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Give your gut some TLC.

  • To help support digestive and gut health
  • Safe for everyday, long-term use
  • Made in the UK

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Approximately 70 – 80% of your immune system cells are produced in your gut, so to have a healthy immune system, making you more resilient to infections, you need to have a healthy gut. 

Our founder Linda, worked in her natural health clinic for over 20 years, successfully helping thousands of people improve their digestive and gut health through recommending targeted supplements like our Live Bacteria capsules. 

Our Live Bacteria capsules are: 

  • Made in the UK
  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Contain absolutely NO artificial fillers, binders or bulking agents.

Take one to three capsules daily, with water and preferably before food. 

Made in the UK according to Good Manufacting Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines so you are safeguarded by the highest standards.


"These capsules change lives! Just read some of the amazing reviews we get on TrustPilot and Google." Linda Booth (Founder of Just For Tummies)

60 capsules

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In stock

Purchase this product now and earn 23 Tummy Tokens! Registered customers only.


Ensure that you’re doing the best you can to support your gut health.

Remember the crucial importance that your gut bacteria plays in supporting your immune system.  With around 70 – 80% of your immune system’s cells located in your gut, it’s very important to maintain a healthy gut for immune system support.

Wherever you look nowadays, on the tv, in newspapers, magazine and on the internet, we see articles about the importance of a healthy gut microbiome.

Many things affect the balance of our gut bacteria, including:

* Bad dietary choices, in particular high-sugar diets
* Medications like antibiotics, antacids and opioid-based pain-killers
* Gut infections like food poisoning and viruses like Norovirus
* Excessive prolonged stress
* Chronic constipation, to name just a few.

Just For Tummies Live Bacteria capsules do not contain any artificial fillers, binders, bulking agents, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Our Live Bacteria capsules are the foundation product for all of our digestive and immune health plans. Each capsule contains 4 billion live bacteria from the Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium species – our friendly bacteria of choice.

Made in the UK according to Good Manufacting Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines so you are safeguarded by the highest standards.


  • Contains: lactobacilli and bifidobacterium. Guaranteed 4 billion bacteria per capsule.
  • Ingredients: carrier (maltodextrin), lactobacillus rhamnosus, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, bifidobacterium breve.
  • Contains no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free.
  • Made in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines.
Each capsule typically provides: CFU*
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 242mg 2.10 billion
Lactobacillus acidophilus 46.2mg 0.46 billion
Lactobacillus casei 46.0mg 0.46 billion
Bifidobacterium breve 9.8mg 0.98 billion
*colony forming units Total 4 billion

208 reviews for Live Bacteria Capsules

  1. Louisa Robinson

    I was quite sceptical to start with but it didn’t take long to make me convinced. I tried high street products but was not impressed but with these capsules I’ve noticed such a difference and cant do without them now, hence signing up to the monthly subscription services. Would highly recommend.

  2. Krista

    I’m 3 weeks into taking Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes and finally my body is feeling so much better . My constipation is so much better and my gut at last feels like it is functioning again. Thanks so much to Linda for all of her advice .

  3. Kim Motte

    I was recommended to introduce Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes into my diet after speaking with Linda and they have changed my life! I honestly cannot recommend them enough!
    I have to being misdiagnosed with acid reflux (was an enlarged thyroid). I was put on Omeprazole by my doctor and just left on them and they destroyed my stomach Microbiome. Found myself intolerant to every thing I tried to eat and spent every morning backwards and forwards to the toilet 5/6 times before my tummy finally settled. My life was being ruled by my need to use the toilet and I found myself on a diet of chicken and rice only to try and get some control.
    I also found that I didn’t lose weight despite living on air. Linda explained the need for good bacteria in the tummy and how that would’ve been destroyed by the PPI and how digestive enzymes would help me to better digest my food so I introduced them into my diet and honestly they have been my saving grace.
    I take my live bacteria first thing in the morning with some water and I take one just before bed at night and I have noticed that I feel so much better in myself, I am able to eat foods I wasn’t able to before and I’ve also noticed a difference in my immunity. I don’t get sick all the time, I don’t catch every stomach bug going and I now live a life that is so much more peaceful. Now one toilet trip in the morning and one mid afternoon is all I need and I feel so much better.

    There is also a brilliant option to put them on a subscription, which costs a little less and ensures that I never run out.

    Linda is honestly the most amazing person I’ve ever met and her supplements are a testament to the level of care she has towards her customers. I am so glad I found her and I honestly recommend introducing them because they will change your life!

  4. KF

    I bought these and the digestive enzyme pills after suffering with some digestive issues over recent months. I struggle to remember to take them before food, so sometimes have missed a day, but I have noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms. My only gripe is I find the packaging awkward, it seems impossible to just get one capsule out at a time – too narrow for my fingers, so have to tip them out, and a huge container for a relatively small amount of product.

  5. Miss Diane Bollington

    Live bacteria are brilliant for IBS symptoms really do help

  6. Lynn

    Increasedto twice a day slowly. Bowel moment more regular. Plan to add digestive enzymes next. Love the help and knowledge available.

  7. Gail Gregory

    Thank you Linda and the whole tummy team.
    Since taking the Live Bacteria,Digestive Enyzme,Garlic twice daily my stomach is feeling so so much better.
    At least it keeps the thought of Lansoprazole away!!.
    I can’t thank you enough for your support and understanding ❤️

  8. Gemma

    They help me so much with pain and bloating. They keep nasty tummy bugs away too.

  9. Gemma Sheldon

    They really help me with bloating and pain. I find they help keep nasty bugs away too.

  10. Sue

    My troublesome symptoms have definitely subsided with this supplement. I have reordered.

  11. Jan Gregory

    I wouldn’t be without Live Bacteria tablets. They have helped a lot with bloating and now have regular bowel movements.

  12. Sally Bannister

    Live bacteria has really helped me I take this one in the morning and the women’s one at night and have really helped me

  13. louise

    Absolutely fantastic,I emailed Linda for advice on IBS , constipation and bloating , she advised,the probiotics I’ve been taking them for a month now and can’t believe the difference, I’ve had no IBS symptoms and I’m now going to the toilet every morning with no problems , I’ve just put my next order in . I will continue taking them , I feel so much better thanks for your help.

  14. Anita Hall

    I have been following Linda’s advice and taking these in conjunction with charcoal and digestive enzymes, and the combination has completely resolved my digestive problems and perimenopausal bloating. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement as I had been struggling with these issues on and off for years. I was also hugely impressed with Linda’s knowledge, kindness, advice and support, and by the quick and efficient service. I would definitely recommend all three supplements and am very grateful to Linda and her team for helping me to resolve such a chronic, long term problem.

  15. Susan Hart

    I ordered these after a pronged and very debilitating IBS attack. Very quickly my bloating and tummy spasms reduced. I now take one every other day to keep my digestive system working effectively. So far I haven’t had another IBS flare up.

  16. Adam

    This is a top quality project, recommended at the Lowry Clinic by Lucy, this has really been beneficial to my gut health.

  17. Alison Grimes

    Feel so much better within a few days

  18. margaret

    I have ibs ,acid reflux and hiatus hernia been using just for tummies live bacteria along with digestive enzymes for few years now and never do without now . I used to have bowel movement once a week . I now go most days so thanks to Linda and team 🙂

  19. helen

    My daughter and I have been taking Just for Tummies Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes for 4 years.
    My daughter was taking a PPI and drinking gaviscon by the bucketful due to silent acid reflux which was causing an aggravating cough for months. Her throat was red raw. Whilst waiting for an endoscopy she tried my Live bacteria and Digestive Enzymes that Linda had recommended I take for symptoms related to IBS and Diverticular Disease.
    To cut a long story short , her endoscopy was cancelled as she felt so much better due to Linda’s products.
    My bloating, cramping pains, acid reflux , wind etc have all been relieved by these products . Best of all I have not had to take nasty antibiotics for diverticulitis for 4 years . I enjoy a cup of Tummy Tea every night this also aids my digestion. I have the comfort of knowing Linda and her team are always on hand for helpful advice, replying promptly . Thank you to you all for the amazing work you do..

  20. Fiona Molyneux

    Noticed such a difference since taking these. Can’t do without now and recommend them to anyone who has tummy issues

  21. Jackie Edwards

    Having been constipated for most of my life I am now using the Live Bacteria capsules to try to help the bloating I have. I’ve been taking them for a couple of months and think I feel a difference. I hope given time they will work even better. They can only do me good.

  22. Angela

    Excellent product ,has helped with my tummy issues also take the digest enzyme tablets too .

