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Subscribe to our For Women Live Bacteria product to have your tablets delivered to your door every four weeks without you having to click a button! See full details of the For Women Live Bacteria product here, and to subscribe just hit “Add to bag” below and head to the checkout!

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60 capsules

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Don’t suffer the burning inferno of a urinary tract infection like cystitis. Specialist live bacteria formulated for women, containing 3 billion live bacteria in each capsule. Live Bacteria For Women capsules contain female-specific species of bacteria proven to reach the vagina and urinary tract alive. However, Linda has also put in her For Women capsules a particular species of bacteria called lactobacillus rhamnosus that has been proven to also reduce bloating and abdominal cramps, common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Linda developed this species-specific bacteria supplement after a woman came to her clinic for colon hydrotherapy treatment. As they were chatting, she informed Linda that she was antibiotic resistant, due to decades of antibiotics for constant UTIs. Linda decided there and then that when she developed her own range of probiotics, she would develop one specifically to help the thousands of women that suffer with UTIs, and so her For Women probiotic capsules were born.


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