Try The 5-Day Charcoal Cleanse This Spring

Charcoal Cleanse

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detox. The winter months can be hard on our bodies making us feel sluggish. The heavier foods we eat during winter and perhaps not enough exercise can take a toll on our digestive system, liver, and kidney function. Even when we try to be as healthy as possible, there are always added life stressors which can interfere with the body’s natural detox mechanisms. Did you know that too much stress can trigger a natural response to store fat as a reserve fuel? That’s why it is important to consider a cleanse, one that can purify the body’s metabolic systems and free up toxins from fat cells.

I always recommend my 5-day Charcoal cleanse when the seasons change. It works well all year round, but in spring, the cleanse can help to kickstart your metabolism coming out of the winter months, release toxins and balance your hormones.

I talk more about my Charcoal capsules, their benefits, and how to carry out the cleanse in this video.

While our bodies are fabulously equipped to handle day-to-day detoxification, the stipulation is that we must be eating the way that our ancestors ate; foraging for berries, leafy greens and eating wild-caught meat and fish; sweating daily through exercise or saunas, sleeping 8 hours every night, drinking plenty of filtered water and avoiding exposure to synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you can relate, this isn’t always easy in our modern world! Chemicals are everywhere. They act as preservatives in our food, pesticides and herbicides on our produce, stabilisers and colouring in our cosmetics, fire-retardants in our furniture and mattresses, and contaminants in our water supply. These synthetic chemicals also make up most of the ingredients in conventional cleaning products and they even sneak their way into pharmaceuticals.

You may find that you are experiencing symptoms that indicate that your body needs help with detoxification:

Charcoal Cleanse

Acne, eczema or skin rashes
Gallstones or difficulty digesting fats
Constipation or diarrhoea
Sensitivity to smells, also known as multiple chemical sensitivity
Low sex drive
Hair thinning or loss
Poor concentration or memory
Slow metabolism and weight gain
Women: breast tenderness and/or irregular or heavy periods

As I explain in the video, my 5-day Charcoal cleanse is very easy to carry out. Simply take two capsules half an hour before lunch and two capsules after lunch, then two capsules half an hour before dinner and two capsules half an hour after dinner. Continue for 5 days. Don’t be alarmed if your stools go black – this is perfectly normal and shows that the Charcoal is doing its job properly.

You can read more about the benefits of Charcoal in this blog post.

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