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Yes, a Mars bar does split 5 ways …

We have an obesity crisis in the western world. Did you know that we Brits are the fattest nation in Europe?  What a terrible reputation to have.  When did it all start to go wrong?  Some would say it was when Wimpy, then McDonald’s and KFC invaded our shores from America.  Others would say it’s […]

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Introducing Janey Lee Grace – Brand Ambassador for Just For Tummies

I bring you exciting news from the Just For Tummies HQ – a new high profile addition to the team!  We have recently appointed Janey Lee Grace of Imperfectly Natural as our Brand Ambassador.  As the leading ambassador for heart-centred businesses, Janey works only with brands and businesses that share her values around natural health […]

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CAMexpo 2015 – A brand is born!

Having attended Camexpo in my capacity as Vice Chair for ARCH (The Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists), I know what a key event this is for making the most of your business whatever the size or speciality of your practice.  It is the UK’s biggest event for complementary, natural and integrative health. Specialists from every […]

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