Sam’s story – bouncing back from rock bottom to reclaim her health

We are making a difference

I recently received this lovely testimonial from Sam Uden, who first contacted me a couple of months ago when, to use her words, she was ‘falling apart’.   

Sam Uden - a Just For Tummies customer

“Linda and her Just For Tummies supplements have been life-changing for me. Additionally, the ongoing support and kindness that Linda has shown has helped me enormously.

I have struggled with IBS and tummy troubles for a long time now, and in a desperate time of need, Linda was there to help me choose the supplements to manage my condition and improve the overall quality of my life.

I have been taking the supplements in Linda’s Perfect Balance Kit to help settle my IBS symptoms, and I have also added her Speedy Bowel Formula to this treatment plan.  This magical combination of supplements has made such a difference to the way I feel.  I can move forwards with my life now, and I have Linda to thank for that.”

Sam was kind enough to share some more details of her quest to reclaim her health with us.

Sam, when did your tummy troubles first start?

At the age of 15, I became quite poorly with glandular fever which led to a couple of mini strokes, which required me to take a cocktail of strong medication to help me recover.  A year into my recovery, I developed food sensitivities, in particular to gluten and dairy products, as they made me feel so bloated.  I put on weight and was told by doctors that it was possible that I had IBS and that I should control it by restricting my diet. 

Did a restrictive diet help? 

To a certain degree, but then things got really bad 18 months ago, when I suffered a head injury that required further strong medication to treat it. This included a course of beta blockers, which led to a full flare-up of my tummy troubles, with symptoms of severe bloating and constipation, and a UTI. I had to have two courses of antibiotics for the UTI; the only way I was able to empty my bowels was by using suppositories; my tummy was so bloated, I looked six months pregnant; I’d reached a point where I didn’t know where to turn next and that I was always going to feel this way.  I had hit rock bottom.

How did you come across Just For Tummies?

Feeling desperate and not knowing how I was ever going to get better, I happened to see a post on the Tummy Talk Facebook page about how you don’t have to just live with IBS.  Feeling as though this was a sign, and that I had nothing to lose, I decided to contact Linda and we began to talk via email to get to the root of my troubles and find a suitable treatment plan.  This was a big turning point for me.  Suddenly I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my struggle and that there were many others looking for natural solutions to their digestive health disorders.  Knowing that there was help and support on hand gave me such a boost.

What advice were you given?

After an in-depth discussion of my medical history, Linda told me that I needed to start by rebalancing my gut flora – replacing all the good bacteria that the multiple courses of medication had wiped out over the years – with the help of her Perfect Balance Kit.

She also suggested that her Speedy Bowel Formula capsules would be beneficial for my constipation.

Just For Tummies Speedy Bowel Formula
My Speedy Bowel Formula

If you suffer with chronic constipation, and have found that nothing has worked for you, contact Linda, who will explain to you what makes her Speedy Bowel Formula capsules so effective and assess whether they are suitable for you. You can contact her at

What results have you seen?

The difference I have noticed in just a month is amazing!  I can go to the toilet without needing laxatives or suppositories.  I am still very careful about what I eat but I am able to eat more because I know that I will be able to empty my bowels normally! The Digestive Enzymes have really helped with the gas and burping I was struggling with after eating.  And I can put an outfit on and not look pregnant because the bloating is more under control. I know that there is still a way to go, but knowing that I have found a supplement protocol that works for me is life-changing.

What other changes have you noticed?

My mum and my partner have both remarked upon how much better my skin looks.  When I was really sick, I looked washed out, almost grey.  Now I have colour in my cheeks again.  My energy levels have improved, and I feel more positive and confident about the future. 

Discovering Just For Tummies and Linda has been a true breakthrough.  I know I keep saying it, but I am so grateful for all the support.  My life is back on track!

Developing and launching my Just For Tummies range of supplements has, without a doubt, been the most stressful and equally exciting project I’ve ever tackled.  In the early days of planning and developing, for many months I regularly worked 16-hour days, often into the early hours of the morning, getting up for work again at 7am. I’ve never worked so hard in my life before.  I thought running a busy natural health clinic for 25 years was hard work, as well as hugely enjoyable and rewarding, but nothing prepared me for the work involved in developing a range of supplements. 

Since we launched, hardly a day goes by when we don’t get a lovely testimonial or review, thanking us for the difference we have made with all the advice, help, support and supplements.  It makes all the hard graft worthwhile, and I never, ever take for granted the responsibility given to me to help as many people as I can for as long as I can. Join our Facebook community, Tummy Talk for more help and support.