Don’t let embarrassing, smelly wind spoil your Valentine date

Imagine the scene.  It’s Valentine’s night. Your date has booked a table at an exclusive restaurant, you’ve had your hair done, bought a new dress (and a set of sexy underwear) – you want the evening to be just perfect. Your date is as hot as Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) from ‘Love Actually’ – remember him? – the hunky guy who worked in the same office as Sarah (Laura Linney)?  You really can’t believe your luck.  February 14th has left you full of warm feelings…there’s just one warm feeling that you’d rather not have…

While you can’t wait for a lovely evening with delicious food and fine wine, there’s still something filling you with dread.  You’re hoping that there will be a bit of fun following the meal – you know what I’m talking about – but this is where it could all potentially go horribly, embarrassingly wrong.

It all comes down to a very awkward and troubling issue that you can’t seem to (excuse the pun) get to the bottom of – extremely smelly wind that just seems to escape quite uncontrollably when you least expect it.  It’s happened in a number of different situations, but you’ve always managed to cover it up – it was the dog, one of your co-workers, a fellow passenger on the bus.  But when it’s just you and him in the bedroom, there really won’t be anyone else you can blame…

I don’t mean to make light of this situation; in actual fact, this is an issue that causes a lot of people a great deal of stress and angst.  I have helped countless people to reduce the symptoms of their excessive, smelly wind.  It is possible.  And it can be done in just a couple of weeks.

One of the reasons for excessive, smelly wind is an imbalance in the ‘friendly’ gut bacteria and yeasts.  In a nutshell, the ‘bad guys’ have carried out a coup d’etat in your gut, fermenting all manner of foul smelling gases and the only exit is south.  This imbalance has probably been caused by a course of antibiotics that you had for a UTI a few months ago, or a case of food poisoning you had after eating under-cooked chicken at your neighbour’s barbecue.

However, all is not lost. All you need to do is re-colonise your tummy and gut with lots of ‘friendly’ bacteria – and this can be done in the form of one of my Just For Tummies multi-strain Live Bacteria probiotic capsules taken twice daily before meals, and a Tummies high-strength Garlic tablet taken twice daily with meals to help ‘disinfect’ your tummy and intestines.  Carry out this protocol a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, and all should be sweet-smelling on the night.


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