Seasonal Survival Kit


Do you look forward to the festive season with mixed feelings, knowing you’ll eat, drink and be merry – but that you’ll pay for it with a flare-up of your IBS, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, excess wind, constipation or weight gain?

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This time of year poses a challenge for our digestive system – but with some preparation we can limit the damage. The goal is to protect and support your digestive system so that it can cope with whatever you throw at it during December. Follow our Seasonal Survival plan and you’ll be saying “yes” to every invitation, without worrying about the effects on your digestive system.

The Kit costs £45.95 and contains a month’s supply of Live Bacteria probiotic capsules, Digestive Enzyme tablets, Milk Thistle tablets and 6 FREE Tummy Tea ‘pyramids’.  The Kit comes with full Seasonal Survival Plan leaflet with instructions how and when to take the supplements and tummy support tips.


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Here are Linda’s top tummy tips to limit the damage caused by that big night out:


  •  Always drink a glass of water before you start drinking, and try to drink one in between each cocktail, too, to help dilute the alcohol in your bloodstream.


  • Try to eat a meal containing fat to line your stomach for longer. Choose eggs, avocado, salmon and bread with olive oil from the party buffet to slow down the absorption of alcohol.


  • Don’t drink a large volume of water with meals – this can dilute gastric secretions and slow digestion.


  • Avoid fizzy drinks as they add to the gas in your stomach, and can cause bloating, stomach cramps and wind.


  • Ditch the fry-up in favour of foods which are healing for your digestive system. Porridge with banana, eggs with wholegrain toast, or a fruit smoothie made with bananas, oranges and coconut water will be easier to digest and contain essential vitamins and minerals to help you recover.


  • A walk after a heavy lunch will not only burn off some of the excess calories, but can also help beat bloating, abdominal discomfort and avoid indigestion.


  • Eliminating waste every day is vital for wellbeing. If you are suffering from constipation, consider having colon hydrotherapy treatment. Check here for registered and regulated therapists:


If you are concerned about the negative impact the forthcoming festivities may have on your digestive system, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Tummy Team at