Why do so many people still lack access to a toilet?!

I’m sure at some point you’ve all heard something or observed something that’s left a real impression on you – something that you couldn’t get out of your mind for a few days. I know I have, several times.

One of the occasions this happened to me was while I was attending a natural health exhibition in London. I was walking around the various different stands and I spotted one for the charity, Toilet Twinning (www.toilettwinning.org).  The stand caught my attention as the walls were covered in toilet seats.  Now, this is bound to intrigue any digestive health specialist worth their salt, so I didn’t hesitate in finding out more.  I went over to one of the girls at the stand and asked her what Toilet Twinning was all about and what had sparked the profusion of toilet seats on the stand walls.

She gave me a detailed explanation of the work the charity does. Toilet Twinning provides people in the poorest communities on the planet with a decent toilet, clean water and all the information they need to stay healthy. This forms the backbone of helping whole communities break free of the poverty trap and aids in the reduction of life-threatening bacterial diseases.

As a digestive health practitioner and colon hydrotherapist, my work centres around the ‘material’ that goes down a toilet, so I was naturally intrigued by what I heard.  I knew there were communities in the world that didn’t have access to a toilet, but I didn’t realise how great the impact was on the individuals living in those communities, in particular, the women.

Ferdelance Pit Viper in the Rain Forest

The lady on the Toilet Twinning stand went on to inform me that because women in countries such as Nepal and Uganda don’t have a toilet to relieve themselves in private, they have to go to the edge of their village to empty their bladder or bowels.  Can you imagine?  With no electricity and therefore no street lighting, it’s pitch black, you can’t see your hand in front of your face, and you have to find a place to use as toilet.  This was shocking enough in itself, but as they struggle through the darkness, these women are being bitten by snakes, attacked by wild animals and raped.  I was absolutely horrified – even thinking about it now upsets me.  Knowing that there are women without a safe place to relieve themselves, and thinking how I would feel if a member of my family or a friend was in this position came as a huge shock to me.  I vowed there and then that I would help this charity.

Every pot of our Just For Tummies Live Bacteria that is sold supports Toilet Twinning. All donations received are used by Toilet Twinning to provide clean water, and education around basic sanitation and hygiene. This vital combination works together to prevent the spread of disease. Children are healthier, and able to go to school; parents are well enough to work their land and grow enough food to feed their families. With better health, and more ability to earn a living, men and women discover the potential that lies within them to bring transformation.

Family by family, community by community, nation by nation, Just For Tummies is playing its part to help flush away poverty.

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