The benefits of taking charcoal

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I’ve been a natural health therapist for over 27 years and have always recommended a charcoal cleanse when the seasons change in September, December, March and June for a general gut ‘detox’, but what are the benefits of taking charcoal in this way?

A charcoal cleanse doesn’t just help to support gut health, but immune health too. Remember that around 80% of your immune system’s cells are produced in your gut, so a healthy and well functioning gut can lead to a healthier, more resilient immune system, better able to fight off viruses, bacterial infections and inflammation.

I also recommend a charcoal cleanse to people who are plagued with embarrassing intestinal gas and uncomfortable bloating.  Who wants to be showing off their tummy, whether it be in a fitted, tailored dress or in a swimsuit, when it’s full of bloaty gas!

How does a charcoal cleanse work?

I liken charcoal to a powerful vacuum cleaner. Just as a vacuum ‘deep-cleans’ our carpets, charcoal helps to ‘deep-clean’ our stomach and intestines. As the charcoal is passing through your digestive system, it’s absorbing trapped painful gases and any other detritus that may be lying around, potentially causing a problem.  It reminds me of a magnet, collecting iron filings, that I often larked about with during Physics class at school, many moons ago. I never did like Physics much, but I loved messing around with the magnets and iron filings.

How can charcoal help our digestive system?

I’ve always carried out a seasonal charcoal cleanse on myself and over the years I’ve recommended charcoal to thousands of other people who have found that the charcoal has helped to reduce their trapped painful gas, reduce uncomfortable bloating and, in some cases, also reduce acid reflux. Many of my Just For Tummies customers tell me that after taking two of my Activated Charcoal capsules before bed, they are not kept awake with acid reflux and wake up the following morning feeling well-rested. 

At the same time as the charcoal ‘cleanse’, I will also recommend that levels of ‘friendly’ gut bacteria are built up with my Live Bacteria probiotic capsules, just one twice daily, before breakfast and before bed, with a small glass of water. 

Charcoal is also pretty effective at reducing the effects of a gut infection like food poisoning. Begin taking charcoal straight away at the first signs of food poisoning, three capsules before meals and three capsules after meals, until symptoms begin to subside. It’s a very good idea to keep a pot of Activated Charcoal capsules in the medicine cupboard, just in case of need. It’s such a versatile, safe supplement. 

This is what Tara said in August about my Activated Charcoal capsules:

“These are fantastic for my tummy if I’m suffering from trapped wind or bloating after meals. I have used the capsules before going to sleep and wake up the next day feeling great.”

How to do my charcoal cleanse

If you want to try my 5 day Charcoal cleanse, it’s really easy. I don’t like complicated supplement protocols. Take two Charcoal capsules half hour before lunch, two half an hour after lunch and repeat at dinner, with a small glass of water. Don’t take the Charcoal at the same time as any other supplements or medications. Charcoal absorbs!  This 5 day cleanse will use 40 of the 60 capsules, leaving you a few left over to use on those days you’re feeling a bit gassy, a bit bloated, or a bit bilious.  

The Just For Tummies Activated charcoal capsules
My Activated Charcoal capsules

If you try the 5 day protocol, I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. You can send me an email, leave a review on my Facebook page, or join Tummy Talk, my Facebook group.