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Linda’s Milk Thistle Tablets are a botanical formula, traditionally used for over-indulgence.

Milk Thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin, and helps to supports the liver when you’ve eaten, or drunk, too much.

A welcome addition to your supplement protocol around Christmas-time, holidays, weddings, parties, business dinners etc.

“Face the morning feeling a little less delicate.” Linda Booth

60 tablets

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In stock

Purchase this product now and earn 12 Tummy Tokens! Registered customers only.

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Linda’s Just For Tummies Milk Thistle tablets is a botanical formula, traditionally used as a remedy for over-indulgence. Her Milk Thistle supplement supports the liver and is ideal for when you’ve eaten, or drunk, to uncomfortable levels – a common event, especially around the holiday season!

Each of Linda’s Milk Thistle tablets contain no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colours or preservatives – just 100 mg of milk thistle extract to calm an upset tummy and soothe indigestion, ideal for the morning after the night before.

These are also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Just take one tablet daily, preferably with food, to see the benefits.


Contains: milk thistle 100mg.

Ingredients: bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), milk thistle herb powder (silybinum marianum), bulking agent (dicalcium phosphate), milk thistle extract 40:1 80% silybins (80% silymarin), milk thistle seed powder (silybinum marianum), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), stearic acid *, magnesium stearate*.

*From vegetable source.

Contains no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Each tablet typically provides:
Milk thistle extract100mg
of which: silymarin80mg
Milk thistle seed Powder (silybinum marianum)25mg
Milk thistle herb powder (silybinum marianum)325mg


5 reviews for Milk Thistle Tablets

  1. Michelle Gavan

    I recently purchased Milk Thistle to take for my bachelorette party weekend. I 100% recommended this product when you know you will be overindulging. I felt great all weekend and was l even able to work out 2 out of 3 mornings of my trip! I will be taking this product for my wedding and honeymoon in September. I also plan to send my fiancé with some for his bachelor party at the end of the month. This product is a must have. Thank you Linda!!

  2. Caroline Morris

    I had my gall bladder removed years ago and it left me not being able to eat fresh cream, coleslaw, pastry all the bad things that I love! Lol I came across Just for Tummies on Facebook and sent a private message to Linda about how eating these things would make me feel sick and how I would have terrible headaches that would last for days! I was very miserable and knew Christmas was ahead of me and I was dreading it! So Linda suggested I try her Digestive Enzymes as they would help me digest rich fatty food as that is what my gall bladder did so I ordered them and I honestly haven’t looked back! I take one first thing every morning before eating any food and the change has been unbelievable! I wish I had of heard of these tablets years ago as I got my gall bladder removed when I was 22 and I am now 54! I would also take terrible headaches with alcohol it didn’t matter which alcohol I took it just didn’t agree with me so Linda also recommended her Milk Thistle tablets. I only take these if I know I am going to have some alcohol. I would take one before I go out, one before bed and one the next day, and what a difference! I am so glad I fell upon Just for Tummies on Face Book these tablets really have changed my life! Thank you Linda and keep up the good work! xx

  3. Sue Jerrett

    I was at Looe, Cornwall music festival last weekend and I knew the food would be random and the alcohol plenty (I hardly drink these days!) On Linda’s advice I took Milk Thistle Friday and Saturday and my tummy behaved perfectly…thank you Linda…another fab product in your range 😃

  4. Gill

    I’m now on my 2nd Milk Thistle and I cannot sing its praises enough! Upon Linda’s recommendation I use these prior to over indulgence and for sure the morning after. The difference in how I feel compared to not taking this is considerable! No more upset tummy, or feeling groggy. This has to be for sure in everyone’s bathroom cabinet as the festivities get nearer and party season takes hold! Thank You as ever Linda for your expert advice!

  5. Gill Shaw

    Linda recommended this product to me to use through a recent holiday where we ALL overindulge a little (or a lot!) or is that just me? And the difference it has made and since has been quite considerable. Id recommend this to anyone…and as a hangover helper its a must!

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How to Use

  • Directions: take one tablet daily with water, preferably with food.
  • Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Ensure tamper-evident seal is unbroken before consuming.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, out of sight and reach of children.
  • Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

Just For Tummies products are not a treatment or cure for any disease or medical disorder.  If you have any of the following symptoms, contact your GP immediately:

Sudden onset bloating

Sudden onset abdominal pain

Rapid unexplained weight loss

Unexplained chronic tiredness

Blood in your stools

A palpable lump in your abdomen

A marked change in the consistency of your stools


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