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Do you find your energy levels flagging soon after eating a meal?

Do you eat lunch at work, then feel like you need a snooze? This could be because your meal is too high in carbohydrates that cause a spike in blood sugar, then a crash, creating a slump in energy!  Eating a protein rich meal will give you more energy for several hours.  Studies show that […]

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Loving Your Ladybits

Loving Your Ladybits. We’re about a month away from Valentine’s Day when romance hopefully is in the air, but who wants to go upstairs and have fun when you have an embarrassing, not to mention painful, problem downstairs… I’m talking about a urinary tract infection (UTI) like cystitis and embarrassing itchy vaginal thrush. I talk a lot about dysbiotic intestines, where […]

Introducing Tummy Tokens – Our Brand New Loyalty Scheme!

At the age of 17, I left secretarial college with a handful of City & Guilds qualifications in shorthand, typing, and accounts, and got myself a job in a bank. I was lucky enough to work alongside one of the youngest and brightest branch managers the bank had, a no-nonsense Sheffield Wednesday mad Yorkshire man. […]

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Here is a tummy-friendly recipe for a simple sauerkraut, full of health-promoting lactobacilli bacteria: Simple Sauerkraut Sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, is packed with good lactic acid probiotic bacteria, and has long been recommended as a natural remedy for an upset stomach and constipation.  Using only four ingredients, this simple and tasty recipe by British chef, […]

The pros and cons of taking long-term antacid medication

I’ve been a natural health therapist for over 25 years, specialising in digestive, gut health disorders, and natural solutions to resolving such disorders.  I have observed, over the years, a steady increase in the number of people being prescribed powerful antacids to help reduce symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, abdominal pain and bloating. Why […]

Don’t let the bad ‘bugs’ have a bonanza at your barbecue!

We all love a good barbecue, inviting our friends and family over for a Summer get-together, but there can be dangers lurking if the food you are serving is not cooked properly. Cases of food poisoning almost double in the Summer. Here are my tips to ensure you enjoy your Summer barbecued food, and reduce […]

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Just For Tummies visits The Natural & Organic Products Show – Europe

Attending any exhibition such as The Natural & Organic Products Show, as an exhibitor, can be expensive and for a new small company, such expenses need to be taken into consideration in the scheme of things. However, I decided that it was a priority to attend the trade exhibition, The Natural & Organic Products Europe […]

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Listen to my podcast about digestive and gut health

Every Sunday from 12 to 2 the programme ‘Girls Around Town’ is aired on BBC Radio Newark. They have various guest speakers and very often someone from the complementary medicine world is invited.  You can now listen to my podcast. On Sunday 12th February 2017, I had the opportunity of being interviewed by one of […]

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How Following my Gut Led to the Creation of Just For Tummies

I think we have all, at some point in our lives, experienced the sense of knowing something before we know it, even if we can’t explain how. When I began my training to become a naturopathic colonic hydrotherapist, I had feeling that I was embarking on something much bigger.  I didn’t know what it would […]

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Introducing our ‘For Women’ probiotics – Special Care for Down Below

If you have ever felt like you’re passing razor blades instead of water, you know that urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a unique form of torture.  Left untreated, they can lead to permanent kidney damage and sepsis, a life-threatening immune response to infection. Cystitis, or inflammation of the lining of the bladder, is the most […]

Getting up close and personal with the Digestive Tract

I have been a member of the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) since 2005.  In 2006, I was asked to join the Committee and went on to become Vice Chair two years later. One of my main duties as Vice Chair was to organise the ARCH annual conference, which I did for six consecutive […]

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Take my probiotics if you have a problem ‘down below’. Proven to reduce UTIs and thrush

Female urogenital health issues are on the rise, yet it is seldom talked about. True, it may not be the most glamorous of topics, but those less than pleasant symptoms that ladies experience ‘down below’ are linked to health elsewhere so it’s time we did some straight talking about UTIs, cystitis, bladder infections, thrush and […]