The health benefits of castor oil packs – Watch the interesting video discussion

Castor Oil

If you didn’t get to watch the recent live discussion I had with founder of Castorvida, Alison Leighton, all about the health benefits of castor oil packs, then I highly recommend you watch the video.

It was fascinating to listen to Alison talking about the many ways in which the use of castor oil can help with not only digestive and gut issues, but other areas of health and wellness, particularly for women – UTIs, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menstrual pain, endometriosis, as well as skin and joint health. Castor oil is also perfectly safe to use on babies and children and can help with colic, constipation and skin issues.

Alison is a qualified nutritional therapist and colon hydrotherapist and it was one of her colonic clients who first brought her attention to how castor oil packs had helped reduce her endometriosis pain. When Alison investigated the use of castor oil packs further, she realised how helpful they could be for so many of her clients; however, she was mindful that the use of the packs was a bit of a ‘faff’ – soaking a muslin cloth in castor oil then wrapping cling film and a towel over the cloth, and lying very still while it worked its magic, wasn’t the most user-friendly treatment. This is what inspired Alison to found her own brand, Castorvida and develop organic cotton wrap-around pads that can be worn under clothing while you go about your daily tasks. You can read more about the range here.

We hope you enjoy watching this video – there’s a lot to learn from it! If you have any questions about how castor oil or a tailored supplement protocol can help with a health issue, please get in touch.