What are probiotics? (Video)

What are probiotics, what do they do, and why do we need them now more than ever!

What do they do, and why do we need them now more than ever!

Research has shown that our gut microbes play a significant role in regulating our health, mental health and weight. When our good or ‘friendly’ gut bacteria are depleted, they not only won’t be able to fend off weight-inducing inflammation. They also can’t help keep your metabolism humming, your immune system healthy, and your mind keen. It’s why gut health is so important.

To maintain a healthy gut, it is vital that we eat plenty of fermented foods full of probiotics. Studies have found that natural probiotics can help alleviate the symptoms of IBS and IBD, anxiety, skin problems, allergies and a whole host of other conditions.

I decided that to make probiotics the topic of my most recent Facebook Live event. We talked in detail about the two best ways to get more good bacteria into your gut. This can be fermented foods and dietary supplements.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch it here.

I covered a lot of ground, including:

  • How in recent years, more and more probiotic foods and drinks have become readily available (I showed a few of these during the ‘Live’, including dairy and non-dairy bio yoghurts, kefir, sauerkraut, and yoghurt drinks).
  • How you need prebiotics to process probiotics; prebiotics are found in fruits and vegetables, and act as the ‘fertiliser’ to the ‘garden’ in your intestines. A diet that is rich in prebiotics will provide a healthy base for the beneficial bacteria to proliferate and thrive, just like flowers, trees and shrubs!
  • How I don’t put prebiotics like FOS or inulin in my probiotic supplements because people with certain types of IBS find that the prebiotic, taken with the probiotic, can exacerbate their symptoms, which is why I prefer to recommend prebiotics in food form.
  • The explosion in digestive and gut disorders, in particular IBS, that I feel has been fuelled by the indiscriminate prescribing of antibiotics over the past three decades, as well as the increased use of antibiotics in food (there are more antibiotics produced for the food industry than for pharmaceuticals).
  • Why it’s important to take antibiotics, especially if an infection is not clearing up, but if too many antibiotics are taken, especially multiple courses of broad-spectrum ones, then this can fuel antibiotic resistance.
  • How leaky gut happens … and much, much more!

I answered lots of questions too, including:

  • Do probiotics need to be kept in a fridge?
  • I can’t swallow capsules – is there another way of taking probiotics?
  • How can you guarantee that the probiotics reach the gut alive?
  • How long do I take probiotics for?

I hope you find the video informative; if you have any questions, please email the Tummy Team at: feelgood@justfortummies.co.uk

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