The best supplements for IBS?

supplements for IBS

I know from the many thousands of people with IBS whom I’ve helped how desperate they start to feel in a bid to manage their symptoms, trying as many supplements as they can lay their hands on in an attempt to reduce their symptoms. They tell me how they have a cupboard filled with expensive supplements that haven’t made any real difference and have reached their wits’ end. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you?

Whenever I receive an enquiry from anyone with IBS, I have a few questions to ask them, and the answers help give me an insight into what caused their IBS in the first place and from that, I am able to recommend the most effective supplements to reduce symptoms.

When I have a clear picture of what might have triggered their symptoms and how they are managing them at present, I can match supplements to symptoms to get the best results for them. It’s not just a case of matching supplements to symptoms though, it’s knowing when to take the supplements for the maximum benefit. This is what makes Just For Tummies stand out – our personal, tailored supplement ‘prescription’ service.

Symptoms will determine which supplement or supplements are needed to manage IBS. And symptoms will differ according to the classification of IBS. I explain more about the different classifications of IBS in this video.

Anyone who has chronic IBS, regardless of the classification, should be carrying out my 5-day Charcoal cleanse, the protocol for which (along with the benefits) you will find here.

If you have have IBS (C), where the predominant symptom is constipation, you may need to take some laxatives or get a post-detox colonic booked in, as charcoal can sometimes slow down transit time. The cleanse is still absolutely recommended though. This should then be followed by taking the supplements in my 30-day Perfect Balance Kit. After that, I re-assess and put together a reduced supplement maintenance protocol.

The key to managing IBS symptoms is to address your specific symptoms and imbalances. In short, you don’t need every supplement under the sun to heal your stomach and gut, you just need to find the right supplement/protocol for you.

You can read just a few of the many amazing reviews we get on our supplements here.

If you have any questions about your IBS symptoms, or any other digestive and gut health issue, please get in touch.