Pain-free and happier thanks to the Perfect Balance Kit

Perfect Balance Kit

I would like to share this video of me reading out a testimonial from Tonia, who was able to get her health back on track after taking the supplements in our Perfect Balance Kit.

Perfect Balance Kit testimonial

You can hear me talk in more detail about Tonia’s testimonial in the video, including how certain symptoms can appear after gall bladder removal.

Whenever people get in touch seeking advice for their digestive and gut health issues, I always take a ‘deep-dive’ into their medical history, asking lots of questions to find out what might have triggered the symptoms, how long they have had these symptoms, the foods and lifestyle factors that cause flare-ups, medications that they are taking, their antibiotic history, any past gut infections, age, and so much more! When I can join up the dots, I am better placed to match supplements to symptoms and recommend a protocol to help bring relief to the discomfort that they are experiencing. Tonia’s testimonial illustrates how a natural supplement protocol, such as our Perfect Balance Kit, can target symptoms at their root cause and help people get not just their digestive and gut health back on track, but start to feel happier, more energised and ready to live life to its fullest!

If you need any advice with a supplement protocol or have any questions about a digestive and gut health issue, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.