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The impact of alcohol on the gut, the liver – and more

November marked Alcohol Awareness Week and the theme for this year focused not only on the risks associated with alcohol but the impact it can have on specific areas of our health and wellbeing.  With Christmas and a general period of ‘overdoing it’ on the horizon, what better time for me to share some insights […]

The all-natural guide to staying well this Winter

Thanks go out to our guest, nutritional therapist, Eva Humphries (DipION, mBANT, CNHC), who was kind enough to share some of her expertise with this round-up of the latest science on staying well this winter. From the beauty that snow brings to treasured family times at Christmas, winter has so much going for it. Sadly, […]

When constipation can be life-threatening…

Being constipated is one of the most frustrating situations to find yourself in – it’s uncomfortable, painful and affects stress levels, quality of life and our overall health and wellbeing.  Although it can often be treated at home with a few over the counter remedies and paying a bit more attention to what we’re eating […]

Psoriasis – more than skin deep

‘Breaking barriers’ is this year’s theme for World Psoriasis Day, which falls on October 29th. The day is dedicated to people with psoriasis; it’s a global event that sets out to give an international voice to the more than 125 million people around the world with psoriasis, and its aims include raising awareness to let […]

You can’t beat a good chinwag about poo!

As much as I love carrying out consultations and treatments in my Digestive Health and Gut Disorders clinic, I do relish the opportunity to change out of my clinic whites from time to time, put on some ‘proper’ clothes and socialise.  One such opportunity occurred at the end of last month when I attended the […]

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Why am I constipated?

Here at Just For Tummies we get many enquiries from people who are getting constipated and they don’t know why. The causes of constipation can be many and varied, but some of the most common causes are: 1. Lack of sufficient fluids 2. Lack of fibre in the diet 3. Not enough exercise 4. Stress […]

Just For Tummies is one year old!

I’ve been a complementary health practitioner for almost 25 years, during which I have always sought to read and learn in order to further my practice, and develop my mind and myself.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a passionate interest in gaining knowledge about things that relate to my field of expertise […]

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It’s My Showcase Time!

In October of last year, I was contacted by Kate Shapland, former beauty columnist for The Telegraph and co-founder of MyShowcase – a personal beauty shopping service, offering products that have been primarily developed by female entrepreneurs.  As they were looking to expand their product range to include a select number health and wellbeing brands, […]

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Even the ‘Tummy Family’ needs a bit of downtime

Free time, downtime, ‘me’ time – call it what you like, we all need it! However being the passionate professional and busy business owner that I am, I do struggle to get enough rest, step away from the devices and generally enjoy some peace and quiet on a regular basis. In between seeing patients in […]

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An infected blister – are antibiotics really the first point of call?

Anyone who has read my blog or followed any of my musings on Facebook will know that I love to learn – throughout the year, I attend numerous conferences relating to the fields of digestive health and wellness, complementary medicine, and whatever else grabs me; I have several books on the go at all times, […]

Mums can’t give what they don’t have

We all know the importance of giving a baby the best start in life and that begins by having a vaginal birth as opposed to by cesarean if possible, and breastfeeding instead of bottle feeding, again if possible. But all this depends on the state of the mother’s gut microbiome. By the time a woman […]

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