Colon Hydrotherapy

Watch our informative video about all things colon hydrotherapy!

I always love hosting our Facebook Live events, and the most recent discussion about colon hydrotherapy was no different. It is after all one of my favourite subjects – the 90 minutes just flew by! I was joined by fellow colon hydrotherapist, Jane Bush, and the two of us were in our element as we […]


Detoxing – What’s it all about? (Video)

Spring brings new growth and regeneration, which makes it a great time to refresh our systems by carrying out a detox. In fact, according to the Chinese, spring is the ideal time to cleanse and nourish the liver. To welcome the warmer days of spring, I thought that detoxing would be the perfect subject matter […]


Let’s talk about prolapses – Watch the video!

For those of you who missed it, my most recent Facebook Live was all about prolapses. You can watch the full discussion here: For this live, I was joined by Clare Makin, a pelvic floor specialist and yoga teacher, who experienced bladder leakage after the birth of her son. Wishing she had received more support, […]

Vitamin D

Importance of Vitamin D

Now we are going into Winter with darker days and less sunshine, it’s important that people understand the importance of Vitamin D and getting properly tested if they suspect their levels are low. The most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body is the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test. A […]


Colonoscopy – It’s only your bum – don’t be dumb, go and get tested!

My most recent Facebook Live event featured a very special guest – my husband, Kevin. Earlier this year, following a 7-month delay due to Covid, Kevin’s bowel cancer screening test came back positive.  Kevin had to have a colonoscopy, followed by a procedure to have several polyps removed.  We wanted to highlight the importance of […]

bacterial vaginosis

Stop UTIs, thrush and bacterial vaginosis from ruining your life! – Video

In my most recent Facebook Live event ‘Stop UTIs, thrush and BV from ruining your life’, I was joined by Just For Tummies nutritional therapist, Sophia Hill for an informative and detailed discussion about, among other things, how to prevent the misery of a UTI and make sure the painful and bothersome symptoms don’t keep […]

What are probiotics, what do they do, and why do we need them now more than ever!

What are probiotics? (Video)

What do they do, and why do we need them now more than ever! Research has shown that our gut microbes play a significant role in regulating our health, mental health and weight. When our good or ‘friendly’ gut bacteria are depleted, they not only won’t be able to fend off weight-inducing inflammation. They also […]

Linda Booth preparing to perform a colon hydrotherapy treatment

All about colon hydrotherapy (video)

Did you know that colon hydrotherapy… has been practised for thousands of years (it dates right back to Egyptian times when they used hollowed out reeds.  Think about it.) is a completely natural and safe treatment that’s proven to deliver a host of health benefits when combined with a healthy lifestyle, helps your body eliminate […]

Menopause and Gut Health Video discussion blog image - women with yoga mats

Menopause and Gut Health Video discussion

On Tuesday 1st June, I hosted a Facebook Live event on how to manage digestive and gut health issues during the menopause alongside Sophia Hill, our resident Nutritional Therapist at Just For Tummies. There was a lot of interest in this subject, and we were inundated with questions and requests for the downloadable Menopause and […]