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Try our Fibre-rich flaxseed cookies – A healthy recipe to get your bowels moving!

When it comes to gut health, flaxseeds pack a proper punch. Small in size, but colossal in health benefits, flaxseeds are loaded with dietary fibre, which can help promote regular bowel movements and prevent constipation, keeping your digestive system functioning smoothly. If you are unsure about how to incorporate flaxseed into your daily diet, look […]

No more laxatives! How our supplements helped Aimee’s constipation.

When I qualified in colon hydrotherapy, it soon became very clear to me how big a problem constipation is in this country. Many people may not talk about their issues with constipation due to the embarrassment and shame around the ridiculous notion that speaking about anything to do with our bowels is ‘off-limits’. Honestly, we […]

Can constipation cause UTIs?

To their consternation, many menopausal women can suddenly develop constipation, as a result in the change in their hormones slowing down transit time in their bowels. Whenever I’m contacted by a woman who is getting recurring UTIs, one of the questions I ask is ‘Do you also suffer with constipation?’ Your rectum and your colon […]

Quick constipation prevention tip

Over time, Western toilets have become synonymous with progress, modernity, and hygiene, but it’s doubtful whether the first inventors of the modern-day flushing toilet had any knowledge of human physiology. Our modern-day toilets have a flaw that can exacerbate bowel issues, such as constipation. As I explain in this video, we are not meant to […]

What are probiotics? (Video)

What do they do, and why do we need them now more than ever! Research has shown that our gut microbes play a significant role in regulating our health, mental health and weight. When our good or ‘friendly’ gut bacteria are depleted, they not only won’t be able to fend off weight-inducing inflammation. They also […]

Fasting is not a new fad

Fasting is not a new fad, and can be undertaken at any time of the year, from 1 day to 30 days. However, the perfect time to begin any fast is at the beginning of January, just after Christmas, when many of us are willing to abstain from food for a while, quite simply because […]