  23. Carol

    These live bacteria are amazing for IBS!! They have made a huge difference less bloating better bowel movements and given me my life back and not being ruled by my IBS. Highly recommend!!

  24. Stephen

    I had being suffering with tummy problems most I my life probably due to the fact that I only had ever worked shifts my specialist advised me to retire if it was possible which I did but things did get better over the next few years but still never went until I was recommended these tablets it’s being quite a few months now since I started taking them and I can say for the first time for as long as I can remember I have a lot better life no panic situations which in itself is fantastic 👍

  25. Emma Gainfort

    I have been taking the live bacteria supplements for 3 years now and I am totally satisfied with the results and service. I feel better in myself and my digestive health has improved

  26. RS

    I have suffered with acne for several years & been prescribed roaccutane over a prolonged period as a way of managing it. Due to the time spent on the tablets, I started to decrease the dosage but my skin was still poor.
    I was recommended to use a pro biotic to see if this helped and the change is unbelievable.
    I am down from a roaccutane tablet everyday to taking 1/2 a month if that. I know the only change I made was taking these tablets so my skins drastic improvement has to be attributed to them. 10/10 & really changed my life

  27. Rosie Willis

    My 3 year old and I take one every morning. Maintaining a healthy gut is so important to us. Thank you Linda for making these great products ❤️

  28. Emma

    I feel so much better in myself since taking these. My migraines have reduced significantly and my menopause bloating has also been reduced. Very happy with the capsules and the service, I will definitely continue to subscribe 😀

  29. Clare

    I bought these on advice from Linda after I had used charcoal cleanse for 5 days . I take these twice a day morning and evening plus digestive enzymes
    before lunch and dinner , what a difference I feel already after only 3 weeks of taking them both . The bloated feeling has gone and after being constipated my BM is so much better nearly daily now.

  30. Kathleen McNab

    I was diagnosed with diverticulitis last Autumn. I’d never known pain like it, so was only too pleased when my GP prescribed two antibiotics and laxative, which dealt with it and took away the pain. For months afterwards, however, I had reflux and would pop an antacid most nights. Bowels were sluggish too. I put a lot down to menopause but started to look into pre and probiotics and came across the Just for Tummies website. I asked for advice as to which supplements to use, and Linda herself came up with a regime of Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes for a month, plus Omega 3, then a maintenance plan to follow. I can truly say I haven’t had reflux since taking these, nor needed an antacid. I haven’t had a flare-up of diverticulitis either. Linda is sincere and so helpful, I don’t hesitate to recommend her supplements. As an aside, the little pots are attractive and don’t take up a lot of room.

  31. Hellen Sfeir

    I seriously did not think these would work but they definitely do
    I have booked an appointment with consultant about my reflux but May now cancel it

  32. Janet Griffiths

    I’ve been using Just forTummies,Live Bacteria along with omega 3 with occasional digestive enzymes, for about 2/3 years,I live with IBS these supplements have made a huge difference to any serious flare ups and prevent bloating and pain.
    The service with Linda Boothis excellent,her and her Team allow easy access for advice and continued support

  33. Haylee

    Lovely product, has definitely started to help my stomach concerns. Thank you very much.

  34. Joanne

    As The Mental Health Coach, I highly recommend Just for Tummies supplements to improve mental health wellbeing through the connection of good gut health, leads to good brain health. I was also constipated for over a year, so Linda kindly provided free professional advice & I decided to have colonic hydrations, as well as taking the Live Bacteria & Digestive Enzyme supplements for nearly a year now. WOW the differences is amazing. No more brain fog, I’m now regular & I’ve lost a stone in weight! Thanks Linda & Tummy Team for making me lighter & brighter! 🙂

  35. Linda Thomson

    This is a fantastic company Linda is extreamly helpful when I have been at my wits end Linda’s products are excellant would highly recommend

  36. Liz

    I got these as have ibs and premenopausal, my tummy is so much more settled then before and my bloating is reduced, brilliant supplements

  37. Valerie McMillan

    I’m so happy these work for me. Years of IBS symptoms are basically gone after one month on these supplements. Speaking to Linda was brilliant. I never expected to speak to the founder of Just For Tummies, so when I began my discussion with her it brought me an huge degree of comfort and eased my anxiety greatly. Amazing. Thank you.

  38. Andrea ashton

    Seems to have calmed my bloating down , so will order more

  39. Ola Hale

    I bought the live bacteria after reading reviews it’s early days but feel it has helped me.i have had health issues for a few months with my digestion after injections I also purchased the omega 3 capsules for inflammation which I feel has also helped. I would purchase again and think the reviews help you decide also the digest from Linda and her team I think we can learn alot.

  40. Deborah Rycraft

    Thank you Linda for your help and advice purchasing live bacteria .I have recently stopped ppi for acid reflux and mu gut was not in a good place .After 3 months of taking these I’m feeling so much better and would not be with out them now thank you

  41. Elaine Beddow

    I met you at the Thrive event Linda and we discussed my bowel problems (inconsistent, bloating etc), especially when I am on strong antibiotics for my diabetic foot ulcers (usually a weeks course and producing explosive bowel movements) I started them straight away and now nearing the end of my first pack (taking 1 a day as you advised). My bowels have been so much better in general and recently having to take a 2 week course of the antibiotics I am pleased to say my bowels didn’t react badly at all!!!! Thank you so much for your advice and the medication!

  42. Elaine

    I met you at the Thrive event Linda and we discussed my bowel problems (inconsistent, bloating etc), especially when I am on strong antibiotics for my diabetic foot ulcers (usually a weeks course and producing explosive bowel movements) I started them straight away and now nearing the end of my first pack (taking 1 a day as you advised). My bowels have been so much better in general and recently having to take a 2 week course of the antibiotics I am pleased to say my bowels didn’t react badly at all!!!! Thank you so much for your advice and the medication!

  43. Gill Hamilton

    Since taking the Live Bacteria my stomach is so calm that I forget about IBS. Such a helpful and informative site. Thank you Linda

  44. Jacquie

    Amazing products I can’t praise them enough they have helped my gastritis no end and only been using them for one month

  45. Alysha

    Best probiotics Ive ever had, very gentle on the tummy and have all but “cured” my IBS I take them one at night and one in a morning and they work like magic, I dont think I could do without these, Thank you Linda x

  46. Lisa English

    I take this supplement every morning . Linda has been really helpful with any concerns I had

  47. Hilary

    Been using for a few weeks now and tummy feeling a lot more healthier

  48. Hilary

    Tummy feeling much better after taking these capsules

  49. Lisa Boston

    Im putting this review to help a friend. I’ve suffered with stomach and bowel problems ever since I can remember. I use the Live Bacteria, and Digestive Enzyme products. They are brilliant especially if you’re feeling sick. All natural ingredients and Linda the founder is very helpful and responsive if you need any advice
    Look at her website , and use the code
    for new customers for discount. I always take the live bacteria everyday and have the digestive enzymes on standby if ever I need help…! I guarantee you will feel better with any of her products.

  50. Linda

    I’m so pleased I found Just for Tummies. After taking two courses of antibiotics for a UTI and then a kidney infection I was suffering with painful wind and decided to try the Live Bacteria capsules. I have also done the 5 day charcoal cleanse. Linda has answered my many questions and always comes back to me the same day. It’s great to be able to have someone to turn to. Thank you Linda and your team I’m feeling so much better.

  51. Linda

    I’m so pleased I found Just for Tummies after taking two courses of antibiotics for a UTI and then a kidney infection. I was suffering with painful wind and decided to try the Live Bacteria capsules. After 3 weeks I’m feeling much better. Linda has answered my many questions and always comes back to me the same day. It’s great to be able to have someone to turn to. Thank you Linda and your team.

  52. Linda

    I’m lucky to have found Just for Tummies when researching the problems I was having with my digestion. I was having painful trapped wind after eating. I’ve been taking the Live Bacteria capsules for 3 weeks now and my problem is setting down. I’ve been emailing Linda and she advised it was likely due to the two courses of antibiotics I had taken for a uti and kidney infection. I can’t recommend this company enough and Linda taking the time to always respond to my emails the same day.

  53. Linda

    I was lucky to come across Just for Tummies when researching what could be causing my painful trapped wind after eating since taking antibiotics for a uti and kidney infection. I have now been taking the Live Bacteria capsules for 3 weeks and my tummy has started to settle down. I have emailed Linda on a few occasions to ask for advice and she always comes back to me the same day. I can’t recommend this company enough and the help that Linda has given me.

