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High-strength, multi-strain Live Bacteria Capsules replenishes gut flora. Also called probiotics, these capsules increase levels of friendly bacteria in the gut and are the most important supplement in any digestive health plan.

“Puts back what life takes out!” Linda Booth

"I have been taking Live Bacteria supplements for the last couple of weeks and have not suffered any abdominal pain since starting them! So delighted as previously had suffered major pain from my IBS. Brilliant!" Customer review from Louse McKenzie

60 capsules

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  • Made in the UK
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


Just For Tummies Live Bacteria Capsules are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Lactose-free and gluten-free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Specially formulated by Linda Booth, based on years of experience treating IBS and other gut disorders in the clinic, our digestive bacteria supplements are the foundation product for all of our digestive health plans. Each capsule contains a guaranteed 4 billion live bacteria from the Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium species – Linda’s friendly bacteria of choice. There are many situations in which the specially-formulated Just For Tummies Live Bacteria supplement can be beneficial, including:

– Lactobacillus acidophilus, and lactobacillus rhamnosus, as contained in Just For Tummies Live Bacteria Capsules, have been found to be effective in reducing bloating and abdominal pain –  the two major symptoms of IBS.

– Taking a Live Bacteria formulation which includes lactobacillus rhamnosus, following a course of antibiotics, can help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhoea – particularly in children.

– These particular probiotic strains also help with diarrhoea caused by exposure to bacteria when travelling overseas – pack Just For Tummies Live Bacteria in your suitcase, particularly if you’re holidaying in South America, The Far East or Africa.

– Supplementation with Live Bacteria probiotics may reduce the risk of developing a clostridium difficile (CD) infection. CD is a dangerous bacteria that can cause a life-threatening gut infection, especially after a course of antibiotics.

– Multi-strain Live Bacteria are recommended after each course of antibiotics, to rebuild levels of good bacteria in the digestive system.


  • Contains: lactobacilli and bifidobacterium. Guaranteed 4 billion bacteria per capsule.
  • Ingredients: carrier (maltodextrin), lactobacillus rhamnosus, capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, bifidobacterium breve, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
  • Contains no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.  Gluten and lactose-free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Each capsule typically provides: CFU*
Lactobacillus rhamnosus 242mg 2.10 billion
Lactobacillus acidophilus 46.2mg 0.46 billion
Lactobacillus casei 46.0mg 0.46 billion
Bifidobacterium breve 9.8mg 0.98 billion
*colony forming units Total 4 billion

40 reviews for Live Bacteria Capsules

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi Linda
    I’ve been meaning to email you for sometime but I just wanted to say a huge
    thank you!
    I suffered from severe mouth ulcers for over 5 years, sometimes having 10-20
    at one time but never being completely ulcer free. Mouth ulcers seem like
    quite inoffensive things but they were so debilitating. Every month I would
    have a severe episode of at least 5-10 ulcers which meant that simple things
    like eating and talking were extremely painful. I was at my wits end having
    tried numerous remedies and changing diets and tooth paste etc. I had been
    referred to the oral and maxilofacial dept at the QMC who told me there was
    nothing they could do and paid hundreds of pounds to Chinese herbalists.
    Finally a neighbour recommended that I contact you and after emailing you
    with my ailments you prescribed me the pro biotic and omega 3. Since I
    started taking these I have been completely ulcer free! I’m amazed! I
    changed absolutely nothing else so I can whole heartedly say it was the
    supplements you recommended. I am hugely grateful and genuinely feel like it
    has changed my life so thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    My partner had acid symptoms, bloating and related issues for a few years, he was diagnosed with barrats oesophagus and a hiatus hernia, I decided buy this product after reading the reviews and now he can’t live without it!! It has worked wonders and he no longer has bloating and related issues, worth every penny!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    As someone who has just stumbled across Just for Tummies by a fortunate chance whilst searching the internet, I’d just like to say how impressed I am with your wonderful, very informative website, postage price, the speed of delivery and the thoughtful way my supplements have been packaged, complete with a large sticker on the box advising my postman of my delivery instruction. You even have letterbox friendly containers so the box easily goes through the letterbox.
    I’m hoping your expertise with ‘Tummy Troubles’ will translate into happier times for mine.

    I only started taking Linda’s supplements this week and I am feeling SO much better. Certainly until I discovered I was intolerant to yeast, I don’t think I’d been eating what suited me but to feel ‘normal’ for the first time since I can’t remember when is very uplifting. Long may this continue and my grateful thanks to Linda.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was very apprehensive about our first visit to India and the dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’ so I contacted Linda who recommended the Live Bacteria which we took twice a day a week before we travelled and twice a day whilst we were there. Not a sign of any tummy upsets and I am sure it was down to the probiotics. I am going to continue taking them. Thank you Linda and for being so helpful in your emails.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have been taking Live Bacteria for several months now. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I do not struggle with any specific digestive complaints, but I am a strong believer in taking care of gut health first and foremost. By keeping the right balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria in my gut, I know that I can rely on them to take care of the rest of me, supporting my overall immunity and keeping me strong, healthy and happy all year round. Not only is the quality of these probiotics second to none, the speed at which the orders are dispatched is like no other service I have ever come across. WOWSERS!

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How to Use

  • Directions: take one to three capsules daily with water, preferably before food.
  • Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Ensure tamper-evident seal is unbroken before consuming.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

Just For Tummies products are not a treatment or cure for any disease or medical disorder.  If you have any of the following symptoms, contact your GP immediately:

  • Sudden onset bloating
  • Sudden onset abdominal pain
  • Rapid unexplained weight loss
  • Unexplained chronic tiredness
  • Blood in your stools
  • A palpable lump in your abdomen
  • A marked change in the consistency of your stools


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