A balanced digestive system is vital for health and wellbeing so the efficient digestion of our food, absorption of nutrients and excretion of wastes is crucial.


This is me in my clinic manually examining a patient's digestive organs

This is me in my clinic manually examining a patient’s digestive organs

Digestion directly affects our entire immune system and overall health, which is why I have developed the Perfect Balance Kit – 30 Day Plan. Aimed at rebooting misbehaving tummies and optimising digestive function, the Kit contains four supplements – the Just For Tummies Live Bacteria probiotic capsules, plant-based Digestive Enzyme tablets, high-strength Garlic tablets and super-high-strength Omega 3 fish oil capsules.

All four products come in an attractive box with a brochure that explains how to take the supplements, as well as tips and advice on looking after your digestive system.  The Kit offers the perfect ‘go-to’ solution for anyone looking to keep their digestive health in check.

After almost a quarter of a century of experience in private clinical practice, and carrying out over 23,000 consultations and treatments, I feel confident that the Perfect Balance Kit offers an unrivaled combination of supplements for rebalancing the gut microbiome and maintaining good digestive health. For many years, I have been using and recommending these products to patients who attend my digestive health clinic and need to cleanse, strengthen and heal their digestive system. It matters little what symptoms and conditions they display when first attending the clinic. In my opinion, the first thing to rectify is the gut – to quote Hippocrates, “All disease begins in the gut”.  If the digestive system and gut are not functioning properly, we will not be absorbing nutrients, vitamin and hormone production will be affected, pathogenic strains of bacteria and yeasts will become the dominant species in the gut, endotoxic substances will ‘leak’ through the bowel wall into the blood circulation and infections will be commonplace. Such imbalances can cause a wide range of symptoms and conditions from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, fatigue, and skin problems to emerging new research pointing the finger at the health of our gut when it comes to the development of Type II diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

The Perfect Balance Kit

 The Perfect Balance Kit

The Perfect Balance Kit is aimed at re-balancing and re-vitalising the digestive system, reducing bloating and abdominal pain. A balanced digestive system is also important when it comes to immunity.  Around 70% of our immune system is located in our small intestine.  If our gut is out of sync, then our immune system can be weakened which makes us more susceptible to infections and auto-immune diseases.

The need for efficient digestion should not be overlooked; equally, through chewing of our food, the need for plenty of enzymes to help break down the food and absorb nutrients, and an efficient colon to push wastes along and out is critical. Sounds simple, doesn’t it, but it’s not simple at all.  In fact, it’s a very complex chemical and mechanical process. I’ve made it easier though – by taking the supplements in my Perfect Balance Kit: two live bacteria probiotic capsules, two garlic tablets, two digestive enzyme tablets and one omega 3 fish oil capsule daily for one month, you can help re-balance your digestive system and gut.

Cleansing your system by addressing what you’re eating and drinking, and then boosting digestion with my targeted supplements will turbo-charge your wellbeing!  My simple plan will kick-start your sluggish digestion, reduce cravings, banish bloating and, because you’ll be getting the most from your nutrition, increase energy and a feeling of wellbeing.

What’s not to like?

My Perfect Balance Kit is available for purchase now https://justfortummies.co.uk/product/perfect-balance-kit/

It is also available to purchase from MyShowcase:  https://www.myshowcase.com/brand/just_for_tummies

I would love to hear from anyone who buys it.  Tell me how it has helped you! Linda