The anti-ageing effects of the Viva-Mayr Clinic gut healing protocols

Science reveals a symbiotic relationship between a healthy gut and our brain, our immune system, and our skin. Understanding what is happening beneath the skin, at the gut level, impacts how the skin and body function, age and respond to treatments. Lifestyle choices, inflammation, environmental toxins, stress levels, antibiotics, alcohol consumption and diet, all cause […]

Is it IBS or SIBO

Is it IBS or SIBO? Watch the video.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) are two common gut conditions that often cause confusion and frustration. While they share similar symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhoea, they are different conditions with differing underlying causes. In our most recent live video discussion, nutritional therapist, Sophia Hill and I took […]

Treatments tailor-made for transformation – My Viva-Mayr wellness ‘cure’

“Those who starve do not fast, and those who fast do not starve.” (From: ‘Modern Mayr Medicine and Viva-Mayr Principles for Good Digestion and a Better Life’ by Prof Harald Stossier and Dr. George Stossier.) Many of you will have read about or seen some of my posts from my recent stay at the Viva-Mayr […]

Customer service is paramount for Linda Booth, founder of Just For Tummies

The difference between colon hydrotherapy and a colonoscopy

As well as April being IBS awareness month, this is also bowel cancer awareness month, but the two conditions are not related. There is no evidence to suggest that IBS increases the risk of developing bowel cancer. The only way IBS and bowel cancer are related is that they can both cause bowel symptoms. People […]

Viva-Mayr Day Clinic

My wellness retreat to the Viva-Mayr Clinic

Illness is a drama in 10 acts: I first heard about the Viva-Mayr Clinic in Austria back in 2009. Dr. Harald Stossier, the Clinic’s Medical Director used to visit London and give talks on the Mayr ‘cure’, which is based on the principles of the now renowned Mayr method. Developed by Dr. F.X Mayr over […]


Resolving sinus congestion naturally

Since late autumn, continuing throughout the very grey, wet winter we have had, I have been receiving enquiries from people who are suffering with sinusitis, sinus congestion and rhinitis, conditions which tend to prevail in colder weather, as the change in temperature and humidity can irritate the sinuses and lead to congestion, headaches, and other […]

Can AI answer your health questions?

Can AI answer your health questions?

When our customers are kind enough to share their experiences in a website, Google or TrustPilot review, they will start out by reporting how they have been able to resolve their long-standing digestive and gut health issues through following one of our targeted supplement protocols. More often than not, these people have contacted me directly, […]

Perfect Balance Kit

No more laxatives! How our supplements helped Aimee’s constipation.

When I qualified in colon hydrotherapy, it soon became very clear to me how big a problem constipation is in this country. Many people may not talk about their issues with constipation due to the embarrassment and shame around the ridiculous notion that speaking about anything to do with our bowels is ‘off-limits’. Honestly, we […]

Winter Viruses

Supercharge your immune system

Our immune system is our first line of defence against illnesses and diseases. But how do we ensure that our immune system is in top shape? While we can’t completely avoid exposure to germs, we can most certainly take proactive steps to strengthen our immunity and prepare for the challenges that the colder months can […]


Let Live Bacteria lift your winter blues!

A healthy inner self creates a happy and glowing outer self. Many of you will know by now that I am a strong advocate of kick-starting the year, or any healthier, long-lasting, clean living regime, not with a fad diet, but with a good inner ‘clean out’ – a colon hydrotherapy treatment – the very […]

avoid winter cold

Don’t let bugs and viruses wreak havoc this winter

Statistically speaking, most of us will get at least one cold this year, but who wants to be a statistic? Each new year, we pledge to transform our bodies, improve our careers, dump toxic friends, organise our homes and develop new hobbies. We dedicate ourselves to doing more – more exercise, more work, more activities […]