  54. Jaimie

    I really wouldn’t be without this product. I really didn’t realise how much they’d helped me until I missed taking some for a month. I was then back to being bloated & uncomfortable. Taking alongside Digestive enzymes, these are the perfect combination.

  55. Sylvia Atkinson

    Finally found something that gives me ease from my IBS. Since taking these live bacteria ive had less cramps and less visits to the loo. I even managed my first walking holiday in 3 years without worrying about the loo and went out for meals with no serious bloat after. They definitely keep things in check for me and have been life changing. Thanks Linda for all your help

  56. Nicky

    Amazing products, helped me so much, i have been able to cut all my medications by half. I have a hiatus hernia & no gallbladder, these products have nearly cured all my symptoms! Definitely recommend

  57. Frances

    Having had a series of gut issues, pain, bloating, etc I started taking these supplements and the results are amazing. I couldn’t be without them now
    Thanks Linda and the Just for Tummies Team

  58. Susan White

    Since using live bacteria I am far less bloated, I also didn’t have regular bowel movement , now very regular & they are so easy to take as well , thank you Linda

  59. Barbara

    Live Bacteria have changed my life. I sleep better and all my digestive issues have disappeared. They are easily the best product I have taken and I would not be without them

  60. Jane Beddoe

    I’ve been taking Linda’s Live Bacteria capsules for quite some time now and I’m so happy with the difference they’ve made to my tummy troubles. Along with the Omega 3 and Digestive Enzymes my digestion is so much better than ever before.

  61. Tracy

    I’ve been using these 6 months, I was put on hrt which caused massive bloating and wind these have helped me loads I definitely know if I haven’t taken them I take these with tummy tea and digestive enzymes

  62. Helen

    I am peri-menopausal and had been suffering from hideous bloating for some months. I heard of Just for Tummies via a menopause Facebook group. Linda advised an initial course of Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes, moving to a maintenance course after a few weeks. I can honestly say that after about 2 weeks I no longer had the bloating. I mean it had completely disappeared! This combination was clearly just what my gut needed. As a result of the bloat disappearing, I found my self-esteem increasing to the point that I started to exercise regularly again and wear clothes that made me feel good. You see? The positive cycle started with sorting out the bloat. So if you are suffering too, contact Linda and she will advise you. You will not regret it!

  63. katy

    Excellent product helps keep me regular and less bloating

  64. katy

    Very happy with these they help a sluggish digestion system and help keep me regular as I take medications

  65. Sandra Payne

    I couldn’t be without these tablets for my IBS and bloating. Highly recommend them. Just for Tummies are always very helpful when you contact them

  66. CJT

    Excellent product, that has really helped my stomach.

  67. Sally Magz

    I have suffered literally YEARS with stomach and digestion issues, mostly due to the array of prescription medications I need. I also struggle with my weight and often don’t eat appropriately, with regards quantity and times. Taking a combination of the Live Bacteria and the Digestive Enzyme has honestly turned me around after my first three weeks! I am no longer bloated, one minute hungry and the next minute feeling overfull… I feel “normal” when I eat, and use the toilet without needing laxatives to relieve the discomfort. My friend recommended these supplements – wind and bowels and the likes are not the nicest things to talk about (if you get my drift?) but I am so thankful to have been encouraged to try them. Thank you Linda and all of your gazillions of bacteria!

  68. Sneha

    I was introduced to these probiotics, and I noticed such a hig difference to my daughters digestive health. I used one capsule,split into water everyday for her. Grateful for these safe prebiotics.

  69. Deborah Long

    I have nearly finished my first month, using the Tummy Balance Kit…whilst not solving my chronic constipation problem…completely… I have certainly noticed a ‘change’…and am not bloating so frequently. I am going to go for the Live Bacteria for a while…and re assess, in a few months time. 🙂

  70. Sue Charlton

    Hi Linda

    Just wanted to give you some feedback….
    Well, after a month taking Live Bacteria twice a day as you recommended, I am very happy to report that they have been an absolute life saver for me. No more painful indigestion or stomach cramps and diarrhoea. I’m feeling so much better and energised!
    Thank you so very much for your support and personalised advice.

    Lots of ❤️

    Sue x

  71. Lucy Hayward

    Love these! I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and alongside the nutritional advice and dietary changes, they’ve made a huge difference to my gut health. I also appreciate the savings made from the subscription service and the fact I never run out now!

  72. Alison

    I had a nasty bout of gastritis 18months ago and started taking these Live bacteria tablets daily. They helped clear up the gastritis and for the last year I haven’t had any digestive issues. I feel they really help.

  73. Catherine

    This really seems to be helping my stomach problems. Very happy with it.

  74. Beryl

    After just two weeks of taking these and the live bacteria and omega 3 supplements my life has completely turned round. IBS and Diverticulitis are both under control, I have so much energy and am in a happy place instead of the miserable place I had sunk into. Yesterday I cried – I cried from the relief of getting my life back. At 76 I had accepted that my life wasn’t going to get any better, this was it now. But I was wrong and am now enjoying life again. I can’t thank Linda and her team enough. It’s never too late to turn your life round.

  75. Lynne Robertson

    I have always had gut problems and was told about this live bacteria from a friend at the gym, I took mostly only one a day and have seen a huge improvement ! Since being peri menopausal I was worse ans this live bacteria have really turned it around.I have ordered the perfect balance kit this time, I highly recommend this product.

  76. Lisa English

    Linda recommended these products to me.
    Got a few bowel problems, after taking these they really are helping me alongside digestive enzymes.
    Less bloating, less gas, less pain.
    Thank you

  77. Sarah Picton

    Just like all the Just for Tummies products, the Live Bacteria capsules work brilliantly. I also use Just for Tummies Digestive Enzymes, Omega 3, For Women & the Charcoal supplements when I need them. I have IBS which is much more under control and acid reflux which is also improving having made changes in my diet as well as taking the supplements. The quality of the products is excellent as is the customer service and information and support provided by Just for Tummies. I have also recently started taking the Tummy tea to help with acid reflux symptoms and am finding it calming and soothing for the tummy. Given how much better I feel since I started taking the supplements, I feel the products are good value for money. Thank you Just for Tummies!

  78. Linda

    I’ve just started these in the last week or so after having quite a few months of IBS. I’m also gluten intolerant but very strict with my diet. I’ve found the bowel pain and discomfort has settled very quickly. I’m really impressed. So much so I’ve just reordered and set up a subscription for them. I’ve also recommended them to a friend. .

  79. Sally

    After having a flare up of diverticulitis & having to take yet more high strength antibiotics i started taking these amazing tablets & havent looked back as they have really turned my gut health around & made a huge difference to my whole well being.
    Happy tummy, happy me.
    Thank you Linda for these little miricle tablets & the support you offer too. X

  80. Lynne Scott

    Have been taking these for about 3 months now after trialling several other brands and they are by far the best and have managed to get my husband taking them as well to help with his diverticulitis.

  81. Gemma

    My daughter brought home three stomach bugs since starting back at school in September, although I’ve been up close with the horrors, I haven’t caught any. I notice a positive gut feeling.

  82. Lacey

    Wonderful customer service from Linda and I am seeing a positive change in just 1 months use 🙂

  83. Lynne Hicks

    Within a week of taking my stomach feels so much better. No more bloating or painful distension. Easy to order and speedy delivery. Thank you.

  84. Natalie

    So pleased with the live bacteria, it’s made a huge positive difference to my tummy and my overall health, simple and easy to take.

  85. Lynne

    I have been taking Live Bacteria capsules for about three weeks and I can see an improvement in my symptoms. I didn’t have any pains or bloating in my tummy but problems with having diarrhoea every morning and having to rush to the toilet two or three times. This is no longer happening. Thanks, Linda

  86. Val

    Thank you Linda for your help and advice. I have been taking the Live Bacteria tablets for a week and already me tummy is less bloated and I have started regular bowel movements.

  87. Leah

    I previously suffered from regular reflux when running and have tried numerous tablets from both the GP and health shops, as well as diet changes but to no avail. I even had an endoscopy due to my symptoms (which was normal). I sent a message to Linda asking for advice about what products I should try. She was very thorough in asking about my history in order to recommend the correct regime (live bacteria and digestive enzymes). I have waited nearly 3 months to leave a review just to make sure they are really working, and they are! I am now taking a daily live bacteria and digestive enzyme and I have had had no reflux since I started! The enjoyment of running has returned, and I just wish I knew about these tablets years ago. I struggle to swallow tablets so it is great that they can be crushed or dissolved into water. Thank you so much, and I will be recommending these products to anyone I know who has similar symptoms.

