One year on – an update on Sam’s journey back to wellness

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Sam Uden with Perfect Balance Kit

When Sam first contacted me at the beginning of 2021, she was, to use her words, ‘falling apart’.

She had been struggling with IBS for a long time, but I needed to go back to when she was 15 years old to understand where her tummy troubles stemmed from.

She became quite poorly with glandular fever which led to a couple of mini strokes, requiring her to take a cocktail of strong medication.

A year into her recovery, she developed food sensitivities, in particular to gluten and dairy products, causing painful bloating. She was told by doctors that it was possibly IBS and that she should control it by restricting her diet.

A couple of years ago, Sam suffered a head injury that required further strong medication to treat it. This included a course of beta blockers, which led to a full flare-up of her tummy troubles, with symptoms of severe bloating and constipation, and a UTI. She needed two courses of antibiotics for the UTI; the only way she was able to empty her bowels was by using suppositories; her tummy was so bloated, she looked six months pregnant; she had hit rock bottom.

Speedy Bowel Supplement

I recommended Sam to start out by taking the supplements in my 30-day Perfect Balance Kit. We then added my Speedy Bowel Formula to help with her constipation.

Just a few weeks later, she got in touch to say this was indeed a ‘magical combination’ of supplements, precisely what she had been looking for – something that worked! She was thrilled with the results and felt well enough to move forwards with her life again.

Fast forward one year to the present day.

I heard from Sam recently and she was kind enough to give me an update on how she’s been doing. Sam has been an active participant in my Tummy Talk Facebook group, and appreciates just how supportive the group is. Sam’s symptoms have continued to improve as she manages her IBS and lazy bowel with my Live Bacteria capsules, Digestive Enzymes tablets and the Speedy Bowel capsules.

Here’s some of what she said:

What can we learn from Sam’s story?

Results don’t happen overnight, especially if your gut health has been severely compromised. It takes a long time to heal, and will always need to be maintained by an ongoing supplement protocol.

I like to think I’m pretty fit and healthy for an almost 62-year-old, and I attribute that to attitude of mind and my own supplement protocol, the No 1 supplement being my Live Bacteria probiotic capsules and Digestive Enzymes tablets that I take daily and have done for many years.

I do take other supplements during the winter months – vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and echinacea.

From the beginning of our relationship, Sam has stuck to the supplement protocol and the success of this has been borne out by the improvement in her symptoms. Sam is aware that she has a chronic digestive issue, but was looking for some help to improve her overall quality of life to enable her to do the things she enjoys doing, weekends away and being out in nature, things she could not possibly do prior to taking the supplements.

My Speedy Bowel capsules are not available on the Just For Tummies website, but if you contact me directly, I will be happy to discuss with you your suitability to taking them. Just send us an email.