Warming Bean Chilli & Sweet Potato Recipe

Warming Bean Chilli & Sweet Potato Recipe

I am always delighted when customers take the time to send me updates, whether it’s to let me know how they are getting on with supplements I have recommended or to tell me how certain dietary and lifestyle changes have helped them. I’m also interested to hear the results of medical tests or – as was the case for J’s husband – the outcome of his bowel surgery.

It was good news in this particular instance, as surgeons were able to re-attach his bowel which meant that he didn’t need a colostomy bag. The surgery did, however, leave him with adhesions and scar tissue in his bowel which restricts the passage of bowel wastes, causing bloating and pain. It’s crucial that he has regular bowel movements to avoid getting constipated. I was able to provide advice on what he should and shouldn’t be eating, suggesting they try some of the healthy gut-healing recipes on the website, and here’s the update I received from his wife:

“Your website and the free ‘tummy-friendly’ recipes have been such a comfort and huge boost for me in helping my husband during his recovery after his operation for bowel cancer back in December 2019.”

“When he started to experience complications with the scar tissue in his intestines, he became unable to eat, as he was in so much pain. Whilst the medical and hospice staff have been able to identify the issue and given him an astonishing quantity of pain killers, no-one has been able to help with his diet – other than say he needs building up due to the amount of weight he has lost.”

“He very quickly became disillusioned with meal replacement products; he had always been a foodie before the cancer, so he was craving something that tasted good. Given that he finished palliative chemotherapy at the end of 2020, he is doing well but desperately wants to be able to enjoy food again.

“From the super selection of recipes on your website, we have had the anti-inflammatory smoothie a couple of times, the gluten-free porridge with pear, and the Portobello mushroom poached egg, which have all gone down very well indeed. He is looking forward to trying many more of the recipes – it is wonderful to see that smile back on his face! Next stop will be the bone broth.”

“It is also incredible to be armed with so much more knowledge about the foods that could harm him and the ones that can help. I have spent hours trawling the Internet but could not find all the answers, especially with the amount of conflicting information out there. Now I feel properly informed.

Thank you, I am very grateful.
With love,

Warming Bean Chilli & Sweet Potato Recipe

Make a double batch of this quick vegetarian chilli, full of black beans and sweet potatoes, and eat it for lunch the next day or freeze the extras for another night. We love the heat from the chilli, but omit it if you prefer a milder chilli.

We recommend serving it with tortilla chips or cornbread and coleslaw.

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