Supplement Gifts

Choose the perfect supplement gifts this Christmas

What’s better than giving the gift of improved health this festive season? Perhaps you are wondering what to buy your loved ones this year; how about something that shows you truly care about their health and happiness, with our all-natural supplements to help ease their discomfort, reduce their stress, and improve their life? Here’s our […]

Linda talking about self-care

Supplements that resolved peri-meno symptoms

Hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause can trigger digestive, gut as well as other symptoms you may never have experienced before or exacerbate existing ones. This is what happened to Anita and her Coeliac Disease symptoms when she contacted me. Anita told me how the digestive symptoms that she had been managing to […]

Perfect Balance Kit

IBS for over 30 years – symptoms now improving!

I would like to share this video of me reading out a lovely, uplifting testimonial that I received from Zena, who was almost at her wits’ end when she contacted me, having struggled with IBS symptoms for over 30 years. I often receive messages from people like Zena, who have suffered with IBS and other […]

Autumn Gut Reboot

Ready for your autumn gut reboot?

Why does the transition from summer to autumn often feel stressful? Well, the summer can be a busy time – those blissful longer days allow more time to be social, being outdoors for longer and generally more active. I don’t know about you, but just thinking of summer conjures up images of fun, holidays and […]


FREE Rapid Transformation Therapy session with Ros Palmer!

If you watched my video discussion with the highly engaging clinical hypnotherapist, Ros Palmer, you will have heard her mention Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a powerful, fast and effective therapy that she is trained in. Keen to learn more about RTT myself, Ros kindly offered to share a free recorded session with me – and, […]


Kitchen herbs for digestive health – watch the video chat!

If you missed my video chat with the extremely knowledgeable medical herbalist, Katherine Bellchambers, then grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for our very in-depth discussion, as we delve into how kitchen herbs – in particular, mint, turmeric, ginger, garlic, dandelion, marshmallow root and thyme – can be used to great effect as natural […]

Food Poisoning

How food poisoning can lead to IBS

Food poisoning is one of the most common causes of an increased risk of developing IBS, and the number one cause of developing post-infectious IBS (PI-IBS). Food poisoning happens when people consume food that is contaminated with harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses or toxins. Also known as foodborne illness, it can cause a range of symptoms, […]

Absorb - Just for Tummies

Spring cleanse tips for body, spirit and mind

Hello, spring! The daffodils are out, the birds are singing, and the days are getting longer – time for us to come out of our winter hibernation and raise our energy levels for the bright days ahead. I always say that March is the perfect time for a spring cleanse of body, mind, and spirit […]

Are you ‘inflammaging’?

Are you ‘inflammaging’?

You’ve probably heard that inflammation is at the root of many diseases and plays a key role in ageing. In fact, inflammation is so much a part of conversations around ageing these days, that a new term has been coined to note the connection – Inflammaging. But, before getting to how inflammation contributes to and […]

Plus sized women exercising

Should women have a flat stomach?

Here’s the honest truth – I’ve never had a flat stomach. Not when I was a young girl doing PE, rounders, running, hockey, netball, swimming; not when I went to regular weekly aerobics and did all those boring abdominal crunches; not even when I was at my skinniest during my post-viral fatigue days when I […]

Immunity support this winter

Best supplements for winter health and wellness

Our immune system is unique to each of us, but there are certain supplements that we can all take to help support immunity, especially through the winter months, and with all the virus variants circulating at the moment, our immune systems need all the help they can get! I take supplements all year round, but […]

best supplement during the festive season

The best supplement to get you through the festive season

However you mark the festive season, many aspects of the celebrations involved revolve around food and drink, meaning that we tend to end up overindulging, putting our digestive and gut health to the test, and sometimes pushing it to its absolute limits. I always get a lot of enquiries at this time of year – […]