The Just For Tummies Family – a very well-rounded team!

Just For Tummy Family

Just For Tummies is a family business, and I am the Founder and face of the business, but there are a few other key players in our team, without whom I wouldn’t be able to run our company.  Let me introduce the ‘Just For Tummies family’.

Introducing Linda

There’s me, Linda, as you know! I deal with all the enquiries that come in via email and our social media platforms.  I also post on social media, write content for our blog and newsletters, and I liaise with our web developers to keep our website up to date. Before Just For Tummies came about, for many years, I ran a very busy natural health and colon hydrotherapy clinic.  I am not just a digestive and gut health specialist though; I have qualifications in several other disciplines, including remedial massage, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, electro-therapy, naturopathic nutrition and colon hydrotherapy. I am one of the very few Mayr-trained practitioners in the UK. You will find more information on the Mayr therapy here:

Introducing Kevin

Just for Tummies Family
Here’s Kevin at work.  In case you’re wondering, the metal object on his desk is his reflex hammer for testing nerve reflexes. It’s an important diagnostic tool used by physicians and physios to test deep tendon reflexes.

My husband, Kevin, is Operations Manager, ensuring stock is ordered (including working out the right amount to order), and overseeing the ordering of packaging materials.  He makes a point of trying to source recyclable and biodegradable materials.  

He’s a stickler for detail and with the help of his assistant, Jess, he processes the orders, packs, and dispatches them.  He loves doing this, which is a good job as there are lots to handle!  

Kevin also speaks to customers who have queries; his office is a very well-oiled ship, unlike mine, which is pretty chaotic, with books, papers, and supplements spread out everywhere, not to mention the bottles of hand moisturiser, cups that need washing … I must also point out that Kevin is a chartered physiotherapist, qualified in osteopathy, acupuncture, electro-therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound.

Just For Tummies would not be here today were it not for Kevin.  When I was running my busy natural health and colon hydrotherapy clinic, he knew how full my diary was; I was taking bookings for three months ahead, I was inundated with enquiries from people wanting advice and recommendations for their digestive and gut health issues, and I really didn’t know where to turn! I was recommending supplements left, right, and centre, and it was at this point that Kevin said to me, “Linda, you have all this knowledge.  Why don’t you develop your own range of supplements?”  And that’s how it all began!  Kevin and I gave up two successful clinic practices to put all our knowledge, experience and energy into Just For Tummies.

Introducing Colin

Our son, Colin, is Financial and Technical Manager of Just For Tummies. His passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and community-focused mindset drive our business forward.  He applies his skills and knowledge across all aspects of Just For Tummies. In his capacity as Finance director, he handles cashflow forecasting, bookkeeping, and financial planning. He manages our brand strategy and Key Performance Indicators, Analytics and ROI measurement.  Colin also acts as our Digital Marketing Manager, handling Facebook advertising, TikTok and SEO; and he is also on hand for technical customer support. He’s a busy lad!

In addition to our core team, we have a great support network on hand in the shape of our web developers at Stimulating Minds in Derby, our long-standing editor and copywriter, Emma Sasai, and our Mailchimp guru, Christine Foulds. We are a small tight team that works very well together, and this is reflected in the excellent reviews we get, in particular on our customer service. We may be a small business, but we use this to our advantage, taking the time to get to know our customers, and offering a level of care and support that the bigger companies cannot match.  We are able to tailor solutions according to our customers’ individual needs.

I can also reach out to practitioners and complementary health experts from a wide range of backgrounds if I need to.  With the experience Kevin and I have, and that of our fabulous network, there’s not much that we can’t handle!

We advise people on a whole host of health issues, not just ones relating to digestive and gut health.  Because Kevin and I have, between us, almost 60 years’ experience in conventional, complementary and natural health, having carried out many thousands and thousands of consultations, we have a pretty broad all-round knowledge of health issues and what is needed to resolve many of the health issues common here in the West, whether that be a natural health approach or referring someone back to their GP because we were just not happy with the symptoms they were presenting with. While we can, and do, give lots of advice to people who suffer with digestive and gut issues, we can also advise them on a myriad of other health issues and point them in the right direction.

Here we are, from left to right: me, Colin, Kevin