Mind Over Menopause – watch the video!

Menopause over Mind

If you were unable to join me and the wonderful Rosalyn Palmer, Rapid Transformational Therapist for our recent live discussion, you can watch the video here, and I promise you – it’s one you will not want to miss!

‘Mind Over Menopause’ was the central theme of our discussion – how menopause can affect the brain with cognitive changes like memory lapses, difficulty concentrating, and mood swings.

Many women going through menopause may not recognise that the reason for certain new behaviours are down to the hormonal changes they are experiencing – difficulty remembering, the inability to find the right word for what they are trying to say, putting dishes in the fridge instead of the dishwasher, not remembering everything on their list that they wanted at the supermarket, or being in a meeting and forgetting what they were going to say are just a few of the symptoms that can manifest when oestrogen levels drop.

Ros and I are both strong advocates of not just helping women identify these symptoms, but also sharing our knowledge to help equip women with the tools they need to manage their symptoms and enable them to transition through this time of their life more smoothly, in good physical and emotional health.

Topics (of which there were many!) that we discussed during the event include:

  • The role diet and exercise play in having a healthy menopause
  • How to manage stress and overwhelm
  • The importance of sleep and regular health checks
  • The best targeted supplements to help with menopausal-related stomach and gut issues
  • The importance of getting enough calcium and vitamin D
  • The vital role of support – from friends, family, or a counsellor or hypnotherapist to address emotional challenges
  • How and why stress exacerbates menopause symptoms, increasing the risk of hot flushes and night sweats, digestive upsets and weight gain.

In the video, there are also lots of useful and fascinating insights about hormone regulation, epigenetics, rapid transformational therapy and cell command therapy, Ros’s areas of expertise.

And not to be missed is a great little tip from Ros about 6 minutes from the end of the video where she talks about health anxiety and how cell command therapy can help.

We hope that this video will go some way toward having a healthier menopause or preparing your body to have a healthier menopause. At the end of the day, whatever your current age or stage of life, knowledge is power. Being educated, informed and aware of what happens to your body during each stage of life and the challenges that each stage can bring will mean you are better placed to help yourself manage the changes, and most importantly, normalise the conversation around these issues.

Ros has kindly shared these free resources that you can download here:

Powerful RTT – experience this carefully designed recording to help your subconscious mind reprogram, reactivate, reclaim and manifest your unshakable confidence, and help you believe in yourself with absolute conviction.

Boundary Balance Check – look at ways to set healthy boundaries (and stick to them).

How to Calm your Mind and Boost your Body in Troubled Times – given the current state of the world, we can all use some of the wisdom contained here. Let Ros help you let go of doubts and fears, feelings of exasperation, exhaustion and sheer helplessness.

If you have any questions about the topics raised during our discussion or would like to know more about a targeted supplement protocol, please get in touch.