been using the live bacteria now for nearly a year snd it’s really helped and I have to say customers service is brilliant had a problem with an order (my fault ) emailed yesterday and sorted today fantastic !!

  35. CLARE

    For Decades I have suffered from UTI’s, & Cystitis. I stumbled across Just For Tummies on Facebook & after doing research I decided to try FOR WOMEN Capsules. They have been a lifeline as I have not suffered from another UTI or bout of Cystitis. Prompt delivery & excellent customer service too.

  36. Dawn

    I’ve had UTI’s for many years and more recently non-stop since March, five courses of antibiotics couldn’t shift it as it just kept coming back. The doctor arranged an Ultrasound to rule out anything sinister but no luck with the cystitis. I then came across this site and the concept of probiotics, it all just made so much sense. I have been taking For Women now for 6 weeks and so far so good, I imagine a battle of the good bacteria against the bad bacteria going on inside me and the good is winning! So happy to have not only found Linda who totally understands the problems in this area but also a product that works and is not a drug. Happy:)

  37. Caroline

    I’ve been suffering for years with constant uti’s and been on rolling antibiotics for the last 2 years after seeing a urologist . I’ve been taking these supplements for 10 days tans all I can say is I wish I’d known about them earlier . My stomach isn’t bloated as much, I’m not peeing as much which is a big bonus. Generally feeling happier even though it’s only been 10 days time. I’m taking these along with omega 3 and the garlic tablets on Linda’s recommendation . Let’s hope the improvement continues….

  38. Laura

    I have been suffering from vaginal itching and discomfort for several years, usually just before my period. I contacted Linda for some advice and she was fabulous, so helpful and she promptly replied to all my questions. She recommended this product and the garlic capsules. I have been taking them for nearly three months now and have had no problems at all since. Throughly recommend, my symptoms were driving me mad and getting me down, feel so so much better now. Thank you Linda 🙏🏼

  39. Pearl Clark Brown

    Been using these Tummies for Women for a few weeks now. I feel as though Im much more “ regular “ for starters and potentially less bloated. Going to continue with them a while longer and so far so good! Very quick delivery also!

  40. Mihaela

    I have been taking 2 of these daily for almost a month for diarrhoea caused by food poisoning and also for recurring utis and to balance my vaginal flora. They made a big difference to me my tummy is back to normal and my bladder seems to behave better. I will buy them again no doubt.

  41. Chris Wilkinson

    If you suffer from recurrent UTIs as I have for the last ten years after I needed a total hysterectomy, these capsules are like magic. I’ve done so many full courses of antibiotics, two years of prophylactics all to no avail. That old e-coli kept winning the battle. I had a cystoscopy where the consultant found nothing intrinsically wrong with my bladder, but he did describe it as a war zone! Please, please if any of this resonates with you, give the For Women capsules a try. I pair mine with the Live Bacteria ones to give my poor gut a treat after years of antibiotics that have wiped out all my beneficial gut bacteria. The two together are transforming my life – thank you Linda. Why all the health professionals I have seen over the years have not even mentioned gut health I cannot understand, but I am just glad that I found Just for Tummies. I am telling anyone who will listen because nobody needs to suffer the misery of recurrent UTIs if my experience is anything to go by.

  42. Christine

    I have recently had to have a full hysterectomy due to an ovarian cancer diagnosis, after the operation I seemed to plagued with thrush and over the counter remedies only kept the symptoms at bay for a week or so. After doing some research to see if I could find something more natural I came across JFT and the For Women capsules. I have been taken 2 in the morning for the past 3 weeks and I have to say no the difference they have made, no more thrush. I will continue to use these and have recommended them to friends.

  43. Lynn Chester

    I cannot recommend Linda highly enough, great service. She has suggested that I take Digestive Enzymes to help with my IBS issues. I’ve used medication and tried supplements before from my own research but nothing has really helped. I am also taking For Women and finding these are beneficial.

  44. Linda Pyrah

    Started a few weeks ago on the womens health tablets, at first I felt like I wanted to wee more & had a bit of bladder pain but now I feel a lot better I don’t feel in as much pain with my bladder also I don’t feel dry & itchy, I’m just hoping I don’t get anymore episodes of cystitis, I trust in Linda’s products & I have been recommending to friends.

