Watch our video – how to reduce IBS symptoms naturally, without drugs!

IBS Video

Since April has been all about IBS awareness here at Just For Tummies, we couldn’t get to the end of the month without hosting a Facebook Live event dedicated to the subject. On this occasion, I was joined by nutritional therapist, Sophia Hill, for what turned out to be a highly informative discussion on the many aspects of IBS.

We explained what IBS is, and when IBS isn’t in fact IBS. We also discussed the symptoms, and why a proper diagnosis of IBS is so important. Sophia shared her pearls of nutritional wisdom on some of the simple dietary and lifestyle tips that can help to reduce IBS symptoms, including why we need to wash our bagged salad to prevent getting worms in the brain!

We also answered lots of questions that were submitted before and during the event, including:

  • Can IBS be caused by menopause?
  • What is the connection between IBS and SIBO?
  • Can someone be born with IBS?
  • Have the antibiotics I took for UTIs caused my IBS?

If you were unable to join us for the live event, you can watch our discussion here:

If you have any questions about IBS (maybe you are struggling with IBS or know someone who is) or are seeking advice about any other digestive or gut health issue, please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!