Don’t let the killjoys ruin Christmas!

My Live Bacteria probiotic capsules are my best seller on Just For Tummies, but hot on its heels are my plant-based Digestive Enzyme tablets, and that’s not surprising, especially at this time of the year.

I certainly wouldn’t be without my magic little tablets. I carry a small pill pot around with me and it contains a small ‘emergency’ supply of my Digestive Enzyme tablets, my Live Bacteria capsules and my steam-activated Charcoal capsules.  You never know when you’re going to be in a situation where you are eating/drinking food (usually wheat, dairy or rich food) that you know might cause an issue with excessive gas, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and indigestion. If you are eating something that you don’t normally eat, and something that you know may cause an issue, just take one of my Digestive Enzyme tablets and a Live Bacteria capsule before eating to minimise the risk of bloating and discomfort. If bloating still persists, take a couple of the Charcoal capsules.

I have to say though that I do have a cast-iron digestive system, probably due to the fact that I’ve taken daily live bacteria capsules for the best part of 30 years, and have colon hydrotherapy treatment about three times a year, but I’m still never without my emergency supplies, if not for myself, then anyone else that may need them when I’m lunching, and out and about.

Back to the Digestive Enzyme tablets.  I developed these plant-based (mushroom) tablets so that people could still have their treats.  It’s miserable being denied a few of our favourite things, and if you take one of these Digestive Enzyme tablets before food, you can still have that stuffing, that mince pie, that chocolate liquer, without dashing off to the loo mid-way through the office smoochy Christmas party dance or Christmas dinner.  Oh the embarrassment!

I get fed up of reading in magazines, including the natural health ones, that people should be avoiding alcohol and certain foods at this time of the year. Goodness me, if you can’t enjoy your alcohol and some nice food at Christmas, when can you!  Ok, I perfectly understand people that suffer with IBS, bloating, constipation, trapped painful gas, indigestion and heartburn can find this time of the year challenging, but with targeted natural supplements, you can eat, drink and still be merry at Christmas.

Don’t let the killjoys ruin Christmas for you. If you need advice, contact one of my team at:, PM us via Just For Tummies facebook or join my Tummy Talk community on facebook.

Have a lovely weekend. I’m off to find a mince pie. Not had one yet and am so looking forward to biting into that crumbly shortcrust pastry and tasting that delicious mincemeat. Yummy.

Linda x