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A healthy inner self creates a happy and glowing outer self. Many of you will know by now that I am a strong advocate of kick-starting the year, or any healthier, long-lasting, clean living regime, not with a fad diet, but with a good inner ‘clean out’ – a colon hydrotherapy treatment – the very therapy that changed my own life so radically over 20 years ago and led me to train in this transformational discipline.

The reason I decided to train in colon hydrotherapy was to be able to offer the treatment to people who, like me, had suffered with constipation. Growing up, and into my 20s, I knew exactly what constipation felt like, not just the feeling of not being able to ‘go’, but how it affected my energy levels and my mood, how it affected my confidence because of the bloating it caused, how it affected my sex life because I was full of poo! When I had colon hydrotherapy and had all that poo flushed out, I felt a million dollars and I wanted other people to feel like that. I felt lighter, brighter and had lost two inches off my waistline.

When I set up my own natural health clinic, women would visit me for colon hydrotherapy treatments. They’d walk in, looking washed out, tired, bloated, and fed up, but would walk out with rosy cheeks, a spring in their step, and a flatter stomach.

The psychological effects of constipation can be as difficult to manage as the physical ones. And it can be even more of a challenge during the colder, darker months of the year.

In addition to all the benefits that our Live Bacteria probiotic capsules offer for helping resolve digestive and gut issues such as constipation by regularising bowel movements, they also play a key role in helping to regulate our mood. It’s amazing how these microscopic bacteria work. They just know what to do when they get into the bowels, increasing transit time and resolving constipation, which in turn brings about a happier and brighter outlook on life. Of course, much does depend on the level of constipation. Chronic constipation may need something a little more than probiotics, like our natural laxative capsules and/or colon hydrotherapy. Do get in touch if you would like to know more.

Read how mental health coach, Jo, was able to sort out her constipation with our Live Bacteria capsules and Digestive Enzymes tablets, leaving her feeling cleansed and invigorated, with a brighter view of the world.

Live Bacteria Testimonial

If you would like to know more about how a tailored supplement protocol to help manage constipation or any other digestive issues, please get in touch.