‘These supplements have helped tremendously’ – read Julie’s story

Linda from Just For Tummies

‘I wish I’d found Just For Tummies sooner’ is a phrase I hear or read time and again. I wish that too! It’s precisely why I set up the Tummies business – to help people who have been struggling for years with digestive and gut health issues, unable to get to the root of their problems, at their wits’ end, fed up of being told by doctors to either ‘live with it’ or take strong medication.

There are too many people out there in this situation so when I hear from someone who has started taking my supplements and finally noticed a difference, whether that’s a reduction or complete elimination in their symptoms, I want to share that news. The more people who know that there is an answer, often a simple and natural answer, the better!

I was thrilled when I heard back from one such customer, Julie, who kindly agreed to me sharing her success story.

Julie first started to notice digestive and gut symptoms after she had her gall bladder removed about five years ago. This also coincided with the onset of menopause. Certain foods that she had previously eaten without any trouble started to cause bloating, cramps and smelly wind. Julie also started to get UTIs.

Numerous visits to the doctor resulted in no change; each time she went, she was either prescribed antibiotics for her UTIs, or strong PPI medication for her stomach cramps. This wasn’t the long-term solution that Julie wanted at all; she has never felt comfortable taking any type of medication so decided to come off the PPI medication and start looking for a more natural way to manage her symptoms.

When she came across Just For Tummies on Facebook, she decided to send me a message, seeking help to resolve her bloating and tummy cramps. After delving into Julie’s medical history, I recommended she take one Live Bacteria capsule in the morning and one in the evening. I also suggested a Digestive Enzymes tablet when she felt that she might need a ‘helping hand’ with the digestion and absorption of her food, for example before eating a large meal or food that she wasn’t used to.

When Julie got back to me several weeks later, she said the supplements had been an absolute game-changer. She is no longer struggling with bloating or upper tummy pain, and she is able to eat a much more varied diet again, without worrying that she will be left regretting it, and in pain. She took a Digestive Enzymes tablet before each meal on a recent holiday, knowing that she would be indulging in foods that she didn’t usually eat, and she had no after-effects at all.

Julie is also a fan of my 5-day Charcoal cleanse, which she now does periodically, saying it always makes her feel ‘clean and empty’.

Her next quest is to get on top of the UTIs – to do this, Julie will be taking my For Women capsules to help replenish the good bacteria that endless courses of antibiotics will have wiped out. Stay tuned to hear how she fares!