High Strength Garlic Tablets

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A superstar odour-controlled supplement to keep your gut healthy.

  • Gentle on the tummy and no unpleasant odour
  • Odour-controlled with no after-taste
  • Used traditionally to help support the immune system
  • Made in the UK.  Gluten-free and vegan

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Our high strength, aged (for two years) low-odour Garlic Tablets, made from pure garlic extract. This natural antimicrobial is:




Helping to bring gut flora back into balance by helping to minimise the growth of pathogenic species of bacteria and fungi.

Garlic has also been used traditionally to help support the immune system. 

Take one tablet twice daily with food.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free and contains no artificial ingredients.

Made in the UK to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines so you are safeguarded by the highest standards.

I remember when the first Garlic supplements entered the UK supplement market place. Back then, in the 1970's, there were just a handful, but now there is such a vast choice. You can have confidence that our Garlic tablets have been produced according to Medicines Health Regulatory Agency standards.

60 tablets

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In stock

Purchase this product now and earn 14 Tummy Tokens! Registered customers only.

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Our odour-controlled Garlic Tablets are high strength yet thankfully low-odour. Garlic is claimed to be a superfood with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Garlic contains vitamins C and B6, manganese, selenium and allicin, amongst other antioxidants. Research suggests Garlic and Garlic tablets may be effective in treating a range of ailments, both in your gut and body as a whole.

Our Garlic Tablets are made from pure aged garlic extract. We recommend they are to be taken alongside Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes, especially when digestive health problems are accompanied by recurrent yeast infections, or skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or rosacea.

Take one twice daily with food.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients.

Made according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Medicines Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) guidelines to safeguard by the highest standards.


Contains: odour controlled garlic 300mg.

Ingredients: bulking agents (dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose), garlic extract, anti-caking agent (stearic acid*), magnesium stearate*, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide).

*From vegetable source.

Contains no added sugar, salt, starch, yeasts, flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten-free.

Each tablet typically provides:
Garlic extract 300mg


5 reviews for High Strength Garlic Tablets

  1. Amy

    I have been taking the garlic tablets to help heal thrush. I was very wary as garlic doesn’t agree with my tummy, therefore I emailed Linda and she gave me great advice. So lovely to be able to chat before purchasing to make sure you’re buying the right supplements.
    I’ve been taking these for a few weeks and haven’t had any side effects and tummy has been fine!

  2. Helen

    These garlic tablets have completely got rid of my acne and spots. I am amazed!

  3. Kirsty Savage

    I hadn’t realised how much pain I was in. It had become the norm for me.
    However once I gave the probiotic and garlic tablets a go I was amazed. I have run out a couple of times and i was in agony so it just goes to show how I now recognise there is something wrong. Not going back now. Always try to get my tablets ordered now. Thank you just for tummies

  4. Gemma

    I have a compromised immune system which leaves me prone to viruses and bacterial infections. Since starting garlic and live bacteria supplements I have seen and felt a massive improvement in my resilience to infections. Even more amazingly, I have found a huge improvement to inflammation in my gut as observed over a 12 month period by gastroscopy. These supplements have become a daily staple to me and I will definitely continue to take them long term.

  5. liz

    Live bacteria and Garlic tablets have cured my tummy of painful bloating and ‘smelly wind’ I can’t thank Linda enough for her advice it has made such a difference. I no longer sit in agony at my desk after lunch or wake up in the morning looking 6 months pregnant!!! Xxx

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How to Use

  • Directions: take one tablet daily with water, preferably with food. Do not chew.
  • Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Ensure tamper-evident seal is unbroken before consuming.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, out of sight and reach of children.

Just For Tummies products are not a treatment or cure for any disease or medical disorder.  If you have any of the following symptoms, contact your GP immediately:

Sudden onset bloating

Sudden onset abdominal pain

Rapid unexplained weight loss

Unexplained chronic tiredness

Blood in your stools

A palpable lump in your abdomen

A marked change in the consistency of your stools


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