  45. Ann

    I have been taking Probiotics for women for two weeks together with digestive enzymes and have seen a significant improvement in my sleep patterns and abdominal comfort. I have had IBS C for many years and recently after traveling a lot over past year had a lot of discomfort. These products have really helped and I will continue to use them and have already recommended them to friends.

  46. Sue Fox

    I have been prone to UTI’s for most of my adult life, and for about 20 years I have been on prophylactic antibiotics.
    I recently had a breakthrough infection which didn’t respond to the usual treatment, and tests showed there was only one antibiotic I can take that it was sensitive to.
    I have tried several times to stop the prophylactic antibiotics, but this has never previously lasted more than a couple of days.
    A friend recommended Linda’s ‘For Women’ probiotics, and I have been taking them for about 3 weeks. At the same time as I started I stopped taking my daily antibiotics and have felt fine.
    It’s early days but I am hopeful that this will be a new, healthier way of life for me.

  47. Emily B

    These capsules are fantastic! After just two weeks of taking them, I already feel a marked difference in how my tummy is behaving. I haven’t felt any bloating or sharp pains, and my bowel movements have been much more regular than usual. I am now hopeful that they will help reset my gut so that I become a lot less susceptible to UTIs. I can’t thank you all at Just For Tummies enough, as this simple change has given me peace of mind and optimism (at a time when we need those traits more than ever!)

  48. Louise

    After recently suffering from a severe UTI I was recommended to try these supplements… so far so good, all symptoms have cleared up and I’ve had nothing else since. I’m definitely going to carry on taking these!

  49. D S

    Recommended to me after chatting with Gillian Edwards (Colonic Hydrotherapist) as the best product for helping the gut deal with the side effects of a stressful job. I had been experiencing ridiculously audible bloating, heartburn after meals which left me breathless, as well as sudden diarrhoea after eating while under stress, which was wreaking havoc with my ability to concentrate on the task at hand during work. I had also been struggling with a disrupted menstrual cycle, plagued by bouts of thrush before and during periods. I was worried that nothing would change (I had already been taking tablets intended to introduce healthy bacteria to no avail), but I certainly didn’t need to be. After a couple of weeks, I noticed a difference, my gut was less volatile and bloated, and the thrush had eased. I’m three weeks into taking these, and I’ve since had the first period in two years without a problem and have had no diarrhoea at all. Thank you Linda, it’s made such a difference!

  50. Linda Elkin

    I have suffered with painful UTI’s and IBS for years. I discovered Linda’s tummy tablets whilst browsing on Facebook and decided to place an order.
    It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Since using these tablets my symptoms have disappeared and I feel lots better.

    My husband takes the fibre tablets and they are also very good.
    I have recommended Lindas tablets and tea to family and friends and would thoroughly do so to anyone.

    You get first class products and a first class service. I have PM’d Linda a few times and she always replies promptly.

    5* every time.

  51. Kelly wright

    I have been taking the women’s live bacteria for just over 2 weeks . I no longer suffer from thrust after years of having it on and off and nothing from the doctors helped and my IBS symptoms have improved and now going to the toilet regularly . Now my sister has tried the live bacteria’s as I was so pleased with them so couldn’t recommend them enough

  52. Kate Chell

    I had really bad IBS for many years, and now after taking Linda’s probiotics for women, I’m almost IBS free. It’s given me my life back.

  53. Debbie Horner

    ‘Many thanks for the speedy delivery of my For Women probiotic capsules. Can’t recommend them enough. I’m on my second lot, and they were effective from about the third day of taking them. I wouldn’t be without them. Brilliant! X’

  54. Stephanie Culkin

    I can’t praise this product enough!

  55. Louise Rayner

    Purchased some ‘For Women’ probiotic capsules and have been taking them for just two weeks so far (one with breakfast and one before bed) and have really noticed an improvement in my IBS symptoms already. I was desperate to give something else a try when my IBS recently flared, I’d started drinking Peppermint tea to help which it did but these capsules have really helped already with the symptoms of bloating, diarrhoea and really awful smelling wind in such little time. I’m so pleased I gave them a try and will definitely buy some more again soon.

