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Resourceful wife takes charge of husband’s gut health

Most people who get in touch with me about their digestive and gut health issues are women. Don’t get me wrong, more men have been reaching out for advice and recommendations lately, but it tends to be women who contact me, either about an issue that affects them, or they are asking on behalf of their husband, boyfriend, son or partner.

Most men find it difficult to express their emotions or discuss their problems openly; many go silent or change the subject when you ask them about their problems, whether they are physical or emotional.

Society often stresses that men need to be the strong, central role model everyone can turn to in times of need and support. Expressing feelings in the company of other men is often perceived as a sign of weakness or results in being picked on and teased by friends and peers because it is not considered ‘masculine’. This causes men to avoid sharing their problems with others and instead attempt to handle their feelings on their own.

In line with men’s health awareness this month, here at Just For Tummies, we encourage men of all ages to understand the importance of prioritising their health, both mentally and physically, to not only improve their overall wellbeing, but to help them build a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to Gillian getting in touch, her husband was able to get his health back on track after a serious of complications that occurred because of back and abdominal surgery.

Let me share Gillian’s wonderful review:

Gillian Testimonial

Our Live Bacteria probiotic capsules and plant-based Digestive Enzymes tablets are amongst our most popular supplements. I recommended them frequently when I was in clinical practice, with great results, and they continue to headline as my two supplements of choice for anyone struggling with stomach pain, uncomfortable bloating, sluggish bowels and acid reflux. I am also a strong advocate of our 5-day Charcoal cleanse; over the years I’ve been recommending it, it has shown to be extremely effective in helping to reduce painful bloating, either of an acute (food poisoning) or chronic nature (persistent daily bloating with no known cause). You can read more about the benefits of activated charcoal and how to carry out the 5-day cleanse in our Activated Charcoal Fact Sheet.

If you would like to know more about a tailored supplement protocol, please get in touch.