No bra Day

Is your bra giving you heartburn?

As well as it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October, today is also National No Bra Day – a day where women all over the nation are encouraged to not wear a bra in order to raise awareness around the importance of knowing the symptoms of breast cancer, alongside breast cancer screening and regular […]

Happy Hormone Hummus

Happy Hormone Hummus – download our free recipe!

I would like to share this delicious, and very easy to prepare hummus recipe with you. It’s a great source of phytoestrogens, compounds that naturally occur in plants that can be of particular benefit to perimenopausal or menopausal women. You are likely consuming phytoestrogens already and simply don’t know it – especially if you are […]

Afternoon Tea with Linda and Kevin

Anyone for scones? Enjoy a healthier afternoon tea!

August is the month when we celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week – not that we need an excuse for this quintessential English tradition. I think this Henry James quote sums it up perfectly: “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Traditional afternoon tea […]

Cleaning Products

Are your cleaning products harming your gut health?

Did you know that the human body contains approximately 30 trillion human cells and is home to around 38 trillion bacteria? No need to panic – you can take comfort in knowing that many bacteria in your body are, in fact, good bacteria. All the microorganisms in your body, including bacteria, make up your microbiota. […]

Festival Survival Health Kit

August is ‘Happiness Happens Month’!

Happiness Happens Month is celebrated annually in August. It is dedicated to celebrating things that make you happy. It’s a known fact that happiness is contagious and sharing your happiness can bring a smile to someone’s face. The month reminds us that happiness can be found in even little things that we might not notice […]

Linda from Just For Tummies

My labour of love

This is a photo of me and my Just For Tummies supplements ‘hot off the press’ when we launched the range at the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) show in 2015 – I remember how excited and hopeful I felt at the time, and I think the photo shows that too! I started Just For […]


How reflexology can help IBS symptoms – watch the video!

Reflexology can be of significant benefit to you when trying to pinpoint areas in your body that are not working as they should be. It’s a particularly effective treatment when it comes to helping to increase blood flow and stimulation to the digestive system and decrease stress to that area of your body. With that […]