Mother and daughter’s symptoms resolved!


In this video I share the story of Helen and her daughter, both of whom had struggled for a long time with digestive issues – Helen with ongoing IBS symptoms and recurring diverticulitis, and her daughter with a persistent cough due to silent reflux.

Four years ago, both Helen and her daughter started to take our Live Bacteria probiotic capsules and Digestive Enzymes tablets, and for the past four years, neither of them had any flare-ups requiring them to reach for strong prescription medications. It was particularly pleasing to hear how Helen had not needed to take any antibiotics for her diverticulitis during this time. This tells me that the supplements are doing their job. The Live Bacteria probiotics help to support a well-balanced gut microbiome, keeping it populated with the ‘friendly’ disease-fighting strains of bacteria that fend off the pathogenic strains that can trigger flare-ups of symptoms and necessitate a course of antibiotics.

Before embarking upon this supplement protocol, Helen had also been struggling with bloating, wind and cramping – symptoms that are now thankfully a thing of the past. The Digestive Enzymes tablets will be playing a vital role in keeping the bloating and wind at bay by ensuring that nutrients from food are being properly digested and absorbed, thus reducing the production of excessive, uncomfortable bloaty gases.

How did the supplements help?

It’s not easy to ascertain the true cause of the acid reflux that Helen’s daughter had been experiencing. Perhaps it was caused by antibiotics, a bug or a virus, but suffice to say, there was an imbalance in her stomach, probably combined with gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach), and this was interfering with the production of stomach acid. It may be that her stomach was producing too much gas, and this gas was causing the acid/acid vapours to regurgitate out of her stomach and up her oesophagus as far as her throat, causing the persistent cough. It’s crucial therefore, when there is evidence of silent reflux or acid reflux that the stomach is supported with Live Bacteria probiotics to help reduce the inflammation and Digestive Enzymes to help properly digest food, absorb nutrients and take the strain off the stomach whilst it begins to heal.

I was very touched that Helen left this review after four years of taking our supplements. I have long recommended that if you find a protocol that works, then stick with it! When I put together a tailored supplement protocol for people who are struggling with digestive and gut symptoms, I will often recommend an initial one- or two-month course that tackles the issues ‘head on’. I may, for example, recommend taking the supplements in one of our solution-based Kits, such as the Perfect Balance Kit, which contains a powerful combination of supplements that help kick-start a sluggish digestive system, enable you to get the most from your nutrition and assist in the elimination of bowel wastes, whilst at the same time, supporting your immune system. Once symptoms have started to improve, I will then recommend reducing to a maintenance protocol – ideally for life, just as Helen and her daughter are doing. Very often, people have stopped the maintenance programme of supplements when their symptoms began to improve, only to find that their original symptoms begin to creep back. Chronic damage to the digestive system can take many years to heal, so do bear this in mind.

Here’s Helen’s review in full:

“My daughter and I have been taking Just for Tummies Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes for 4 years. My daughter was taking a PPI and drinking Gaviscon by the bucketful due to silent acid reflux which was causing an aggravating cough, lasting months. Her throat was red raw. Whilst waiting for an endoscopy, I suggested she try my Live Bacteria capsules and Digestive Enzymes tablets to see if they would bring some relief. Linda had recommended I take these supplements for symptoms related to IBS and diverticular disease.

To cut a long story short, my daughter’s endoscopy was cancelled as she felt so much better due to Linda’s products.

My bloating, cramping pains, acid reflux, and wind have all been relieved by these products. Best of all, I have not had to take any nasty antibiotics for diverticulitis for 4 years. I enjoy a cup of Tummy Tea every night as this aids my digestion. I have the comfort of knowing Linda and her team are always on hand for helpful advice, replying promptly. Thank you to you all for the amazing work you do.”

If you have any questions about a digestive and gut health issue, or would like to know more about a tailored supplement protocol, please get in touch.