What is a toxin? And what does it have to do with psoriasis?

What is a toxin? And what does it have to do with psoriasis?

Our bodies have various mechanisms to protect against toxins such as physical barriers, digestive secretions, immune surveillance and enzyme systems that process toxins for secretion via sweat, breath, urine, bile and faeces. In many cases, our bodies will sequester toxins for excretion and if they can’t deal with them immediately, toxins will be stored in […]

Probiotics and digestive enzymes supplements

This has changed my life!

The Summer school holidays are almost upon us. If you’re going on holiday soon, I wish you a very happy, relaxing time and I hope that if you do have a ‘delicate’ tummy, it behaves itself! If you need any advice how to manage this when on holiday, without suffering with bloating, cramps and impromptu sprints to […]


IBS – Don’t suffer in silence, there is hope

Are you suffering with IBS?  Don’t worry there is hope.  I recently ran a social media competition to win a 1:1 consultation with me, and some of the entries I received were eye opening. People suffering with uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating digestive and gut symptoms for 20 years or more, either were too ashamed or too […]

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Introducing our ‘For Women’ probiotics – Special Care for Down Below

If you have ever felt like you’re passing razor blades instead of water, you know that urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a unique form of torture.  Left untreated, they can lead to permanent kidney damage and sepsis, a life-threatening immune response to infection. Cystitis, or inflammation of the lining of the bladder, is the most […]

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Take my probiotics if you have a problem ‘down below’. Proven to reduce UTIs and thrush

Female urogenital health issues are on the rise, yet it is seldom talked about. True, it may not be the most glamorous of topics, but those less than pleasant symptoms that ladies experience ‘down below’ are linked to health elsewhere so it’s time we did some straight talking about UTIs, cystitis, bladder infections, thrush and […]

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Psoriasis – more than skin deep

‘Breaking barriers’ is this year’s theme for World Psoriasis Day, which falls on October 29th. The day is dedicated to people with psoriasis; it’s a global event that sets out to give an international voice to the more than 125 million people around the world with psoriasis, and its aims include raising awareness to let […]

An infected blister – are antibiotics really the first point of call?

Anyone who has read my blog or followed any of my musings on Facebook will know that I love to learn – throughout the year, I attend numerous conferences relating to the fields of digestive health and wellness, complementary medicine, and whatever else grabs me; I have several books on the go at all times, […]


A balanced digestive system is vital for health and wellbeing so the efficient digestion of our food, absorption of nutrients and excretion of wastes is crucial.   Digestion directly affects our entire immune system and overall health, which is why I have developed the Perfect Balance Kit – 30 Day Plan. Aimed at rebooting misbehaving […]

Seasonal Survival Kit

  Do you look forward to the festive season with mixed feelings, knowing you’ll eat, drink and be merry – but that you’ll pay for it with a flare-up of your IBS, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, excess wind, constipation or weight gain?   This time of year poses a challenge for our digestive system – […]