Live Bacteria or For Women – which probiotic is right for you?

Live Bacteria and For Women

When I developed my Live Bacteria capsules, I chose strains of bacteria that were the perfect match to help resolve IBS symptoms, painful bloating, constipation, and acid reflux.  Having worked in my IBS, digestive health and gut disorders clinic for a couple of decades, I knew exactly which strains of friendly bacteria were the most effective at helping to resolve common digestive and gut disorders/symptoms. 

Live Bacteria is also a good probiotic to take after a course of antibiotics. I have received many messages over the years from customers telling me how much better they’ve felt since taking the Live Bacteria, not just from a digestive/gut health viewpoint, but their overall wellbeing – more energy, better mood. Just read what Sally had to say:

I developed my For Women capsules after a woman came to me, having been referred by her gastroenterologist for colon hydrotherapy treatment due to chronic constipation. She’d had a long history of UTIs and antibiotics, and the antibiotics had contributed to her constipation. I remember thinking when I was carrying out the colon hydrotherapy treatment on her and she was telling me how she’d lost count of the antibiotics she’d had in a 10-year period, I need to do something about this; women need to understand how to prevent UTIs in the first place, and if they do get one, what to do to resolve it and stop any further UTIs.  

I cannot emphasise enough the importance too of taking a good quality probiotic after any antibiotic, whether it be for a UTI or any kind of infection. It’s crucial for your ongoing health and wellbeing to replenish levels of friendly bacteria when they’ve been decimated through taking antibiotics.  Failure to do so increases the risk of re-infection and a weakened immune system.

For Women

When I developed my For Women capsules to add to the product range, I put a particular strain of friendly bacteria in the capsules, lactobacilli reuteri, that in studies has been shown to help reduce UTIs and thrush. It has also been indicated for helping to reduce bowel cancer, as mentioned in a study carried out at the University of Michigan.  I also decided to put in two other strains of friendly bacteria, both well documented in helping to maintain a healthy digestive system and immune system.  

Live Bacteria or For Women?

With two probiotic supplements in my range, I am sometimes asked by people which one I recommend they take – Live Bacteria or For Women?  I know it can be confusing, so let’s break it down. First of all, consider what you’re hoping to accomplish for your health. Different bacterial strains perform different functions in the body and can help support different health goals.

Live Bacteria capsules are a good choice…

  • For individuals who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as the probiotic strains in the Live Bacteria help to promote better digestion, reduce inflammation and support a strong gut barrier.
  • After antibiotics because the capsules contains the bifidi strain which is particularly good for helping to recolonise the large bowel.
  • For constipation – if antibiotics have eradicated the bifidi species of bacteria in the large bowel, then this can slow down transit time and cause constipation.
  • For people who have chronic constipation – studies have shown that chronic constipation sufferers have an imbalance of bacteria in their gut. Replenishing with Live Bacteria helps to increase the frequency of bowel movements and improve stool consistency.
  • To help manage constipation and thus help prevent diverticulitis flare-ups that may necessitate a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  • For managing bloating – one of the most common causes of bloating is food not getting digested properly, so adding in some good bacteria can make all the difference.
  • To help resolve acid reflux and heartburn – antibiotics, especially multiple courses, can damage the lining of the stomach, increasing the risk of gastritis.  Many of our customers have found that taking a three-month course of Live Bacteria capsules, together with one of our Omega 3 capsules daily, with food, has resolved their acid reflux/heartburn issues.

Take one capsule before breakfast and one before bed, with a small glass of water, not with a hot drink.

Just for tummies Live Bacteria Probiotic Capsules

Over the years, I’ve often said that probiotics should be added to our water supplies so that everyone gets a daily top up, to mitigate the detrimental effects to health that all the pollutants in our water have, including antibiotic and drug residues, not to mention the unintentional ingestion of antibiotics in food, especially meat and poultry. However, that is not going to happen, so the next best thing to support digestive, gut, bladder, vaginal, immune and cognitive health, as well as reduce the risk of getting bowel cancer, is to supplement with daily probiotic capsules.

For Women capsules are a good choice…

  • For those women who suffer with recurring UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and thrush.  
  • For women with peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. This cohort is more prone to UTIs and an increased risk of bowel cancer after the age of 50.
  • For anyone who has developed antibiotic resistance after taking multiple courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics for recurring UTIs; my For Women capsules contain a bacterial strain lacto reuteri that has been show to help prevent UTIs and thrush.

Take one capsule before breakfast and one before bed, with a small glass of water, not with a hot drink.

Read how Mandy has benefitted from taking For Women:

For Women Testimonial

I recommend both Live Bacteria and For Women…

  • For any women over the age of 50 – one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast and one For Women capsule before bed, so they are getting the benefit of all the different strains to support stomach, gut, bladder, vaginal, and immune health, as well as the extra protection that the lacto reuteri strain gives against bowel cancer.
  • For women who have both digestive and gut issues, as well as being prone to UTIs and thrush.

Take one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast and a For Women capsule before bed, with a small glass of water, not with a hot drink.

I hope the above information helps you decide which of our probiotics you need to take for your particular health needs, but if you’re not sure, please get in touch and we will help you decide, based on your age, symptoms, and any medications you’re taking.