  88. Darren

    Excellent. Really seem to have made a difference to my overall gut health in combination with the charcoal tablets

  89. Tamzin

    I’m halfway through taking these capsules and have definitely noticed a difference in that I feel less bloated and am sure the tummy pains I have been having are less than before. I can only hope it continues!

  90. Jo O’Brien

    I started taking the digestive enzymes then progressed to the live bacteria as well. I have been taking the combination for only about 3 weeks but have less pain, wind and bloating, less acid reflux and up to now have been going to the toilet (number 2’s) every day which is great for me. I am going to try the charcoal cleanse soon too. I had been taking Lansoprazole for many years but have now stopped them. Easy cop-out for our doctors but as Linda says, not necessary in many cases. I now believe my issue is indeed a deficit of stomach acid rather than an excess. Also making sure I eat well so all good up to now. Thanks JFT

  91. kinogo

    This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Many thanks!
    Where are your contact details though?

  92. Victoria

    These are great ! – Its still quite early days but last month i started to take the live bacteria along with the digestive enzymes as recommended for my IBS (which was making me very miserable i think due to perimenopause.) So far i have had none of the old symptoms and with a healthier diet and the ritual of taking the pills I feel more positive. I love the information on the website, its been so helpful. Thankyou

  93. Katharine

    The GP has tried a variety of medications for my painful stomach and gut spams but Linda’s Digestive Enzymes and Live Bacteria have finally brought me relief and regular bowel movements. Thoroughly recommend them. I’ve stopped all my medication from the GP now.

  94. Laura

    I’m so glad I found this product as it is the only live bacteria that I have been able to take that doesn’t cause me any further problems. My bloating has gone, my digestion is better and overall I feel a lot healthier.

  95. Asma

    Been taking these for two weeks and as soon as I did there was movement in my tummy (I had been seriously clogged) /constipated. I feel like if I cheat (cake, cookie, or bread) them the tabs don’t work as well, so I will return to my healthy way of eating (sugar, dairy and carb free). Overall pleased with the products and will purchase again (subscribed):) Thank you Linda and team xox

  96. Brian Scully

    I’m taking these daily with an insulin supplement. The 1st few days my stomach started to make all sort of moans and groans that I haven’t heard in a long time. For that few days my trips to the toilet increased. I also had more flactulance wich was really smelly. The combination cleared me out. I’m now say 2 weeks in and having regular daily bowel movements. I’m still passing gas quite a bit but this is a godsend because usually all that gas would be trapped and I would be bloated and distended to the point of having pain and being really uncomfortable in my clothes.

    My stomach is now flattening and noticing improvements everyday. I believe antibiotics and a gluten intolerance were to Blame for my issues disrupting the biome. Pro and probiotics have defo worked.

    The strains picked by just for tummies have done a wonderful job. I tried a few other brands with poor results. I’ve also made some amendments to my diet. It’s not oh pop these pills and your sorted. You need to have a proactive approach to eating right and feeding the good bacteria.

  97. Christine Ansell

    I decided to try a charcoal cleanse detox with Live Bacteria as recommended. Pleased with the positive results.

  98. Angela Tooke

    I have been taking these for a couple of weeks along side the Digestive Enzymes and I can already feel that I am benefiting hugely from taking both. Fantastic products and service from “just for tummies” thank you

  99. Alison Wilkins

    I’ve been taking live bacteria capsules for two weeks now and I’ve definitely noticed a difference with tummy pain and cramps due to IBS and also acid reflux . Another benefit for me is that they’re dairy free and gluten free so I shall be buying more.

  100. Kate Davenport

    I have started taking the Live Bacteria capsules for ibs and am so impressed already after only a couple of weeks of taking! Thank you Linda for all your great advice too! 🙂 which was so informative and all responses to emails were very quick which was great.

  101. Debbie

    Halfway through my first month of these but seem to be helping. I was concerned that they were capsules as these can sometimes make me worse but the team assured me that the capsules can be opened and mixed in a drink or on cereal etc.

  102. Ann Taylor

    Less acid and reduced bloating has been the result of these tablets. My life has improved so much. No more sleepless nights. Thank you

  103. Taliah

    These have helped me so much!! I used to get so bloated and my stomach would distend so much after eating meals because of my ibs. But since taking these, I don’t feel no where as near bloated and my stomach doesn’t distend much either. It has helped with my self confidence so much! Will definitely purchase again and couldn’t recommend them more!

  104. Linda Pyrah

    Thank goodness I found Linda’s live bacteria, I’ve been taking them now a few weeks & I feel like a new woman, no more bloating & pain, I feel a lot more energetic I’m sleeping better, I have suffered with fibromyalgia for 34 yrs now, but I don’t ache all over like I did before taking these, I’m also on women’s health & just ordered omega 3, Linda is so helpful & answers any questions you may have, I am also having a colonic hydrotherapy session shortly which should also help. I have recommended to quite a few of my friends.
    Thank you Linda & team for giving me a life back

  105. Lorna

    My 1st month using theses and I can notice that I’m more regular in stress of going several days without being able to go. Such a relief. Also have emailed a few questions and the advice is very fast, free and helpful. Much appreciated. Thank you

  106. Lin Walshaw

    I have been taking Live Bacteria & digestive Enzymes for 30 days & they made me feel so much better after a few days of taking them which was amazing! I felt like my old self again & a less bloated stomach. I look forward to seeing more results in the coming weeks after ordering some more. Thank you to Linda & her Tummy Team for all your help & support 😊

  107. Jaimie

    My main issue has been bloating. Tried cutting out the usual foods like bread but still found I was bloated all the time. I’m a couple of weeks into taking Live Bacteria & Digestive Enzymes and I’m definitely less bloated. I’m looking forward to the results in the weeks ahead. Thankyou.

  108. Tracey Devlin

    Bought these a couple of weeks ago & have noticed a big improvement with my IBS, also I’m not getting heartburn

  109. Emma

    These are absolutely amazing!! They have changed me and made me feel myself again. Nothing was working and the pains and bloating would put me up a dress size when trying clothes on. I would highly recommend these to anyone having problems going regular and bloating!

  110. Megan

    Good product. Capsule makes them easy to swallow. I haven’t noticing a massive difference taking them but feel better knowing I have replaced the bacteria from antibiotic use. Will repurchase if antibiotics needed again.

  111. Lynne Wilson

    Amazing supplement! Along with the digestive enzymes these tablets have really helped my bowel and acid reflux issues ! Wonderful service too! Would highly recommend these supplements.

  112. Julie

    I was introduced to the pro biotic by my menopause coach. I have been suffering with bloating, stomach cramps and mild constipation due to menopause. They have helped so much. I am still on 3 a day and if I don’t take them it’s back again! Wow 😮 I feel so much better

  113. Emily

    I bought these capsules about a month ago. I was in search of an affordable yet good quality probiotic, these were recommended to me and I love them! They have helped me with my IBS symptoms so much and have been feeling everyone about them!

  114. Emma

    I started taking these in April, desperate for something to help my ongoing tummy troubles, I have definitely noticed and improvement and haven’t suffered with acid reflux at night at all.

  115. Sophie Griffin

    I have been taking these supplements now for around a year. I couldn’t be happier, they really help with my IBS. I’m vegetarian and gluten intolerant and it’s hard to find supplements that haven’t got gelatine or some form of wheat or gluten, so I am so grateful for these. They will be with me for life.

  116. Claire

    I have been taking the live bacteria for two weeks along with a digestive enzyme when needed and can already notice a positive difference. I was diagnosed with bile salt deficiency about 20 years ago – some bile salt supplements never really helped and whilst various diet changes / eliminations have eased some symptoms I have always had a temperamental digestive system. In the past year my bloating has been at its worse. I currently feel better than I have in a long time and I intend to carry on with both. Thank you so much!

  117. cemaliye

    15 days of taking Just For Tummiesthe (live bacteria and digestive enzyme supplements) + tummy teas & today i noticed that my IBS bloating is getting better.. dont want to jinx it but i havent been bloated as much as before..crazy right?! i mean my
    stomach doesnt feel enormously bloated like before to the point i couldn’t bare it..i know its still early stages but im seeing changes for the better within my gut.. 4 months ago i never thought my life was ever going to be the same once i heard about the term IBS.. Never thought id say this and i am grateful for Linda Booth she is god sent!! highly recommend her supplements and now went and ordered more of her supplements ( perfect balance kit) and more of her amazing tummy teas and i cant wait to see more changes with my gut + within myself mentally and physically #positive x

  118. Lauren Pocock

    I have been taking live bacteria alongside the digestive enzymes for just over two weeks. I’ve spent the past 6 years back and forth between the doctors and various other treatment methods with no luck. I had been diagnosed with a few stomach issues and intolerances. Considering how little time I have been taking these it’s such a blessing to say I’ve not experienced and stomach pain at all. For me never have I ever been so appreciative of accidentally stumbling across just for tummies. Honestly, it’s worth it!!

