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Is the menopause disrupting the health of your gut?

A healthy gut means that your food is being processed correctly and efficiently and you are gaining as much energy as possible from what you consume. However, during the peri-menopause and the menopause, many women begin to experience problems with their digestive system. These problems come in many forms, ranging from excess wind, acid reflux or constipation to bloating, weight gain and abdominal pain.

Your digestive problem is likely to be triggered by a hormonal imbalance at this time in your life as oestrogen levels start to fall. Every menopausal woman will have falling oestrogen levels, but not every woman will have the same menopausal symptoms. An unbalanced gut is often the underlying cause of everything from acid reflux to, in some cases, depression and anxiety. These issues are common during the phases of menopause, making gut health even more important for midlife women.

I have put together this Guide to support women going through menopause, experiencing digestive symptoms as well as hot flushes, low mood or lack of energy, as all these symptoms could be due to a less than healthy gut microbiome – and the Guide includes a number of simple and effective, completely natural treatments that can help you manage your menopausal symptoms.

In addition to explaining how a balanced gut, full of beneficial bacteria, promotes sustained wellness and a better menopause experience, the Guide also looks in detail at the foods that will help replenish your gut, the foods that you should avoid, what to drink (or not) at this time of your life, as well as natural supplement recommendations and lifestyle tips.

Whether you’re just entering peri-menopause or continuing to experience symptoms into post-menopause, or simply looking for some guidance on how to boost gut health and overall wellbeing in the coming years of your life, this Guide is for you!

“After struggling with menopausal symptoms, and needing to take antibiotics for a UTI, Linda advised me to try her ‘Women’s Health Duo’ to help rebalance my gut. I have been taking them for three weeks now, and what a difference they have made! No recurrence of the UTI, my hot flushes have calmed to the point of being almost non-existent and I am able to sleep better, which is a much-needed bonus! Linda was very helpful answering my questions and I will definitely be buying more of these supplements when I have finished this month-long course. Thank you so much!” Jackie

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