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Get rid of bloating – for good!

For over 30 years of clinical practice, and tens of thousands of enquiries from people, one symptom, more than any other, comes into the conversation – bloating. There are many other common digestive and gut symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhoea, uncomfortable, unpleasant wind, acid reflux and diverticulosis to name a few, but bloating is by far the symptom that people appear to need the most help to resolve.

Bloating can be mild, moderate or chronic, and I know how distressing it can be. You wake up in the morning with a nice flat tummy, but as the day progresses, you begin to blow up like a proverbial balloon, to the point where people ask you when your baby is due! You feel fat, frumpy, fed up and exhausted; you try to eliminate different foods in an attempt to reduce the bloating, with your diet becoming more and more limited; you exercise in a bid to get your trim tummy back. However hard you try, all your attempts will be futile if you don’t first get to the bottom of what is causing the bloating.

My name is Linda, and I am a natural health therapist, specialising in women’s health – I run a busy natural health clinic in Nottingham, and I’m the founder of Just For Tummies, the UK’s only supplement range dedicated to helping people who have digestive, gut and bladder problems.

I’ve put all my training, knowledge and expertise into helping people manage and heal their digestive and gut problems, and I can assure you that bloating can be resolved.

Bloating can be a symptom of Irritable Bowel Disease, of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, of Diverticular Disease, of Coeliac Disease, of Constipation, or perhaps you’ve just eaten too much, too late, too fast! Bloating can be caused by an ageing digestive system, where stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes and ‘friendly’ gut bacteria have become depleted, leading to incomplete digestion, excess gases, and – bloating. Bloating can also be a symptom of the menopause.

The good news is that you can feel better, have more energy, an improved mood, and keep a healthy weight; you can reduce the bloating – it’s just knowing what to do to achieve this. It has been, and still is, my quest to help the millions of people who suffer with common digestive and gut disorders, including bloating.

Download my free ‘How to stop bloating – for good!’ brochure and learn the causes of bloating and what you can do to free yourself from this embarrassing, frustrating, very often painful, debilitating symptom.

The brochure provides information, advice and recommendations that will help your body to function the way that it’s supposed to function and keep you from blowing up like that oversized balloon.

“These Live Bacteria capsules are absolutely amazing! They have changed me and made me feel myself again. Nothing was working and the pains and bloating would put me up a dress size when trying clothes on. I would highly recommend these to anyone having problems going regular and bloating!” Emma

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