  119. Virginia Stuchbury

    Bought these for my husband along with the Live Bacteria. He was suffering with bloating and indigestion during the night. Eats a healthy diet. After taking these for a couple of weeks he feels so much better, no bloating and indigestion settling down. So pleased I have signed up to the subscription service.

  120. Deborah

    I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now as I have had IBS and I suspect GERD too for several years. There has been an improvement so I live in hope! Thank you Linda.

  121. Megan

    Thank you for recommending these Linda. I now go to the toilet regularly, my painful bloating has calmed down and I have plenty of energy!

  122. Louise

    I have been using this product for 6 weeks now and have seen a huge improvement in my digestive health. I feel healthier and sleep better too!

  123. Rebekah

    I started taking these whilst going through a really bad period with my stomach ( I suffer from mild IBS and moderate GERD). Just before Christmas my symptoms worsened and not wanting to increase my medication from my GP I thought I’d try to heal my gut more naturally. I’m not going to claim any miracles but I can say that my symptoms have certainly eased. Only time will tell how much improvement I will eventually see but I’m optimistic.

  124. Anna

    I’ve used the live bacteria almost a month now (and did a charcoal cleanse last week). The results are not so spectacular as with others, but the bloating is less, my stool has greatly improved and I generally feel good. Advice and response from Linda is excellent and delivery time good.

  125. Ellen

    I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I am definitely feeling the effects. Not as much tummy ache and not as many embarrassing incidents! Will definitely keep on taking them.

  126. Sue

    I’m feeling so much better after 2 weeks of taking Live Bacteria. I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and a hiatus hernia and medicine from my doctor wasn’t helping me. Thank you Linda for all your help. My pain is improving daily and I’m healing at long last.

  127. Frances Strong

    Am halfway through a month’s trial and already a huge improvement in symptoms including bloating, gas and acid reflux. Finally – something that works!

  128. Claire

    Been using this supplement for three months on the advice of my Colonic Therapist and can’t believe the difference it has made to my bloating and IBS. Fantastic!

  129. Caroline

    I’m a newcomer to this range of products, having used the for less than a month, however I am already feeling the benefit of incorporating Live Bacteria capsules. I struggle with chronic constipation but with using these capsules I am experiencing significantly reduced symptoms and am already finding I can ‘go to the toilet’ more comfortably and usually each day! (sorry if this is TMI but we’re all about our tummies on this site!) Thank you Linda for your support and helping to determine which products were the most appropriate for me.

  130. Valerie Larner

    Just purchased second batch of probiotics and digestive enzymes. So glad to get professional advice rather than take pot luck in a health shop. Even my doctor suggested probiotics and a FODMAP. Thanks Linda

  131. Sarah

    Linda has changed my life. I tried her Live Bacteria, Garlic, Omega 3 and Digestive Enzimes for a month and literally have had no bloating, no back or tummy ache and I’m able to have a bowel movement most days now. Linda has kept in touch with me throughout and answers my emails the same day. She truly cares about her customers and has given me so much advice. I can not recommend her enough. She has helped me to have a pain free life and I am able to work and go about my day normally, without the stress of constipation and bloating. Thank you Linda x

  132. Julie Chambers

    I’m nearing the end of a 2 week all inclusive holiday abroad and what an amazing difference taking the Live Bacteria capsules daily has made … in the past I’ve had to take Imodium on an almost daily basis but not this time 😀 I can now happily go on trips and out on long walks without the constant anxiety of my bowels playing up, such a relief! Thanks Linda xx

  133. Kathryn Reed

    I’ve been suffering with horrendous IBS for the past 6 months, chronic diarrhoea every day and awful bloating. None of the medication from my doctor made any difference and I had resorted to taking a few immodium every day. I felt like IBS has taken over my life as I was too scared to go out! Three weeks ago I ordered Linda’s digestive enzymes and live bacteria and the change in my bowels has been incredible. I cannot thank Linda enough as I feel like I’ve got my life back!

  134. Elaine

    These tablets have really made a big difference to my stomach and bowel inflammation. I’m not as bloated and the noise in my stomach and abdomen has almost gone away. I’ve just been taking them for about two weeks and the difference is much better. Very much recommend.

  135. Demi-Louise

    Thank you for such an amazing product! Struggled with my ibs for over 10 years and found nothing worked. Nothing helped the nausea or the bloating until I Linda recommended her Live Bacteria capsules, I take 1 a day and notice a huge difference! I can eat the foods that I’ve struggled with and enjoy a night out or a meal without bad bloating!! Will definitely order again soon and would highly recommend!!

  136. Dawn

    I’ve been using live bacteria for nearly 3 weeks my stomach is less bloated and bowel movements a lot better than before. May try the tummy tea. Reviews to all products are good and a very helpful team😍

  137. Karen Herbert

    I have only been using these for about two weeks and have seen an improvement with my indigestion, IBS and bowel movement. I have been taking drugs to reduce the excess acid, I have stopped taking these. I am able to tolerate foods that previously have been completely off limits, long may this continue.

  138. Gwenllian

    Thank you so very much Linda for your advice and incredible products. I used to suffer painful and uncomfortable bloating every afternoon and tried everything to ease this over the years but nothing worked. Then i saw an advert for “just for tummies”. The best thing i ever did was e-mail Linda for advice. I took live bacteria and digestive enzymes ! Within a week of taking both my symptoms eased and within two weeks completely gone, i couldn’t believe it. Still taking live bacteria everyday now and recommend them to anyone who will listen. Thank you !

  139. Jane

    I’ve been taking live bacteria capsules for a while now but switched to Linda’s ones a few weeks ago. They are much better, I don’t get any indigestion symptoms from these (which I was from the previous brand) and they do a great job. I take these alongside the Digestive Enzyme and Fibre supplements and feel much better already.

  140. Marion Flynn

    I drink kefir at home daily for my stomach son was looking for a product to take away on holiday with me. Have tried cheaper probiotics in the past which haven’t made much difference. These live bacteria capsules are great, I have had no stomach cramps or diarrhoea/constipation since being away. Will definately order again as more convenient that ordering and storing life kefir.

  141. Grace Milham

    I have been taking these for 6weeks I have a mumber of problems but my bloatedness has got a lot better. I have put my little girl on them too as she complains of pain abd she is certainly complaining less.

  142. Tracy

    These capsules are fantastic! Recommended by my therapist, they are helping me to have a more stable stomach, with less sugar cravings. Delivery was very quick too!

  143. Tracey Hudson

    I purchased the Live Bacteria and the product was with me the next day. I stated taking it one a day for a couple of daysjust in case it was a shock to my system I then increased the dose to the recommended two a day. I have noticed within a short time that going to the toilet is easier and becomming more regular which is great as I do not feel as bloated and my IBS is easing.

  144. Karen Sinclair

    I have suffered with IBS for a couple of years and medication from the GP wasn’t working .After a couple of weeks I am virtually pain free and the bloating is getting better also .

  145. Sian

    After just over a week of taking the Live Bacteria capsules my body feels more energised than ever before! Finally a supplement that actually works. So grateful! My skin, nails, energy levels …everything seems so much better.
    Thank you so much Linda

  146. Vanessa Creed

    I would like to thank Linda all the advice she has given me regards my problems regards me being diagnosed with IBS. My doctors were very good but I would just be offered things like Imodium pr Loperamide. I did not want to be constantly using these products and wanted to try and remedy the problem more naturally. I saw this site come up on Facebook so decided to email Linda and explain my symptoms and my diet being a vegetarian. Linda sent a very informative response to my query and I decided to follow her suggestions. I purchased both the Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes supplements. I have been taking both now for nearly 3 weeks and I can notice a difference already. I have become more regular in my bowel movements and my mood has improved and feel more energetic. It’s still not 100% but definitely 80% better than it was. Linda also suggested other helpful tips regards my digestion which I have also followed. I am going for a full colonoscopy in the near future just to check there are no underlying problems and to ease one’s mind. I shall be continuing to take these supplements and am pleased they are fully suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. They are easy to swallow so all in all an excellent product. The newsletters and recipes are a bonus and easy to follow. So Linda thank you so much for your help and advice it has been greatly appreciated.

