Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Thrush (Candida)

Constant itching and discharge can be very debilitating, affect your self-esteem and your relationships. Find out how you can rid yourself of these distressing female conditions.

Linda explains BV & Thrush

It’s the itch that no amount of scratching can resolve. Often accompanied by a discharge – either thin and fishy-smelling in the case of BV, or thick and cheesy in the case of thrush – which means women “never feel clean”. No wonder BV and thrush can affect not only your life but your intimate relationships, too.

BV is caused by a change in the natural pH in your vagina. Bacteria called lactobacilli live in the vagina and make lactic acid, which makes the vagina slightly acidic, preventing unfriendly bacteria from growing there. When something such as sex with new partner, or an IUD contraceptive device, upsets the natural balance, the vaginal tract becomes open to infection and BV can take hold. BV is diagnosed by your doctor taking a swab, and is usually treated with antibiotics.

Thrush – also called candida infection or yeast infection – is caused by an overgrowth of the candida albicans yeast. Many women have candida in their vaginal tract without it causing problems, but if the natural balance in the vagina is disturbed, the yeasts can grow out of control and thrush develops. Often a result of taking a course of antibiotics, thrush can also be common in diabetics, and those with a weakened immune system.

Linda recommends

The first thing you need to do if you suspect BV or thrush is taking hold is to begin a program of supplementation with live bacteria – sometimes called probiotics. Taking a probiotic recolonises the digestive and vaginal tracts with “friendly” bacteria and “crowds out” unfriendly bacteria and yeasts. My For Women capsules are specialist live bacteria probiotics formulated for women, containing 3 billion live bacteria in each capsule. For Women probiotics capsules contain female-specific strains of bacteria proven to reach the vagina and urinary tract alive.

Getting plenty of Vitamin C is also important in order to boost the immune system, and for this reason, my For Women probiotics also contain Vitamin C.

The antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of garlic can be highly effective in treating any kind of yeast infection, including vaginal thrush. My Garlic tablets are made from two-year aged garlic, making them highly potent.

I’ve combined For Women probiotics and Garlic tablets in my Women’s Health Duo to provide a 30 day plan against thrush.

Linda’s tummy tips

  • If your doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics for BV, make sure you are taking my For Women probiotics three times a day to recolonise your gut with “friendly” bacteria in order to avoid additional problems following the antibiotic treatment.
  • Avoid tight jeans, wear cotton underwear, wipe yourself from front to back after going to the loo, and choose only fragrance-free personal hygiene products, shower gels and soaps. Avoid “feminine” wipes, deodorants and douches. All of these actions will help prevent vaginal irritation which makes you more susceptible to BV and thrush.
  • If you have diabetes, ensure your blood sugar level is kept under control.
  • A colon hydrotherapist can help if yeast overgrowth is persistent. The colonic treatment has the mechanical action of washing out yeasts in the large bowel, before they can be transferred to the vaginal tract. Some colon hydrotherapists also use herbal tinctures and extracts to implant during the colonic treatment to further treat yeast overgrowth.


For more in-depth advice, our Diet Plans section includes nutrition plans and lifestyle tips, including my BV & Thrush Plan.