Don’t leave all your inheritance to your kids – spend it on yourself!


Don’t leave all your inheritance to your kids – spend it on yourself!

“Every time I eat I get uncomfortable bloating and indigestion.”

I’ve heard this statement thousands of times over the years, especially from people aged 45 plus. If I had £5 every time someone had said this to me, I would be swanning down the Oxford Canal on my shiny new narrowboat. Kevin and I are hoping to do this anyway in a few years, and not leave all our money to our son Colin. Don’t tell him that though!  We want to ‘Live long and prosper’, a favourite quote of mine from Dr. Spock of Star Trek fame.

Ageing causes bloating, as well as heartburn, trapped painful gas, constipation, and do you know why it does, it’s because for many of us, as we age, the production of stomach acid, digestive mucous, pancreatic enzymes and bile can begin to slow down. Many things slow down with age, and our digestive secretions can be one of them. We need these vital substances to help digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates in our meals.

We all want to live to a grand old age, but it is important to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit and not become a burden to our loved ones.  We can only do this by taking good care of ourselves and one of the best ways of doing this is ensuring our food is properly digested, nutrients absorbed and wastes eliminated. This is crucial to ensure we have a strong immune system to prevent infections, supple joints, strong muscles and a brain that is getting all the nutrients it needs. When Kevin and I get our long awaited narrow-boat, we will both be in our 60’s, but we still want to be fit and able to manage the boat, and me manage the lock gates that can be very heavy.

Have you ever noticed, where once you were able to enjoy your food, eat most things and not suffer with heartburn, excess gas, bloating, stomach cramps, constipation or hasty dashes off to the loo after meals, but now these symptoms seem to be a regular occurrence, especially after eating? Well if you are 45+ this will come as no surprise to me.

Time and again people have consulted me over the years complaining of these symptoms, where they have had to exclude many different foods from their diet, and it is simply because through ageing, they have become deficient in stomach acid and enzymes.  For some, in an attempt to prevent these uncomfortable symptoms, they have made their diet so restrictive, that they were on the borderline of  malnutrition. What a sorry state of affairs.

If we are not producing vital digestive ‘juices’, it prevents the digestive system from doing its job properly, that of digesting your food, absorbing the nutrients, and getting rid of what’s left, via your rectum. It’s only when people begin to take a Digestive Enzyme tablet before meals that they find – Hallelujah! – they can eat normally again without the bloating, without the cramps and without embarrassing dashes off to the loo in the middle of dinner.

You may have noticed that when you wake up and get out of bed, your tummy is quite flat and behaving itself but, by lunch-time, and certainly by dinner-time, it’s ballooned and you look pregnant.  This is typical of not having enough stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

If you suffer with these symptoms, carry out this experiment for 30 days.  Purchase a 60 tablet pot of my vegan, dairy and gluten-free plant-based Digestive Enzyme tablets for just £20 and take one before lunch and one before dinner, and notice how much more comfortable and confident you feel in the tummy area. You may also notice an increase in energy and a lifting of your mood, as your body begins to get vital nutrients needed for the 70 trillion or so cells.

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If you buy a pot of each of these supplements, they will last you 30 days.  I think you will notice a marked improvement in your bloating and discomfort, especially after eating.

But, don’t take my word for it.  This is what Debbie Pycroft had to say after suffering for many years with painful indigestion and constipation:

“After suffering for many years with constipation and painful indigestion, particularly in the evening and at bedtime, I thought I would try the Digestive Enzyme tablets. I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks in my bowel habits, being a lady approaching her sixties, my bowel is very slow and sluggish, the DE tablets sorted the problem! The indigestion was still a problem in the evening so I contacted “Just for Tummies” I was advised to double the dose at teatime, lo and behold no more indigestion!  I can highly recommend Digestive enzyme tablets, particularly when the digestive system is slowing down due to age.”

I am delighted to have been able to help Debbie, and prevent her from having to take prescription medications, in particular strong antacids that can cause side effects.



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