  147. Wendy Walden

    Thankfully, I don’t have too many tummy troubles, but recently was feeling extremely bloated after eating, which lasted for a long time. Have been taking the Enzymes and Live Bacteria now for a couple of weeks and the bloating is gone and I’m more regular. Will definitely continue to buy these because they do actually work and I can feel the difference.

  148. Pat

    Purchased live bacteria and digestive enzymes after discussing my symptoms of reflux and gastritis with Linda by email. After 12 days my symptoms are not as bad. I also feel so much better in myself. I eat a low carb diet, take apple cider vinegar twice a day and aloe Vera juice once a day but that wasn’t enough to sort my health issues. Hoping as I continue with the live bacteria and the digestive enzymes there will be more improvement. Thank you Linda for your advice and great products. Gave my friend who suffers from IBS your gift box of tummy tea and mug to introduce her to your product. Great delivery service. Thanks again. Pat Martin

  149. Kate Waterton

    ‘So, having been taking Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes since Tuesday, I can honestly say I feel SO much better.

    Out to dinner last night and had fresh, homemade bread with sherry vinegar and olive oil dip followed by lemon sole with caper butter and salad leaves dressed with a vinaigrette containing garlic. No issues this morning. (Have listed food for info – some of it would have caused problems pre Just For Tummies)

    Now off to two food and drink festivals this weekend 😊
    ‘Delighted’ of Rutland!!’ Kate Waterton

  150. Danielle

    100% recommend these tablets, helped reduce my bloating since recovering from an operation/taking a lot of antibiotics. Also helped with my mood – feeling much happier all round!! Thank you Linda 🙂

  151. Darlene Elliott

    Very GRATEFUL to Linda Booth, the supportive tummy talk group and especially the JFT products which have made a dramatic difference to my and 2 of my children’s lives. I originally contacted Linda in 2015 as then 52 and in the midst of menopause with all the hormonal changes I was bloated, sluggish and feeling low. Within days of using the original live bacteria my bloating had gone! My digestion and mood also improved.

    Then after further advice from Linda I started to sprinkle 1 capsule a day on my toddler daughter’s yogurt and within days again her severe excema which previously was so bad she was antibiotics improved and has been non existent since. I also started my then teenage daughter on one capsule a day and she found helped her digestion and mood swings. More recently plagued by reoccurring UTI’s.

    I’ve just started using the Women’s blend. The JFT tea is lush also and has replaced my evening glass of red! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Linda and the JFT range of products.

  152. Lyndsey hayes

    Great product have used now for around a month and definitely helping!

  153. Louise Dobson

    I found this website on Instagram and Started at Christmas with Linda’s lovely tea and am now on my 2nd order. This made me feel so much better so I ordered live bacteria which has changed my life. I suffer with IBS, bloating, wind and constipation but no more, I now feel and look brighter and am telling everyone I know about justfortummies. I have now set up a monthly subscription of live bacteria. Big thank you Linda

  154. Kirsty Savage

    I hadn’t realised how much pain I was in. It had become the norm for me.
    However once I gave the probiotic and garlic tablets a go I was amazed. I have run out a couple of times and i was in agony so it just goes to show how I now recognise there is something wrong. Not going back now. Always try to get my tablets ordered now. Thank you just for tummies

  155. Katie

    I have been taking the Live Bacteria and digestive enzymes for a month now and my gut is starting to feel much better. I suffer with acid reflux and had a really bad episode which left me feeling sore for weeks but since using these I am starting to feel much better.

  156. Tina Goddard

    i have suffered with ibs for over 18yrs. last nov i caught ecoli and a bacteria infection which is rare pseudonoma. i had a water infection for months and was put on antibiotics. 12 wks ago i was in a dreadful bout of ibs leaving with no alternative but to go to my gp yet again for invasive procedures which i fear badly i seen just for tums thought why not miraculously in just 2 dys i was feeling so much better 5 dys in better still. i have 1 month supply and will certainly be coming back. i recommend anyone to give it a try its been a blessing to me.

  157. Katherine Bell-Chambers

    At the end of 2018 I wanted to share some good news. My husband, who was diagnosed with a stage 3c colorectal cancer in June is completely cancer free. He accepted Chemoradiotherapy and chemotherapy and alongside that the followed a personalised herbal and nutritional protocol. His grapefruit sized tumour has gone completely, his lymph nodes are completely clear and aside from recovering from the chemotherapy he will not need any further treatment and will also not require any surgery.

    Linda’s Just For Tummies supplements formed part of that protocol including digestive enzymes and alternating between the live bacteria supplement and the for women supplement helped ensure he didn’t experience most of the symptoms other people do on his regime. We are hugely grateful to the Drs and other medical staff at City Hospital, to Linda for her support (amongst so many) and to the natural world and the many herbalists that gave us so much advice.
    It’s not always appropriate to avoid conventional treatment. Often the two together (conventional and alternatives) form a potent synergy that gives an extra dimension to healing.

  158. Sandra

    My bowels have been more regular and soft which is much easier, no sore bottom.I’ve always had a “bit of trouble” with bowels. Thank you.

  159. Sam

    Thank you Linda for your amazing products!
    Since taking your Love Bacteria Probiotics my stomach has most certainly improved ten fold, being a sufferer of IBS, I can honestly say in conjunction with a healthier diet and cutting out certain foods, my IBS flair-ups have cut down considerably. I have recommend Linda’s products and Tummy Tea to dozens of people and will continue to do so- thanks a bunch!

    • Linda

      Hi Sam. Thanks so much for your comments, and I’m delighted to hear how you are benefitting from my Just For Tummies supplements.

      Linda Booth
      Just For Tummies

  160. Gary Boon

    I have been using live bacteria capsules for about a month to help with IBS. I ‘ve had IBS over forty years and taking Loperamide has stopped working, but since using Live Bacteria my movements have become more consistent, natural and I feel peaceful inside. Also my haemorroids have died down, very much more. I also benefit from using the Activated Charcoal capsules which still irritations if I eat the wrong foods. So pleased to find and use these products

    • Linda

      Hi Gary. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to leave your review on my Live Bacteria probiotic capsules and Charcoal capsules, and I am delighted that you are feeling an improvement in your symptoms. Research shows that if we are deficient in certain species of ‘friendly’ bacteria, this can affect transit time in the bowel. If you would like to try a free sample of my plant-based Digestive Enzyme tablets, please let me know. It’s useful to take one before you eat the wrong foods, so that you don’t get the ‘irritations’.

      You may also find my gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free recipes useful. Here’s the link:

      Linda Booth. Founder. Just For Tummies

  161. Susan Williams

    I have pernicious anaemia which means I can’t absorb B12 from my diet. There has been research into why some people need more regular B12 injections to feel normal. I have weekly B12 injections and still do not feel really well. However, having a Live bacteria capsule once a day, has made me feel so much better. This will be added to my daily medication. So thank you Linda for helping me feel more normal.

    • Colin

      Thank you for taking the time and trouble to review my Live Bacteria capsules Susan. I’m delighted you feel that they are helping absorption of the B12, and you are feeling better and normal. Hopefully this will continue. Kind regards. Linda.

  162. Jess Morley

    She’s done it again!! I’ve been struggling with a terrible bout a bloat to the point I looked a few months pregnant and so swollen! Within a few days and take two tablets daily, I feel so relieved! I no longer have the look of being a few months pregnant and also visiting the loo at least 2 times a day rather then every couple days.

    I now have something to look after my bladder and another for my stomach and gut 🙂 Happy days

  163. Sophie

    I have suffered with IBS for many years now, most day waking up in pain in my tummy and feeling low on energy. I have always taken live bacteria so when a specialist suggested looking at this website and ordering this product I thought would it really be any different. Well the answer is yes, my stomach is much happier. I am more regular with my bowel movements and my content in my body and self. Thank you, this will be a product I stick with for life.

  164. angela

    I have been taking Just for Tummies Live Bacteria Capsules, Charcoal Capsules and Omega 3 Capsules and I have noticed a considerable improvement in my gut health which has also had a huge positive impact on my anxiety. I love the products, but it’s also Linda’s advice and wisdom that is invaluable and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Her response is always fast and the delivery of the products is always good, which is helpful when you have forgotten to re-order. Thank you Just for Tummies and Linda.