    Linda is so helpful with advice and very knowledgeable about her products. Highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Linda for advice and if you’re thinking of giving any of the products a try, definitely do!!!

  56. Sarah

    Great probiotics tummy feels calmer and everything as it should be 👍🏻

  57. Sally Barr

    Prompt speedy delivery, free postage and a discount. What more could I ask for? Oh yes an absolutely brilliant product for anyone with any urinary /woman’s issues! I will never be without this invaluable product which has proved a life saver (well antibiotic saver anyway!) I can’t thank Linda Booth enough and I can’t recommend this highly enough. If I could give 100 start I would🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  58. Nicky Knight

    After 30 years of IBS I’d given up hoping to find anything that really made a difference but by chance after a hysterectomy last year I started taking Linda’s Probiotics for Women as I was getting some urinary symptoms due to lack of oestrogen. After 4 days of taking them my bowel movements became normal for the first time in as long as I can remember and have remained that way. And I can eat anything I want. Such a relief! They’ve completely changed my life! Thank you!

  59. Claire Wilson

    Been taking For Women capsules. They’re fantastic as from a very young age I’ve suffered from UTI’s. Going to buy more

  60. Stephanie Culkin

    By day 4 of taking the For Women Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes I felt so much better. The difference they have made has been quite unbelievable. I had been experiencing bloating, heartburn and a burning sensation in my stomach every time I ate something (I’d been under a lot of stress). I had also taken antibiotics for recurring uti’s for the past 6 years. The bloating (side effect of prescription tablets I take) has been reduced. The heartburn has gone completely, only occasionally do I feel a burning sensation but it’s so minimal. I am also enjoying the Herbs and Spices tea, it is very soothing.

  61. Julie Liversidge

    I can’t recommend these enough for anyone who suffers from recurrent UTI’s, thrush etc. I have suffered for years with both , Linda Booth recommended these to me and I can’t thank her enough. I feel so much better and will be definitely ordering more. Anyone who suffers please try this product you will not be disappointed.

  62. Sarah Dunn

    I’ve been using the “For Women” tablets now for about 6 weeks and my stomach feels so much better. I am not as bloated anymore and my toilet habits are getting back to normal after years of on and off constipation. I seem to be tolerating certain foods that I couldn’t before from them causing digestive discomfort. Thank you Linda

  63. Susan Williams

    I have Pernicious anaemia and have had continuous urinary tract infections, not helped by antibiotics. I have been using the live bacteria with great success for my Pernicious anaemia but still suffered with frequent nocturnal urination. However, I have been using For Women for a little over a week and have slept through the night without the need to get up. Thank you Linda for letting me get a good night’s sleep. I am hoping that my blood tests in January will show an improvement.

  64. Trudi

    This product is amazing. I have suffered from chronic diarrhoea for years and have tried every diet going to try to alleviate symptons, all with no success. I have taken these tablets for 6 weeks and the diarrhoea has completely gone. My bowels are normal for the first time in years. My constant UTI infections and over active bladder has also recovered and I can sleep through the night without frequent trips to the loo . I would highly recommend this product

  65. Sally Barr

    Linda i have been using your for women for about 6 weeks now, I honestly can’t believe the difference. I’ve been having terrible kidney problems for years following chemotherapy, and then the Aussie flu in January really caused havoc. I have tried so much to sort things and to avoid antibiotics. Your for women has been an absolute godsend so far and the kidney/back pain is gradually easing, I can’t thank you enough xx

    • Linda

      Thank you for your review Sally. I’m delighted you’ve had such a good result after taking my For Women probiotics. Linda x

  66. EleanorK

    I really like this product, I’ve tried a few different women specific live bacteria supplements thanks to an on going battle with thrush, these are probably the best ones I’ve found so far. Don’t take too long to start working and I love that you can take up to three a day too, a really good way of getting a good boost.
    I’ve been taking it for a few months now and I definitely get less thrush and I’m hoping soon that will go to no thrush!
    I also find this helps with food moving through too, I’m now very regular!

