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Help to reduce UTIs, thrush and bacterial vaginosis by making your own natural probiotic pessaries – using my simple recipe

My probiotic pessaries are a natural, convenient and inexpensive way to manage a number of urinary conditions.

The soothing blend of coconut oil, cacao butter, gentle aromatherapy oils and the powder from my For Women probiotic capsules will help promote healing, and kick bacteria and candida to the curb if you are suffering with yeast infections (thrush), bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

These pessaries are also fantastic in helping to reduce itching, and to heal the skin if it feels raw and sore, a common symptom of the menopause and ageing.

When you are suffering with a UTI or cystitis, these pessaries will help your body fight off the bacteria and candida that have disrupted the microbial balance down there in the first place. They are also great to use as a means of preventing yeast and urinary infections, especially after having sex.

My name is Linda, and I am a natural health therapist, specialising in women’s health – I run a busy natural health clinic in Nottingham, and I’m the founder of Just For Tummies, the UK’s only supplement range dedicated to helping people who have digestive, gut and bladder problems.

I’ve put all my training, knowledge and expertise into helping people manage and heal their digestive, gut and urinary health problems.

“I have been taking the For Women’s live bacteria capsules for just over 2 weeks. I no longer suffer from thrush after years of having it on and off, and nothing from the doctors helped. My IBS symptoms have also improved and now going to the toilet regularly.” Kelly

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