  165. Gaynor

    Gaynor – 19th Feb 2018
    I have been taking live bacteria for a month and have just reordered. I am currently going through the menopause and have suffered with thrush and bloating this now seems to have disappeared, great product, easy to order and a quick delivery

  166. Tina Pancholi

    I’ve been taking the live bacteria for just over a month now and feel fantastic. I was suffering with IBS since having my gallbladder removed five years ago and had got to the point where I thought being in pain and unable to enjoy food was just the way things were going to be. Linda’s tablets have changed all that. Two days after starting my course I woke up feeling fresh and energised and without pain. A month in and I feel amazing- I have no pain or bloating, my skin is clearer and I’m full of energy. My husband has also been taking them and hasn’t had any IBS symptoms since. Thank you so much to Linda!

  167. Laura

    I have been taking the live bacteria tablets for a month now and have been so much better. I had been to the doctors who had basically told me there was nothing they could do so I was at the end of my tether. Just taking one tablet a day has eased the pain I was in so much. Thank you!

  168. Julie

    I have been taking the live bacteria for a few weeks now and they are fantastic to keep your gut in check.
    Linda recommended these for my husband who had a bacterial infection and these definitely helped to speed up recovery and make his tummy happy again!!
    Great products and great advice. The delivery speed was amazing. Thanks again

  169. Anna

    Hi Linda
    I’ve been meaning to email you for sometime but I just wanted to say a huge
    thank you!
    I suffered from severe mouth ulcers for over 5 years, sometimes having 10-20
    at one time but never being completely ulcer free. Mouth ulcers seem like
    quite inoffensive things but they were so debilitating. Every month I would
    have a severe episode of at least 5-10 ulcers which meant that simple things
    like eating and talking were extremely painful. I was at my wits end having
    tried numerous remedies and changing diets and tooth paste etc. I had been
    referred to the oral and maxilofacial dept at the QMC who told me there was
    nothing they could do and paid hundreds of pounds to Chinese herbalists.
    Finally a neighbour recommended that I contact you and after emailing you
    with my ailments you prescribed me the pro biotic and omega 3. Since I
    started taking these I have been completely ulcer free! I’m amazed! I
    changed absolutely nothing else so I can whole heartedly say it was the
    supplements you recommended. I am hugely grateful and genuinely feel like it
    has changed my life so thank you!

  170. Jennifer Keen

    My partner had acid symptoms, bloating and related issues for a few years, he was diagnosed with barrats oesophagus and a hiatus hernia, I decided buy this product after reading the reviews and now he can’t live without it!! It has worked wonders and he no longer has bloating and related issues, worth every penny!!

  171. Annette

    As someone who has just stumbled across Just for Tummies by a fortunate chance whilst searching the internet, I’d just like to say how impressed I am with your wonderful, very informative website, postage price, the speed of delivery and the thoughtful way my supplements have been packaged, complete with a large sticker on the box advising my postman of my delivery instruction. You even have letterbox friendly containers so the box easily goes through the letterbox.
    I’m hoping your expertise with ‘Tummy Troubles’ will translate into happier times for mine.

    I only started taking Linda’s supplements this week and I am feeling SO much better. Certainly until I discovered I was intolerant to yeast, I don’t think I’d been eating what suited me but to feel ‘normal’ for the first time since I can’t remember when is very uplifting. Long may this continue and my grateful thanks to Linda.

  172. Anna F

    I was very apprehensive about our first visit to India and the dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’ so I contacted Linda who recommended the Live Bacteria which we took twice a day a week before we travelled and twice a day whilst we were there. Not a sign of any tummy upsets and I am sure it was down to the probiotics. I am going to continue taking them. Thank you Linda and for being so helpful in your emails.

  173. Emma Sasai

    I have been taking Live Bacteria for several months now. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I do not struggle with any specific digestive complaints, but I am a strong believer in taking care of gut health first and foremost. By keeping the right balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria in my gut, I know that I can rely on them to take care of the rest of me, supporting my overall immunity and keeping me strong, healthy and happy all year round. Not only is the quality of these probiotics second to none, the speed at which the orders are dispatched is like no other service I have ever come across. WOWSERS!

  174. RD

    I have been using the live bacteria tablets for about 6 months now and they have made a massive difference to my digestive system. I am now able to digest my food much better – this has significantly improved the quality of my life. Thanks Linda.

  175. Nancy

    I have been taking these for two weeks only and i see a HUGE difference in my digestive system which in return improves your skin! The best probiotic i’ve ever used!

  176. emily

    Myself, my two children and my Husband have all used this product, my children after antibiotics to ensure good gut flora and my husband because he was at crisis point. He has always suffered with ibs and ignored it. He couldn’t leave the house without knowing where he could get to a loo if needs be. He had no nutrients in his system, his joints ached , he was mentally low and he was starving his system of anything to keep it healthy. Linda set him up with a cocktail of Digestive Enzymes, Fibre, Charcoal, Milk Thistle and Live Bacteria…The difference was nearly immediate, I cannot recommend this product range enough. A side note – Linda Booth is the most approachable individual I have ever dealt with. Nothing is too much trouble.

  177. Julie Dow

    Hi Linda, just wanted to say thank you for recommending Louise Westra to me. Turns out tests showed my adrenal function was awful, cortisol
    Levels high, thyroid function under active and no good bacteria in my gut.. She has been amazing and along with her supplements, your live bacteria and omegas, my tummy troubles have gone. It’s such a relief! Also a thyroid goitre I had has gone too! Consultant said I’m a medical
    Mystery but I’m putting it down to the wonder of you two lovely ladies. Can’t thank you enough. X

  178. Vicky

    Winning that raffle prize of Linda’s tummy tea was the start of amazing things. I went to say thank you and bought some live bacteria after losing a lot of weight, eating very healthily and suffering from constipation for about a year. Linda’s advice to take 2 a day initially has got me with very regular bowel movements and no longer stressing about going to the loo. The bloated tummy pain has gone and I am now on my second pack. Coupled with the tummy tea I am so pleased I bought that raffle ticket.

  179. Pamela Wilson

    These are fantastic couldn’t manage without these gave me normality no more pain loose stools or bloating love these

  180. jane

    I have suffered with constipation for a long time and regularly took laxatives, however since I started taking Linda’s pro biotic daily (from March) I have not needed to take any and I feel so much better. I would highly recommend this product – thank you Linda.

  181. Sue

    My son [19] was suffering with awful heartburn and tummy pains due to a very high dose of antibiotics prescribed for his in growing toenail! It did not help the toenail at all [that is now sorted properly] but did cause his gut symptoms. I take Linda’s pro biotic and know how brilliant they are so after following Linda’s advice he started taking pro biotics and garlic and a month on and his gut problems have ceased and an added bonus is that his acne is also much reduced. One happy son and one relieved mum. Thanks again Linda for advice and brilliant product’s.

  182. Lorna Astley

    A great product. I am taking this alongside the Digestive Enzymes. As an IBS C sufferer I am already feeling less pain and bloating. I am also going for a bowel movement regularly. I can see this becoming a daily routine that I stick too.

  183. clare c

    Taking Linda’s Just for Tummies Live Bacteria has resolved my bloating, smelly wind and helped my slow intestines to speed up a bit!
    These tablets together with treatments have transformed my life. Getting rid of the toxins that my body was storing up has increased my energy levels, cleared up my skin, reduced the stress on my liver and kidneys, improved my immunity to colds and reduced bloating / stomach pain.
    No need for laxatives, no need for antibiotics and importantly, no need to worry about this anymore. It set me free. Thank you Linda!

  184. Rachael Bark

    Linda’s advice on dietary changes and taking her Digestive Enzyme and Live Probiotics have eliminated – yes, eliminated my heartburn. Years of pain and discomfort and some medical intervention solved by talking to someone who understands so much about the digestive system. Linds gives great evidenced, and experienced-based advice. Can’t rate highly enough!

  185. Sue Jerrett

    Fantastic product I’ve not felt so well in a long time bloatingbseems to be a thing of the past and tummy pain gone to…thank you Linda for helping me get my life back…

  186. Nassima

    I’ve only been using these regularly for the last week along side the digestive enzymes but wow are they working! I’ve had tummy troubles since I gave birth 3 years ago and was told I developed many food intolerances and that the anatomy of body had changed but no real solutions. I feel less bloated already and have had introduced some foods back into my diet this week without reacting. I’m also fasting as it’s Ramadan and was suffering with terrible bloating and constipation. The problems are still prevalent however these tablets have made me feel at least 40% better and that’s only 5 days of using. I can’t wait to see how I feel in a month, 6months, 1 year! Fantastic product thank you Linda.

