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Subscribe to our Digestive Enzyme Tablets product to have your tablets delivered to your door every four weeks without you having to click a button! See full details of the Digestive Enzyme product here, and to subscribe just hit “Add to bag” below and head to the checkout!

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60 Tablets

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Purchase this product now and earn 18 Tummy Tokens! Registered customers only.


The last thing you need when you’ve been invited out for dinner, whether it be your birthday, a special date night, or night out with friends, is a flare-up of your IBS, bloating, painful trapped gas, indigestion or embarrassing trips to the loo. Linda’s natural Digestive Enzyme tablets not only help you feel more comfortable, but give you more confidence to eat out.

These tablets come in a beautifully presented, discreet pot, perfect for popping into your bag, until you get to the restaurant, then you can take one with a drink of fizz, without anyone noticing.

Digestive enzyme supplements are essential for the over 50’s too, due to age-related slowing down of stomach acid and digestive enzyme production, leading to poor nutrient absorption and contributing to premature ageing, both physically (sagging skin, weak muscles/bones) and mentally (brain fog, confusion and fatigue).


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