No more IBS flare-ups for Zoe – thanks to the Perfect Balance Kit

Perfect Balance Kit - Zoe

I’d like to share this wonderful testimonial that I received from 27-year-old IBS sufferer, Zoe, recently:

“I have completed the Charcoal cleanse, which made me feel so fresh and happy.  My stools were black, and I had wind, but this really wasn’t an issue.  I started on the supplements in the 30-day Balance Kit straight after the cleanse.  It’s only been 8 days, but I can quite honestly say it’s been LIFE-CHANGING!  The difference is incredible! Due to a silly phobia I have of large pills, I haven’t taken any of the Omega 3 capsules yet, but I have felt such positive effects from the other three supplements, and this includes a huge improvement in my mood.”

I was thrilled to receive this testimonial.  Not everyone feels the positive effects of the supplements so quickly but once they get to work rebalancing the stomach and gut, healing it, and repairing it, people start to notice big changes.  This includes a lift in mood thanks to the Live Bacteria capsules – around 90% of our ‘happy’ hormone, serotonin, is manufactured in the gut, so once you begin replenishing the gut with probiotics, it has a positive knock on-effect on our mood.

Through my correspondence with Zoe, I have been able to learn quite a lot about her medical history, how she has suffered with IBS since she was young (she was also lactose intolerant during childhood but has grown out of that) and help her understand more about her symptoms and how she can manage them moving forward. I thought it would be interesting to share some highlights of our conversation:

Zoe: What supplements should I take once I have finished the 30-day Perfect Balance Kit?

Linda: Since you have detoxed your stomach and gut with the 5-day Charcoal cleanse I would recommend that you first complete the 30-day course of supplements in the Perfect Balance Kit and then move on to the following protocol:  

One Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast and one before bed

One Digestive Enzymes tablet just before lunch and one just before dinner

Zoe:  This sounds great, thanks.  I have already recommended your products to several friends with digestive and gut health issues, and they are keen to try them out too. It’s so lovely being able to enjoy food again.  I was having so many flare-ups that it took all the enjoyment out of eating – I was getting horrible cramps.

Linda: Thank you for recommending Just For Tummies to your friends, and it’s great that you can enjoy your favourite foods again. The supplements will be supporting your stomach and helping to digest food properly again which is why your symptoms are easing.

Have you ever taken supplements like ours before? Have you ever tried charcoal, live bacteria probiotics or digestive enzymes?

Zoe: No, I’ve never taken supplements like these, certainly none that actually work – ever! It’s incredible. I was having IBS flare-ups weekly, and sometimes my flare-ups would last weeks with me running to the toilet after every meal with agonising cramps. It became normal to me.

I have tried so many tablets; I hate to say it, but the GP was useless just prescribing me mebeverine and buscopan (antispasmodics), which had no effect. I have had 2 cream-based dinners for the past two nights and I’ve not experienced a single cramp, which is just mind blowing in my world! I will continue taking these supplements forever, that’s for sure!

Linda: Often IBS symptoms present during our adult years after taking multiple courses of antibiotics when we are growing up.  Do you remember if you had to take antibiotics as a child?  Or perhaps your mum did while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Zoe: When I asked my mum, she couldn’t say for sure if she had taken them herself, but she did say how common it was back then to be prescribed antibiotics so it’s very likely that I had them as a child. IBS seems to run in the family. My mum has mild symptoms, my brother has symptoms very similar to mine, and my grandmother also suffered from it. Now I know exactly what to recommend they do!

Linda: In my 30 years as a natural health practitioner, I’ve observed the huge rise in the prescribing of antibiotics by GPs.  GPs are more aware of the harm antibiotics can now do, and tend to be more cautious when prescribing them.  However, we also have to remember that antibiotics are in our food, especially animal meats and in our water supply.  It’s one of the reasons I keep advising people to take a daily Live Bacteria probiotic capsule, even if they don’t have any digestive or gut issues, to protect them against antibiotics they are unwittingly ingesting in food and water.

If you have IBS and are thinking of trying our activated Charcoal capsules and 30-day Perfect Balance Kit, I hope that Zoe’s positive experience of our supplements gives you the confidence to give them a go.  Remember, my team and I are always on hand to advise and guide you, so please get in touch.