    • Linda

      Hi Eleanor. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. I’m very pleased to hear that my For Women probiotic capsules have helped reduce your thrush and made your more ‘regular’. Don’t forget as a double whammy to help get rid of thrush, you could also try taking one of my high-strength, aged Garlic tablets before a meal daily. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal and it helps to strengthen the immune system, making us less likely to have attacks of thrush. Linda Booth Founder Just For Tummies

  67. Kate

    so far so good! I’ve been taking For Woman probiotic for 2 months and my IBS is almost non existent and I’ve had no UTI’s. I am blown away by the results and I want to thank you for giving me my life back 🙂

    • Linda

      Hi Kate. Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to leave this review and I’m so pleased your IBS and UTIs are clearing up. Did you know that I’ve now put all of my dairy and gluten-free recipes on the Just For Tummies website and you can download them for free. They contain no refined sugar and have been put together to support digestive, gut and hormone health. You can download them here: Linda Booth Founder Just For Tummies

  68. Shalini Ashok

    I have suffered from UTI’s and constant thrush for over a year now (I’m almost 30). UTI’s meant a heavy dose of antibiotics which would wash out all the good bacteria which would then lead to thrush and it was a never-ending nightmare. I started taking these about 2 months ago after a thorough online research on different probiotics and also increased my water intake. I hope I’m not talking too soon, but I haven’t had one ever since and it has also reduced any itchiness or discomfort. Thanks Linda!

  69. Anna J

    Have been taking the ‘For Women’ capsules since getting pregnant and they have worked very well for me – I’ve manage to avoid the UTIs and thrush often associated with pregnancy. They’re small and very easy to swallow which is always a good thing as well!

  70. Louise

    I had campylobacter food poisoning a few years ago now and it felt like my stomach would never recover… until I discovered these. My digestive system definitely works better taking these probiotics. V glad to discover them.

  71. Sharna W

    I’m 25 and have suffered from UTI’s and kidney infections for almost a year now. Since taking these probiotics (along with drinking a lot of water and switching to a much healthier balanced diet) I can honestly say that I haven’t had one since. Whilst antibiotics stripped me of my good bacteria, these supplements helped to replenish my body back to how it should be.

    Linda Booth is also such a helpful and caring person, who took time to advise me properly on my problems which put me at ease, as it was my first time taking them. Thank you Linda for making me well again. I highly recommend!

  72. Dani B

    I’ve been taking the Just For Tummies Live Bacteria for a couple of years but decided to try the Live Bacteria For Women as I suffer with Thrush.

    It is especially worse when I go away as I am in and out of the pool and because it is usually warmer where we visit this causes me some rather unpleasant discomfort throughout our trip.

    I started taking just one a day for a few weeks leading up to my last holiday and I was delighted to not experience even the slightest symptoms of thrush.

    I would recommend these to women of any age (I am 32) especially for those who suffer like myself and have tried the over the counter creams that contain harmful chemicals, cost a fortune and never normally work.

  73. Suzanne Airey

    I have been taking JFT For Women for around 4 months and have had no UTI or kidney problems during this time, they are fabulous and I would recommend them!

  74. info3

    This product is marvellous, within a month I’ve really noticed a difference where I’m not feeling as bloated, I feel I’m also able to digest my food better and suffer from candida somewhat and have also noticed symptoms are so much less severe now! I highly recommend this product!

  75. Katherine Bellchambers

    I’m a herbalist and i spend a lot of time telling people how to look after themselves but sometimes i forget to walk the walk and my own health suffers. I have a history of chest infections and inevitably when i get one i need antibiotics. Inevitably whenever i have to take antibiotics I get thrush.

    I’ve been looking forward to JFT For Women live bacteria supplements since linda told me she was launching them but i have to tell you they’ve surpassed my expectations. After a week on antibiotics AND steroids my gut flora and immune system have taken a pounding but for the first time i can remember NO THRUSH. No itching, no irritation, no gyppy tummy nothing. My lady bits are completely unharmed by the ecperience and i put that fair and squarely down to Just For Tummies For Women Live bacteria. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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