Inflammatory bowel disease cured in two weeks with Tummies Live Bacteria

live bacteria probiotics

In November 2015 Chris very kindly posted a Google Review on the Just For Tummies website about his experience of the Just For Tummies Live Bacteria probiotic capsules he had been taking.  I would like to share this with you below:

“After a decade of IBS type symptoms and a diagnosis of Proctitis I was losing the hope of ever having my situation resolved. Medical intervention helped by way of oral Mesalazine, (a powerful steroid) however I was looking for a more natural approach and had tried every diet and other method I could find. These new probiotics from Linda have had amazing results for me in just two weeks. No more medicine, bowel movements returning to normal. Gone is the lethargy and lots more energy. Simply amazing.”

This testimonial demonstrates the power of probiotics, even on the most debilitating of inflammatory bowel disease-type symptoms.  What can we glean from this? Well as far as I’m concerned Chris’s large colon was simply deficient in the bifidi strains of bacteria and this caused inflammation and bleeding. Just by supplementing with Just For Tummies Live Bacteria probiotic capsules daily for a couple of weeks, symptoms that Chris had been suffering with for 10 years disappeared.  Linda Booth