One woman’s story makes it all worthwhile

There is absolutely nothing glorious or glamorous about starting a business. I knew when I set up Just For Tummies that it would not bring me the lifestyle of a rock star entrepreneur. I didn’t have visions of fancy offices, fast cars, and fat expense accounts. That level of success is rare and never built overnight. In most cases, it takes decades.  And that was not, and never will be, the purpose of Just For Tummies.

While launching the business has undoubtedly been an exciting and liberating experience, managing the organisation on a daily basis comes with a whole new set of challenges.  It is not a 9 to 5 job.  For me, Just For Tummies is both a lifestyle and a state of mind. I have, for want of a better analogy, become my business. The journey hasn’t always been smooth – we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs; it’s taken persistence, determination and a lot of hard work. As the saying goes, ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’.

That said, every aspect of Just For Tummies’ success falls solely on my shoulders, and there have been times when I have found this heavily taxing on my body, mind, and soul. There have been good days when I feel ready to take on the world and bad days where I have wanted to crawl into a dark corner.

However, if you work hard with passion and purpose, which I do, the darker days are soon forgotten.

I decided to launch Just For Tummies so that I could help more people with their digestive and gut health.  Knowing how many thousands of people are struggling daily, in many cases simply down to a lack of knowledge around effective ways to manage and treat their conditions, is what drives me on.  I have to do something, and I can do something to help them.  When I am able to help someone improve how they feel and enhance the quality of their life in some way, it all feels worth it.

Take the story of Paula…

Paula is 51 years old and has MS.  She first messaged me back in August, shortly after she had joined my Facebook group, Tummy Talk, and she was, quite frankly, in a real mess.

Because of her MS, Paula is confined to a wheelchair.  For the last eleven years at least, she has had an ongoing struggle with constipation, bloating and UTIs.  She has tried all manner of treatments – elimination diets, laxatives, supplements galore, but none have brought success. Specialists have told her that symptoms such as bloating and constipation are common for people with MS.  I recommended that she try taking one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast, and one before bed, and one Digestive Enzyme tablet before lunch and dinner.

Three weeks later, I was thrilled to receive a message from Paula reporting that she was no longer bloated.  Success!

Spurred on by the improvements in her digestive health, she wanted to address her urinary tract problems.  Having been prescribed so many courses of antibiotics over the years, she is now antibiotic-resistant, and has to suffer through an infection.  I recommended the following protocol: one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast, one Digestive Enzyme tablet before lunch and one For Women capsule before bed.

Earlier this month, I received an update from Paula:

“The For Women capsules are amazing!  My bladder feels so much better.  No pain, no smell, no discoloration. I can’t thank you enough. So this is what a healthy bladder feels like…”

When I am able to bring about these kinds of changes to people’s lives, the sleepless nights and moments of self-doubt are so worth it.  Who said that probiotics and supplementation don’t work…? I think that Paula, and many tens of thousands of others, would disagree. What do you think?

Linda x


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