Transition into autumn with a 5-day Charcoal cleanse

Charcoal cleanse

I recommend a 5-day Charcoal cleanse four times a year, around the time the seasons change in September, December, March and June – and, if possible, around the time of a full moon. This year, the full moon will appear on 29th September. The idea that the moon has the power to influence our thoughts and behaviour has been around for thousands of years. The incredible gravitational pull of the moon causes the oceans to rise and fall, causing the changing of the tides. Up to 65% of the human body is also made up of water so, if the moon has such a powerful effect on the Earth’s oceans, it makes sense that it would also have an effect on our watery selves.

Many of us find that our thoughts and emotions become heightened around the time of the full moon. Artistic people often say that they are at their most creative during the full moon period, while others find that it affects their sleep. When the moon is full, it often takes us longer to nod off than usual and when we do fall asleep, it is often a light and restless sleep.

Detox during full moon

When the moon is at its fullest and brightest, it’s a good time to get rid of what no longer serves you, including endotoxins in the body, so starting any type of detox or cleanse on or just after a full moon is the best time. The moon’s waning period is when our body’s capacity to cleanse and detoxify itself is at its greatest.

Reset for autumn

The 5-day Charcoal cleanse is the perfect way to press the reset button, get rid of the excesses of the summer and recalibrate for the autumn. It is the perfect way to wind down from a busy-active summer and realign with nature. You can read more about the benefits of activated charcoal and how to carry out the cleanse in our Activated Charcoal Factsheet here.

Late summer can be a time of intense metamorphosis both in nature and within ourselves. During ‘transitional’ periods, it is important to try and stay centred, a state of being in contact with the earth that we sometimes refer to as ‘grounded’. If things are in motion both inwardly and outwardly, there is nothing to hold onto and chaos reigns. Nature will be ready to shed, to let go of summer and welcome in cooler autumn days. We should be doing the same. Having enjoyed the excesses of spring and summer, it is time to let go. There really is no better way to balance the body and nervous system through this transitional time than to eliminate toxins with our 5-day Charcoal cleanse.

Strengthen your defences

I get lots of positive feedback from people saying how by preparing their bodies with this simple cleanse, they have fewer upper respiratory infections in the following flu and cold seasons. It is no surprise to me, since any well-thought-out cleanse or detox strengthens the immune system’s ability to deal with infections. When you carry out a cleanse at the end of summer, you will enter a harder time of the year (autumn-winter) with much more resilience and a better chance of a warding off sniffles and other unpleasant bugs and viruses.

Try to eat foods that are in season too. September is abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables. I remember at school celebrating the harvest and singing the hymn ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ and belting out the chorus ‘All good gifts around us are sent from heav’n above. We thank you, God, we thank you, God, for all your love.’ There would be several tables at the front of the assembly room heaving with fresh produce that pupils and staff had donated. If you don’t know the hymn, or you do, but want a reminder, here it is.

A late summer diet should consist of seasonal fruits and vegetables (Victoria plums being one of my favourites, but they do have a very short season) and richer foods such as meats, eggs, starches and sweets should be eaten in moderation. Eat slowly, chew your food, and don’t overeat!

Wishing you all a healthy transition into autumn! If you would like to know more about the 5-day Charcoal cleanse or any of our other supplement protocols, please get in touch.