  187. Carole

    I’m now on my second box of Live Bacteria supplements, I am absolutely delighted with the outcome, I have suffered from IBS since my early twenties, now in my forties and tried everything possible, from doctors prescriptions to herbal, accupuntre, hypnotism and can honestly say none have worked the same for me as these have. Thank you justfortummies. 😃

  188. Louise McKenzie

    I have been taking Live Bacteria supplements for the last couple of weeks and have not suffered any abdominal pain since starting them! So delighted as previously had suffered major pain from my IBS. Brilliant!

  189. Lisa Harrison

    I’ve had IBS issues for over 25 years, started using these about 7 weeks ago before I went on holiday, I noticed a difference within a few days! Less bloating, a lot less wind (great bonus on a plane!!) and even better bowel movements, I had originally only planned to have one lot to get me through my holiday but now I’m hooked and take every day! Fab products and I would definitely recommend……..go on give it a try…..what have you got to lose apart pain, bloated tummy, wind etc! 🙂

  190. Kelly Blanchard

    Hi Linda just want to say what a huge difference taking your live bacteria has made to me and how I feel- diagnosed with coeliac disease about 3 years ago eventually and following a gf diet helped but then was on omeprazole from doc and have weaned myself off with the help of your tablets

  191. Sara

    Thank you so much to Bo at the Tummy Team for advising me with these. After a long chat about my year and a half of misery (with several A+E admissions with no answers!), I had both these and the Omega 3 on the way to me.
    They have made a world of a difference to my daily life. I have now completely stopped Omeprazole, and no longer suffer from gastric reflux. The swelling, bloating and pain has completely reduced, and I can now, a year after being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, tolerate small amounts of wheat, which is obviously a huge improvement for me.
    I am now able to live my life without worrying about pain, bloating or reacting badly to any sort of gluten in my food, as well as not having to live with the pain of gastric reflux.
    Thank you so much to Linda and the Tummy Team. I would recommend these over and over!

  192. Zoe

    I have been an IBS suffer for over 5 years now and after years of trying different medication, anti depressants and having all sorts of horrible procedures I got in contact with Linda. We had a long chat about my symptoms and health history when Linda said I should try some of her Live Bacteria probiotics. I have been taking them for just over a week and can honestly say this has been the best treatment by far and has pretty much changed my life. I have more energy, I don’t worry that I’m going to feel sick in the morning and I can get through an 8 hour shift at work without wanting to go home. I can not thank you enough for your help and your knowledge on this it’s been a life saver. Would highly recommend. Thank you xx

  193. liz

    Live bacteria and Garlic tablets have cured my tummy of painful bloating and ‘smelly wind’ I can’t thank Linda enough for her advice it has made such a difference. I no longer sit in agony at my desk after lunch or wake up in the morning looking 6 months pregnant!!! Xxx

  194. Helen Watson

    I’ve had a bit of a funny-old-tummy since having my gallbladder removed 17yrs ago! But I always just put up with it. After being introduced to Linda and hearing her talk about her products I was really interested about the whole microbiota topic. I had been feeling particularly bloated so decided I might as well give the Live Bacteria capsules a try. After taking just one a day for a couple of days, I was really surprised with how much less bloated I felt. I’ve been taking them a month now and I’m totally convinced they’ve made a difference. Husband is going to have to be next in line for some Just For Tummies – I feel sure moaning about indigestion/heartburn could be a thing of the past….. And I have to say I absolutely love the shape of the bottle too – neat storage a bonus!! 🙂

  195. Susan Stairs

    I have been having treatments with Linda since 2013 – after a lifetime of constipation and all the symptoms and discomfort that accompany it, I have also used her live bacteria capsules to complement the treatments. Within a very short time, they made such a difference to me – no more bloating or the griping pain that always followed a bowel movement in the past! I would happily recommend them because if they work for me, I am truly confident they will work for anyone!

  196. michelle.solomon04

    Basically they are amazing! I’ve been seeing Linda for years and my digestive health has completely transformed with treatments and these live bacteria. Thanks so much!

  197. Kelly Richardson

    After having colonic treatments with Linda, taking her probiotics and following her guidance/expertise on diet, I can honestly say, hand on heart that my life was transformed.
    I had suffered with acne throughout my teenage years and 20’s. I believed it was hereditary. I was prescribed antibiotics which I had been on for years. I immediately stopped them after my first session with Linda.
    Over a period of a few months, my acne completely cleared. Weight dropped off me, chronic constipation vanished and I experienced energy like I had never felt before. I am eternally grateful for what Linda taught me and did for me.
    Your whole well being and health resonates in your gut. If your gut is out of balance, has too much toxic waste build up, is inflamed or has yeast overgrowth amongst many other things, it will seep out into your body and cause many ailments. You can eradicate most illness’s by fixing your gut health.
    Thank you Linda. Truly grateful.

  198. D Elliott

    Helps children too! After months feeling better myself from the JFT range I contacted Linda for help regarding my 7 year old who has recently become a very picky eater and started with tummy troubles. Linda confirmed the probiotics would still be potent if frozen in yogurt pops which I did to entice my daughter as she’d gone off normal yogurt. SUCCESS! Only a few days and no tummy ache, better appetite and easy bathroom visits! Now for Linda to design a KIDS range! (No pressure lovely lady!)

  199. Louise Brindle

    Although I’ve taken different brands of probiotics over the years, I took Linda’s live bacteria with me on holiday recently and they were great. So easy to pack and helped keep my tummy in order!

  200. Chris Foster

    After a decade of IBS type symptoms and a diagnosis of Proctitis I was losing the hope of ever having my situation resolved. Medical intervention helped, but I was looking for a more natural approach and had tried ever diet and other method I could find. These new probiotics from Linda have had amazing results for me in just two weeks. No more medicine, bowel movements returning to normal. Gone is the lethargy and lots more energy. Simply amazing.

  201. Fiona cooke

    Since using probiotics and the digestive enzymes I am so much less bloated and uncomfortable for the first time in years. Thank you just for tummies.

  202. Ewan Mathers

    For many years I have suffered from bloating and tension in the area just below my ribcage. Often my whole stomach was tight as a drum and stuck out. After about three days of taking the Just for Tummies Live Bacteria once a day the tension had eased and the bloating gone down. I can now push my tummy in and out and wobble it! The bloated feeling has gone and I’m feeling much better about my stomach. Still taking the Live Bacteria after three months and doing well. Thanks Linda!

  203. D Elliott

    I contacted Linda for help as after 3 years of stress, medication and hormonal changes beginning with broken leg/ankle, then menopause, HRT, no HRT etc. my health and sanity needed a boost! Within days of taking Live Bacteria Tummy Tablets I noticed a big difference! No bloating, my clothes were more comfortable, plus I felt better in myself with more energy. This is just the boost I needed to start other positive life changes. So impressed I’ve just ordered another months supply AND Digestive Enzymes AND Omega 3! Thank you Linda for your personal advice, care and continued support! x

  204. Linda Booth

    I’m a different Linda Booth – I promise!
    I’ve been taking Linda’s Live Bacteria Probiotic for about a year now and they are brilliant! It’s really very simple, when I take them daily my body is regular and comfortable and u feel well, if I forget to take them I soon know about it! They are one of the habits I’m so glad I’ve developed!

  205. Hayley

    I’ve just started taking the Live Bacteria for bloating. My belly would swell through the course of the day which would cause me to go up a dress size and look like I was in the early stages of pregnancy! Since taking it my belly has been more comfortable and still looks relatively flat in the evening, which is amazing! I’ve already recommended Linda to a couple of IBS sufferers, she is so knowledgeable about digestive health and really helpful. Thanks Linda!

  206. Fiona Duncan

    Thank you Linda for your amazing products!
    Since taking your Love Bacteria Probiotics my stomach has most certainly improved ten fold, being a sufferer of IBS, I can honestly say in conjunction with a healthier diet and cutting out certain foods, my IBS flair-ups have cut down considerably. I have recommend Linda’s products and Tummy Tea to dozens of people and will continue to do so- thanks a bunch! xx

  207. Rosalyn P.

    Having been diagnosed with IBS in my 20’s I took huge steps to change my diet, de-stress and take care. In recent years I have hit the menopause and found myself bloated and with poor gut function many times. I’ve tried several makes of live bacteria and sometimes find them hard to digest. Just For Tummies are easy to take, easy to digest and make a world of difference. Thank you!

  208. Katie lines

    Thank you Linda for introducing my husband and I to your live bacteria. It has made such a difference to us both. We are a lot less bloated, better bowel movements and so much more energy.

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