Our best supplements for bloating?

Bloating at Christmas

However you are planning to spend Christmas and New Year this year, it will be hard not to end up getting involved in some kind of celebration, enjoying tasty foods and tempting tipples. I hope that many of you will be looking forward to spending time with your families, friends – and some scrumptious meals.

If you’re anything like me, Christmas Day won’t be the first time in December you’re eating a Christmas dinner; I love all the traditional festive food and make sure I get to indulge if the opportunity presents itself! During December, I will be going away for the weekend with a friend and on one of the days, we will be having Christmas lunch, followed by a ‘Tasting Menu’ with wine pairing in the evening, not forgetting the full English breakfast the following morning. You can bet your bottom dollar, I will be taking my Live Bacteria capsules, Digestive Enzymes tablets and Milk Thistle tablets with me!

December is definitely a time when we need to be mindful of just how much we are indulging, even for those of us with a cast iron stomach and gut, never mind those of you who have a delicate digestive disposition! With all the rich, creamy, sweet foods on offer, it can lead to one of the most common symptoms – uncomfortable, gassy bloating.

I get lots of enquiries throughout the year from people struggling with bloating, and these enquiries increase at this time of year. If there was ever a time to read all the information, advice and recommendations in my very comprehensive Bloating Brochure, it’s now! You can download my Bloating Brochure here.

Bloating can really put a dampener on the celebrations, especially if you want to dress up and look nice, and don’t want to have to resort to elasticated waists for your stomach’s inevitable expansion. If you’re a sufferer of IBS, certain foods can trigger symptoms such as bloating, so it’s important to avoid and/or limit them during the Christmas period, however hard it may be!

I talk more about bloating and ways to manage it in this video.

My go-to supplement protocol for bloating

My Christmas Survival Kit

A simple supplementation protocol, such as the one I suggest with my Christmas Survival Kit, will go a long way towards tummy-proofing your way into the festive season. My Kit contains 60 Live Bacteria capsules, 60 Digestive Enzymes tablets, 60 Milk Thistle tablets, and 6 Tummy Tea pyramids, designed to protect and support your digestive system. You can buy the Kit here.

A pot of my Charcoal capsules on stand-by!

For days when you feel particularly uncomfortable and gassy, take two activated Charcoal capsules between meals until symptoms subside.

If you have any questions about ways to manage digestive and gut symptoms over the festive season (or any time of year), please get in touch.